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Novell 050-710 Exam -

Free 050-710 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement about the Set User ID bit on executable files is correct?
A. The SUID bit has no security implications.
B. The SUID bit on executables has no effect; it is only relevant when set on directories.
C. The SUID bit makes it more difficult to exploit any potential vulnerabilities in the program.
D. The SUID should only be set when really needed and only on applications that are well tested.
Answer: D

2. To preserve the command history even when the shell is closed, the history is written to a file in the user's home directory. Which file holds the history information of the bash shell?
A. bash_history
B. .bash_history
C. ?bash_history
D. $bash_history
Answer: B

3. Which are journaling file systems? (Choose 3.)
B. ext2
C. ext3
E. minix
G. ReiserFS
Answer: A, C, G

4. You want to boot your system to runlevel 3. Which option do you have to enter at the GRUB boot manager dialog?
A. 3
B. init=3
C. boot=3
D. runlevel=3
Answer: A

5. You can schedule jobs to be executed by cron in several ways. Which directories are used for scripts that are to be executed at regular intervals? (Choose 2.)
A. /etc/cron.d/
B. /etc/crontabs/
C. /etc/cron.daily/
D. /var/spool/cron/tabs/
Answer: A, C

6. Which command displays the value stored in the $MYVAR variable?
A. less MYVAR
B. cat $MYVAR
C. echo MYVAR
D. echo $MYVAR
Answer: D

7. You want to find out if files from the wget package were altered since they were installed. Which command will give you this information?
A. rpm -V wget
B. rpm -v wget
C. rpm -F wget
D. rpm -qf wget
Answer: A

8. In a terminal window, which command displays the name of the directory you are currently in?
A. dir
B. pwd
C. where
D. current-dir
Answer: B

9. Which are benefits of using LVM? (Choose 4.)
A. You can increase data security.
B. You can create extremely large logical volumes.
C. You can add hard disks to a volume group in a running system.
D. You can reduce the size of a logical volume without unmounting it.
E. The snapshot feature allows consistent backups in a running system.
Answer: B, C, D, F

10. In a terminal window, which command can you enter to change to your home directory (/home/geeko)? (Choose 2.)
A. cd
B. cd ~
C. cd -h
D. cd home
E. cd --homedir
Answer: A, B

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