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Novell 050-890 Exam -

Free 050-890 Sample Questions:

1.In which container is the organizational CA object found in your eDirectory tree?
E.The same container where the server has been installed.
Answer: D

2.You're configuring an SLP Directory Agent on your NetWare 6.5 server. You want to statically configure your server to communicate with another Directory Agent whose IP address is This server resides on a different network segment than your server. Which of the following is the correct command to enter in the SLP.CFG file to accomplish this?
Answer: D

3.Deployment Manager fails when run from the NetWare 6.5 Operating System CD on your Windows 2000 Professional workstation with Novell Client 4.83 installed. What is the cause?
A.Deployment Manager requires Windows XP Home edition.
B.Deployment Manager is not compatible with Novell Client 4.83.
C.You must upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0 or later on the workstation.
D.Deployment Manager is not compatible with Windows 2000 Professional.
E.Deployment Manager must be installed on the workstation before running the program.
F.The version of Deployment Manager on the Operating System CD only runs on Windows 95/98
Answer: B

4.What is another name for the server certificate?
A.WEP key
B.Key material object
C.Certificate authority
D.Certificate signing request
Answer: B

5.Which statements are true regarding subordinate reference replicas? (Choose 2)
A.There can be multiple subordinate references per partition.
B.Subordinate references must reside on every server in the tree.
C.Subordinate references link a parent partition with its child partition.
D.Subordinate references can be changed to be a master replica without losing any information. E.Subordinate references should be removed to help reduce traffic across the communication channel.
Answer: A, C

6.Which command will enable Transition Tracking System (TTS) on an NSS volume named DATA?
Answer: D

7.You just deleted the DATA volume from your NetWare 6.5 server. You realize that this was a mistake and you need to restore it. By default, how long do you have before the volume is automatically purged?
A.12 hours
B.36 hours
C.48 hours
D.72 hours
E.96 hours
F.It's too late, the volume has been purged. You must recreate it and restore data from a back up device.
Answer: E

8.Which command­line switch, when used with the NetWare FTP server NLM load command will enable Anonymous user access and automatically create an Anonymous user?
Answer: B

9.Your organization is implementing an e­commerce web site where external customers can shop
for and purchase products. It's imperative that you establish a secure web site to do this. Which type of certificate authority should you use?
A.Public Certificate Authority
B.Internal Certificate Authority
C.External Certificate Authority
D.Integrated Certificate Authority
Answer: C

10.In a time provider group, which server carries the most weight when voting on a time?
E.Single reference
Answer: C

11.Which statement about time stamps is true?
A.Time stamps propagate the correct time throughout the network.
B.Time stamps are packets sent to and from the dedicated time source.
C.Time stamps allow changes made within files to be processed in correct order.
D.Time stamps allow single reference time servers to synchronize with primary servers.
E.Time stamps allow changes made in the eDirectory database to be processed in sequential order.
Answer: E

12.You are upgrading a NetWare 6.0 server to NetWare 6.5. What command should you use to mount the NetWare 6.5 Operating System CD as a volume on your NetWare 6.0 server?
Answer: E

13.You are a regional network administrator remotely upgrading a NetWare 5.1 server to NetWare
6.5. The NetWare 5.1 server has 512 MB of RAM, a 180 GB RAID 5 disk array with a 1 GB DOS partition, and Support Pack 6 installed. Your user object has the Supervisor right to the container where the server resides and the Browse right to the root of the tree. Will the upgrade be successful?
A.No, the DOS partition is too small.
B.No, the server doesn't have enough RAM.
C.Yes, the system meets all prerequisite requirements.
D.No, you must have the Supervisor right to the root of the tree.
E.No, you must first install Support Pack 7 on the NetWare 5.1 server.
F.No, you can't remotely upgrade a server that uses a RAID disk array.
G.No, you can't perform a Remote Upgrade on a NetWare 5.1 server. You must use an In­Place Upgrade.
Answer: D

