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Novell 050-704 Exam -

Free 050-704 Sample Questions:

1. When migrating volumes from a NetWare server to an OES Linux server, which are considerations you should keep in mind? (Choose 2.)
A. Open files on the source volume won't be migrated, by default.
B. The creation date of the files on your migrated volume will be reset to the current date.
C. Linux User Management must be disabled on the destination server before starting the migration.
D. If the source NetWare volume is part of a server cluster and it fails over during the migration, the Server
Consolidation utility can continue the migration process using a redundant server in the cluster.
E. The file ownership attribute is not preserved when migrating NetWare NSS volumes to OES Linux volumes.
F. You will lose all trustee rights assignments when migrating a traditional NetWare volumes to OES Linux NSS volumes. Answer: A, B

2. You've just completed an upgrade of a NetWare 5.1 server to OES NetWare. You now need to install additional products. Which utilities can you use to do this? (Choose 2.)
A. iManager
B. Remote Manager
C. Deployment Manager
D. Novell Application Manager
E. The Install utility in the OES NetWare server GUI
Answer: C, E

3. You're setting up an iFolder server in your network that will service 1800 users. The server uses a dual Pentium 4 CPU motherboard and a 500 GB RAID 3 storage array. The server is connected to workstations through a Gigabit twisted-pair Ethernet network. Does this system meet Novell's recommended design guidelines for iFolder?
A. Yes, all recommendations are met.
B. No, iFolder is not multiprocessor-enabled.
C. No, iFolder does not support RAID 3 storage devices.
D. No, a single iFolder server should serve a maximum of 1000 users.
E. No, iFolder should be implemented on a fiber-optic Ethernet network.
Answer: D

4. What is the largest upload file size supported by iFolder 3.x Web Access?
A. 1 MB
B. 4 MB
C. 8 MB
D. 10 MB
E. 16 MB
F. iFolder 3.x Web Access has no upload file size limit.
Answer: D

5. Which file is used to configure the OpenSSH service on your OES Linux server?
A. /etc/sshd.conf
B. /etc/ssh/sshd.conf
C. /etc/sysconfig/sshd
D. /etc/ssh/sshd_config
E. /etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd
Answer: D

6. Which version of eDirectory is installed by default after a NetWare 5.1 server is upgraded to OES NetWare?
A. eDirectory 8.9
B. eDirectory 8.8
C. eDirectory 8.5.7
D. eDirectory 8.7.3
E. eDirectory 8.6.5
Answer: D

7. You need to deliver applications to your users and workstations that reside in remote locations outside your organization's firewall. What is required to accomplish this using ZENworks Desktop Management?
A. Load Nal.nlm with the -N switch.
B. Implement the ZENworks Middle-Tier server.
C. Load Appman.nlm with the -PASSTHROUGH switch.
D. Enable dynamic NAT passthrough on the server where ZENworks is installed.
Answer: B

8. You are implementing NetStorage on an OES Linux server. You need to configure a file access protocol on the server to provide NetStorage users with access to the Linux file system. Which of the following can do this? (Choose 2.)
F. Samba
H. NCP Server
Answer: F, H

9. You're implementing iFolder 3.1 on an OES Linux server. The iFolder implementation will service 250 users. It uses a dual Xeon CPU motherboard and a 300 GB SCSI RAID 5 array. The server is connected via fiber-optic network cables to you organization's Ethernet network. Your OES Linux server has eDirectory, NSS, and iManager installed. Can iFolder 3.1 be implemented on this system?
A. No, iFolder 3.1 doesn't support RAID arrays.
B. No, iFolder 3.1 isn't multiprocessor-enabled.
C. No, iFolder 3.1 can't be implemented on OES Linux.
D. No, iFolder 3.1 doesn't support the NSS file system.
E. Yes, this system meets the recommended guidelines.
F. No, iFolder 3.1 on OES Linux should service a maximum of 250 users.
Answer: E

10. You are configuring your OES Linux server to get its time using the NTP protocol from an NTP time provider with an IP address of You've opened /etc/ntp.conf in a text editor. Which directive will configure your server to get its system time from this provider?
A. server
B. provider
C. ntp-time
D. ntp-server
E. get-time
F. get server time
G. set time source=
Answer: A

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