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Novell 050-705 Exam -

Free 050-705 Sample Questions:

1. Which version of eDirectory is installed by default after a NetWare 5.1 server is upgraded to OES NetWare?
A. eDirectory 8.9
B. eDirectory 8.8
C. eDirectory 8.5.7
D. eDirectory 8.7.3
E. eDirectory 8.6.5
Answer: D

2. Which volume management system must be used if you're installing OES Linux on a single drive system and you plan use NSS?
A. Linux Volume Manager
B. Logical Volume Manager
C. Logical Volume Manager 2
D. Extended Volume Management System
E. Enterprise Volume Management System
Answer: E

3. You've used the vi text editor on an OES Linux server to modify a configuration file in /etc/sysconfig. You've restarted the service, but the changes you made have not been applied. What is causing this to happen?
A. You need to reboot the server.
B. You need to run SuSEconfig to apply the changes.
C. You shouldn't use a text editor to modify files in /etc/sysconfig.
D. You need to wait a few minutes while the service reads the new configuration from the file.
E. You need to force the service to re-read the configuration file by running it with the /force option.
Answer: B

4. Which directory attributes are used to create an organizational chart in eGuide? (Choose 2.)
A. Report
B. Manager
C. isReport
D. Director
E. isManager
F. Supervisor
G. isSubordinate
Answer: B, E

5. You've used the NCP Server service on your OES Linux server to create an NCP volume named HOME that points to the /home directory. You've configured file system trustee assignments to control access to the data on the NCP volume. Where are the trustee assignments saved?
A. On the SYS NCP volume.
B. On the HOME NCP volume.
C. In your eDirectory tree.
D. In /home/.trustee_database.xml.
E. In /var/log/.home_trustees.xml.
F. In /var/opt/NCP/HOME/.trustees.xml.
Answer: D

6. Which NLM enables an OES NetWare server to provide file and printer sharing using the Server Message Block protocol on TCP/IP?
Answer: B

7. Where is the iprint.ini file located on an OES NetWare server?
A. Sys:\Etc
B. Sys:\Etc\Iprint
C. Sys:\Etc\Ippdocs
D. Sys:\Apache2\Htdocs\Iprint
E. Sys:\Apache2\Htdocs\Ippdocs\
Answer: E

8. A customer currently has four NetWare 5.1 servers implemented in her network. She is considering implementing OES Linux; however, she is concerned that doing so will require her to remove her NetWare servers and replace them with the OES Linux servers. Which statement is true?
A. She can integrate a new OES Linux server directly into her directory tree without replacing the existing NetWare servers.
B. An OES Linux server can't co-exist in the same directory tree with Linux servers. You must use Identity Manager to synchronize data between the two trees.
C. She must first upgrade her NetWare 5.1 servers to NetWare 6.5 before she can integrate an OES Linux server into the existing directory tree.
D. OES Linux servers can't co-exist in the same directory tree with NetWare 5.1 servers. To implement OES Linux, she must maintain two separate directory trees.
E. She must first upgrade her NetWare 5.1 servers to OES NetWare before she can integrate an OES Linux server into the existing directory tree.
Answer: A

9. A customer currently has three Windows NT Servers in his network. One functions as a Primary Domain Controller (PDC); the others as Backup Domain Controllers (BDCs). He wants to integrate OES Linux and eDirectory into his network. Which statement is true?
A. The PDC and the BDCs can be imported into the eDirectory tree hosted by an OES Linux server.
B. The OES Linux server running eDirectory can be imported directly into the Windows NT Server domain.
C. The existing Windows NT Servers must be migrated to OES NetWare before installing an OES Linux server into the network.
D. Domains using BDCs are incompatible with OES Linux and can not be configured to work with an eDirectory tree. They must be removed to implement OES Linux.
E. Identity Manager Bundle Edition can be used to synchronize information between the Windows NT domain controllers and an eDirectory tree hosted by an OES Linux server.
Answer: E

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