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Novell 050-708 Exam -

Free 050-708 Sample Questions:

1. Scripts called from the /etc/crontab file ensure that jobs are run later if they cannot be run at a specified time. Where can you find information on the last time the jobs were run?
A. In the /bin/spool/cron/lastrun/ directory
B. In the /etc/spool/cron/lastrun/ directory
C. In the /root/spool/cron/lastrun/ directory
D. In the /sys/spool/cron/lastrun/ directory
E. In the /var/spool/cron/lastrun/ directory
Answer: E

2. Which command displays the runlevel you are currently in? (Choose 2.)
A. r
B. rl
C. who
D. who -l
E. who -r
F. runlevel
Answer: E, F

3. When using Novell iPrint, which statement is true regarding the Print Manager?
A. Print Manager forwards print jobs to driver stores.
B. Only one Print Manager can exist on any one server.
C. Only one Print Manager can exist for an entire network.
D. A Print Manager can handle multiple print jobs from one printer only.
E. The Print Manager receives submitted print jobs from the Driver Store.
Answer: B

4. Listed below is a portion of the /etc/passwd file:
sgale:x:1000:100:practicum development:/home/sgale:/bin/bash
Which statement is true regarding user sgale?
A. sgale is the root user.
B. sgale is a system user.
C. sgale has no password.
D. sgale is a member of a normal group (GID 100).
E. sgale is a member of the practicum development group.
Answer: D

5. Which statements are true regarding GRUB? (Choose 2.)
A. It does not have its own shell.
B. It relies entirely on maps to assist the BIOS
C. It enables interactive control of the boot manager.
D. It's configuration file is located in /etc/grub.conf.
E. It is the default boot manager in SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.
Answer: C, E

6. You want to use the alias command. In which file should you store the alias definitions so that they are permanent for the current user?
A. ~/.alias
B. ~/.profile
C. /etc/alias
D. ~/.bashrc
E. /etc/bash.bashrc.local
Answer: A

7. With CUPS, each print queue is registered with its name in which file?
A. /etc/cups/printers.conf
B. /proc/cups/printers.conf
C. /home/cups/printers.conf
D. /var/spools/cups/printers.conf
E. /srv/spools/cups/printers.conf
Answer: A

8. If you are logged in as root, what command can you enter from a terminal window to start the YaST printer configuration module?
A. printer
B. yast cups
C. yast2 cups
D. yast2 printer
E. print-manager
F. gnome-cups-manager
Answer: D

9. Which file contains the configuration for sudo?
A. /etc/su.conf
B. /etc/sudoers
C. /etc/sudo.conf
D. /var/log/messages
E. /etc/sysconfig/sudo
Answer: B

10. You want to make the following directory:
my personal files
Which command will make this directory for you exactly as shown above?
A. mkdir my personal files
B. mkdir my\ personal\ files
C. mkdir my$ personal$ files
D. mkdir my? personal? files
E. mkdir my" "personal" "files
Answer: B

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