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Novell 050-876 Exam -

Free 050-876 Sample Questions:

1.You have a server with the following specifications: NetWare 5.0 with Support Pack 6a Pentium II processor with 256 MB RAM 200 MB of free space on the DOS partition 3 GB of free space on volume SYS You want to replace this server with a NetWare 6 server as easily and inexpensively
as possible. You have no other available machines, but purchasing new hardware is possible if it is necessary. Which option best meets these objectives?
A.Perform an in­place upgrade to NetWare 6.
B.Perform a NetWare accelerated upgrade to NetWare 6.
C.Obtain new hardware to install a NetWare 6 server and copy the current server data to it.
D.Use the migration wizard to migrate the current server's data to new NetWare 6 server hardware.
Answer: A

2.When creating an eDirectory index you must select a rule to use. Which rules are available? (Choose 3.)
D.Presence E.Substring
Answer: B, D, E

3.How much memory must a NetWare 6 server have to install Novell Clustering Services (NCS) 1.6?
A.1 GB
B.128 MB
C.256 MB
D.512 MB
Answer: C

4.Which statements describe an eDirectory index? (Choose 2.)
A.An index is stored in its associated server's file system.
B.An index is stored as an attribute on a server object in a tree.
C.An index is stored as an attribute on a container object in a tree.
D.An index is created at the root of the tree and applies throughout the tree.
E.An index is unique to one server but can be applied to more than one server.
Answer: B, E

5.Which of the following are components of Novell Clustering Services (NCS) 1.6? (Choose 3.)
A.An IDE controller
B.A shared disk system
C.SCSI cards and cables
D.eDirectory 5.0 and later
E.NetWare 6 servers configured to use IP
Answer: B, C, E

6.You have installed NFAP for Windows and are in the process of creating simple passwords for
all objects in the Education container. What utility can you use to create all user simple passwords
at one time?
C.Novell iManager
D.Remote Manager
E.Server Management Console
Answer: D

7.You need to modify your iPrint environment. Which web­based utility do you use to create and modify Printer, NDPS Broker, and NDPS Manager objects?
C.Remote Manager
D.Novell iManager
E.Server Management Console
Answer: D

8.You are using Deployment Manager to update eDirectory on your network servers. Which steps
do you perform to see a list of all servers that need to be updated in your tree? (Choose 2.)
A.Select each server object in the tree.
B.Click the Check NDS Version button.
C.Select the top­most container in the tree.
D.Click the Include Subordinate Containers button.
E.Mark the Verify Version box next to each server object.
Answer: C, D

9.Which are features and benefits of NSS? (Choose 2.)
B.Borrowing space from other partitions
C.The creation of multiple storage pools within a partition
D.Saving your file data to disk immediately after you save the file instead of waiting for the next flush cycle
E.Turning off file compression after it's enabled on a volume without having to recreate the volume
Answer: A, D

10.Which statements are true concerning filtered replicas on an eDirectory server? (Choose 2.)
A.A server can hold both full replicas and filtered replicas.
B.Each replica on a server can be configured with its own filter.
C.A replica filter cannot be modified; it must be removed and then recreated.
D.Servers running eDirectory versions earlier than 8.5 cannot synchronize with filtered replicas.
E.The master replica of a partition being filtered must reside on a server running eDirectory 8.5 or later.
Answer: A, E

11.Which is a component of eDirectory 8.6?
A.A 0.DSB file to hold index information about the database
B.Streams files used to hold information such as login scripts
C.Novell's transaction tracking system to ensure database integrity
D.Files named 01.DB, 02.DB, etc. to hold all database record information
Answer: B

12.Which statements are true regarding iFolder? (Choose 2.)
A.The iFolder client can be installed on any UNIX workstation.
B.The iFolder client can be installed on any Windows workstation.
C.The iFolder client can be installed on any Macintosh workstation.
D.Applications associated with the files in the iFolder directory must be installed on the local workstation. E.The iFolder directory must be the root directory of whichever workstation the client is installed on.
Answer: B, D

