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RSA 050-V336-ENVCSE01 Exam -

Free 050-V336-ENVCSE01 Sample Questions:

NO 1 : If a firewall or NAT device needs to be configured for syslog traffic to reach the NIC Collector Service, which default port and protocol are used by that service?
A. Port 514 using TCP
B. Port 514 using UDP
C. Port 8080 using TCP
D. Port 8080 using UDP
Answer: B

NO 2 : When setting up a Check Point firewall device, it is a good practice to first
A. stop and restart the Check Point Firewall Service
B. stop and restart the envision NIC Collector Service
C. verify that the Check Point Log Viewer is receiving events
D. set an 8-character key to establish an authenticated connection
Answer: C

NO 3 : The RSA envision Event Viewer gets its results to display from
A. NIC Packager "nuggets"
B. the NIC RDB relational database
C. the Report RDB relational database
D. the IPDB Internet Protocol Database
Answer: D

NO 4 : To remove a UDS device from an RSA envision system, you must delete the from the list of monitored devices and
A. delete the folder from the \enVices directory
B. use the "uds-remove " command in a command prompt window
C. use the "lsdata-remove " command in a command prompt window
D. disconnect the device from the network and envision will complete the removal it automatically
Answer: A

NO 5 : The UDS development process involves (Choose three)
A. verifying XML syntax and parsing
B. obtaining logs from a device in syslog format
C. using XML to convert device logs to IPDB format
D. mapping a device name to an existing envision device
E. deleting undesired device messages in the UDS GUI console
F. creating an XML file to define header and message information
Answer: A,B,F

NO 6 : In an RSA envision system a "NIC Domain" refers to
A. one or more envision Sites working together
B. the set of envision servers serving as a Master site
C. the set of all Collectors (local and remote) within one Windows domain
D. all network information events collected from one single Windows domain
Answer: A

NO 7 : If a Managed Device is diabled, it will
A. be re-enabled when a new administrative session begins
B. be re-enabled when a new event is received from that device
C. not be displayed in the user interface or Reports module menu tree
D. require-re-installation before new data can be collected from that device
Answer: C

NO 8 : The primary difference between the LC5 and LC10 local collector units is
A. the base storage capacity
B. the Events Per Second (EPS) capability
C. the physical size and weight of the units
D. the type of Database Server to which they may be attached
Answer: B

NO 9 : If an event source device type is not immediately recognized by RSA envision
A. it will be defined as "unknown" and envision will collect data from it
B. data from that device will be discarded until the device type can be defined
C. an alert generated by default to call an administrator's attention to the device
D. the UDS Service will create a parsing XML file for the device and place data in the NIC Parse Cache
Answer: A

NO 10 : A customer who is interested in monitoring in real-time a number of alerts, trends, and network performance data would be particularly interested in which RSA envision feature?
A. Event Explrer
B. SQL Query function
C. Compliance policies
D. Enterprise Dashboard
Answer: D

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