14.Which file is used to configure the Apache configuration daemon?
Answer: E

15.Which parameter allows you to set the location in your eDirectory tree where user accounts exist, allowing older versions of the Novell Client that aren't directory­aware to authenticate to the server?
A.User Context
B.Primary Server
C.Bindery Context
D.Preferred Server
E.Emulation Context
F.Compatibility Mode Driver
G.NetWare 3 Emulation Mode
Answer: C

16.Which time server type adjusts its clock 50% per polling interval?
E.Single reference
F.Secondary reference
Answer: B

17.Which is an example of the single reference time synchronization method for a network that has 15 NetWare 6 servers?
A.1 primary time server and 14 secondary time servers
B.2 primary time servers and 13 secondary time servers
C.1 single reference time server and 14 secondary time servers
D.2 single reference time servers and 13 secondary time servers
E.1 reference time server, 2 primary time servers, and 12 secondary time servers
F.1 single reference time server, 1 primary time server, and 13 secondary time servers
Answer: C

18.You recently completed a Remote Upgrade to NetWare 6.5 on a server located in your organization's Baltimore, MD. office. You realize that you forgot to install MySQL on the server during the upgrade. Which NetWare utilities can you use to remotely install this product? (Choose 2)
D.Deployment Manager
E.NetWare Administrator
F.NetWare GUI Install utility using Remote Manager
Answer: D, F

19.You want to upgrade a NetWare 6 server with Support Pack 2 to NetWare 6.5. The server hardware uses a Pentium III 500 MHz Celeron CPU, 512 MB RAM, an 8 GB hard disk drive with a
200 MB DOS partition, and a USB mouse. Can this server be upgraded?
A.Yes, the server meets all prerequisite requirements.
B.No, NetWare 6.5 requires a PIII 750 MHz CPU or later.
C.No, NetWare 6.5 isn't compatible with Celeron processors.
D.No, the server's CPU is too slow and the hard disk drive is too small.
E.No, the server's DOS partition is too small and USB mice aren't supported.
F.No, the server doesn't have enough RAM and must have Support Pack 3 or later applied. G.No, the server's DOS partition is too small and must have Support Pack 3 or later applied.
Answer: G

20.Which statements about using both SLP and configured lists for time synchronization are true? (Choose 2)
A.Using both adds extra traffic on the network.
B.Using both provides fault tolerance for time synchronization.
C.Time doesn't synchronize if both SLP and configured lists are used.
D.Using both allows IP and IPX servers to synchronize with each other.
E.Using both shortens the amount of time it takes to synchronize time throughout the network.
Answer: A, B

21.Which protocol is the CIFS implementation in NetWare 6.5 based on?
A.Network File System
B.Apple File Protocol
C.Server Message Block
D.Sequenced Packet Exchange
E.Internetwork Packet Exchange
Answer: C

22.Which of the following are true about the Bottom­Up eDirectory upgrade strategy? (Choose 2)
A.It's relatively easy to plan and organize.
B.Replica synchronization issues are isolated.
C.The risk of problems are increased due to replica synchronization issues.
D.Errors encountered during the upgrade are less likely to be propagated to the entire tree.
E.Errors potentially introduced during the upgrade process could propagate throughout the tree.
Answer: B, D

23.Your eDirectory tree currently has a NetWare 4.2 server residing in it. You plan to upgrade a
NetWare 5.1 server in your tree to NetWare 6.5. What must you do to accomplish this?
A.Remove the NetWare 4.2 server from the tree.
B.Run the Compatibility Mode Driver on the NetWare 5.1 server.
C.Implement Universal Password before upgrading to NetWare 6.5.
D.Run Deployment Manager and select the Prepare for CIFS/AFP option.
E.Run Deployment Manager and select the Update Certificate Authority Objects option.
F.Run Deployment Manager and select the Generate GUIDs on NetWare 4 Servers option.
Answer: F

24.Which object lets you see what server a user license is assigned to?
A.The license unit object
B.The license container object
C.The license certificate object
D.The license service provider object
E.The server object that you think the MLA license was assigned to
Answer: C

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