13.Which statement is true regarding NSS?
A.You create volumes after you create storage pools on your storage devices, but before you create partitions.
B.You create volumes after you create partitions on your storage devices, but before you create storage pools.
C.You create partitions after you create storage pools on your storage devices, but before you create volumes.
D.You create storage pools after you create partitions on your storage devices, but before you create volumes.
E.You create storage pools after you create volumes on your storage devices, but before you create partitions.
Answer: D

14.In which situation will you be able to restore a deleted NSS volume?
A.When its associated storage pool is deleted
B.When both the volume and its storage pool are deleted
C.When the volume is deleted, but the storage pool is not
D.When only the volume is deleted and the Purge Delay time has not passed
E.When its associated storage pool is deleted and the Purge Delay time has not passed
Answer: D

15.What is the minimum amount of RAM required to install NetWare 6?
A.56 MB
B.128 MB
C.256 MB
D.512 MB
E.1 GB
Answer: C

16.When performing a health check after installing eDirectory 8.6, how can you check to see if there are any obituaries?
A.Use ConsoleOne> Tools> Obituary Check
B.Use ConsoleOne> Tools> Partition Status
F.Use DSREPAIR ­A> Advanced Options> Check External References
G.Use DSREPAIR ­A> Advanced Options> Report Synchronization Status
Answer: F

17.Which NetWare 6 user access component allows a user to log in to a NetWare server from a Macintosh workstation without the use of the NetWare client?
E.Web Access
Answer: A

18.Which eDirectory database file could hold a user's login script information?
Answer: E

19.When adding a new site to NetDrive, you did not specify a protocol in the Site Address/URL
field. Which protocol is used by default?
Answer: A

20.You are performing an eDirectory health check prior to installing NetWare 6 and eDirectory 8.6. Which command displays schema synchronization information?
Answer: E

21.You have just run the REBUILD command on your server's DATA volume. To which file will REBUILD copy errors and transactions, and where is that file located?
A.DATA.NSS, located at the root of SYS
B.DATA.RLF, located at the root of SYS
C.DATA.RLF, located at the root of DATA
D.DATA.NSS, located at the root of DATA
E.VOLUME.NSS, located at the root of DATA
Answer: B

22.What function does LDAP Bulk Update/Replication Protocol (LBURP) serve when using ICE to import an LDIF file?
A.LBURP provides compatibility with eDirectory servers 8.5 and older.
B.LBURP allows transactions to be applied arbitrarily to increase speed.
C.LBURP allows ICE to send asynchronous requests to the LDAP server.
D.LBURP provides added functionality to ICE by allowing add, delete, and modify requests.
Answer: C

23.Moving data from one processor cache to another causes cache .
Answer: B

24.Which statement is true regarding Novell NetStorage?
A.It can only be configured for one eDirectory tree.
B.Users can access local files and folders through the Internet.
C.Users can change mappings from within the NetStorage Web page.
D.A user can access home directories in different trees as long as the user object name is the same in each eDirectory tree.
Answer: D

25.Which program should you run to install the migration wizard from the NetWare 6 operating system CD?
Answer: F

26.Which are rules of NSS? (Choose 2.)
A.There is one storage pool per partition.
B.There is one logical volume per partition.
C.Multiple logical volumes can be created in a single storage pool.
D.The size of a logical volume can exceed the size of a storage pool.
E.The sum of the sizes of each volume in a partition cannot exceed the partition size.
Answer: A, C

27.You are using the migration wizard to migrate a NetWare 5 server to NetWare 6. However, the migration failed following the Begin NDS Migration task. The destination server has rebooted and taken on the identity of the source server. Which correction steps should you perform prior to performing the migration again? (Choose 4.)
A.Manually reboot the source server.
B.Manually reboot the destination server.
C.Reinstall the source server operating system.
D.Reinstall the destination server operating system.
E.Use NWCONFIG to restore eDirectory to the source server.
F.Use NWCONFIG to remove eDirectory from the source server.
G.Use NWCONFIG to remove eDirectory from the destination server.
Answer: D, E, F, G

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