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Novell 050-883 Exam -

Free 050-883 Sample Questions:

1. Which service location package policy should you enable to report application events from any location?
A. XSLT policy
B. SMTP Host policy
C. XML Target policy
D. ZENworks Database policy
Answer: C

2. In relation to ZENworks for Desktop 4 workstation imaging, what can an imaging script do? (Choose 3.)
A. Take an image of a server
B. Create a dual-boot system
C. Restore an image of a server
D. Take an image of a hard drive
E. Manipulate hard drive partitions
F. Restore an image to a hard drive
Answer: D, E, F

3. What is required to be installed before you can manually restore an image to a workstation?
A. The ZEN partition
B. The ZENworks imaging agent
C. The ZENworks imaging proxy server
D. The ZENworks for Desktop 4 client
Answer: C

4. Which utility is used to output changes made during an install to an application object template (AOT) file?
A. iMonitor
B. iManager
C. Schemax
D. SnAppShot
E. ConsoleOne
Answer: D

5. Which object can a service location package be associated with?
A. User object
B. Root object
C. Group object
D. Server object
E. Container object
F. Workstation object
Answer: E

6. Which component is required to perform a fully automated workstation imaging operation?
A. TFTP support
B. A boot diskette
C. A workstation with a fixed IP address
D. A workstation with a blank, formatted hard disk
Answer: A

7. In relation to ZENworks for Desktop 4 workstation imaging, what operating system is loaded from the boot image prior to performing the required imaging activity on the workstation?
C. Linux
D. Windows
Answer: C

8. In relation to ZENworks for Desktop 4 workstation imaging when booting from the network, what client needs to be enabled on the workstation?
C. Novell
D. ZENworks for Desktop 4
Answer: B

9. In relation to ZENworks for Desktop 4, which components are required to perform a workstation imaging operation? (Choose 3.)
A. An imaging engine
B. An image proxy server
C. A Linux supported network card
D. A workstation with a fixed IP address
E. A workstation with a newly formatted hard disk
Answer: A, B, C

10. A distributed application can appear as an icon on the user’s desktop. What is this icon directly referencing?
A. An AOT file
B. A transform file (MST file)
C. A UNC path to an executable
D. A literal path to an executable
E. An application object in eDirectory
Answer: E

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