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Novell 050-703 Exam -

Free 050-703 Sample Questions:

1. After changing the Active Directory schema, what do you need to do to update the Active Directory schema mapping in the driver?
A. From the Schema Map Editor, select Refresh Application Schema.
B. From the Schema Map Editor, select Refresh eDirectory Schema; then select Refresh Application Schema.
C. From the Schema Map Editor, remove any impacted classes and attributes; then select Refresh Application Schema.
D. From the Schema Map Editor, select Refresh Application Schema; then remove any impacted classes and attributes from the Identity Vault.
E. From the Schema Map Editor, remove any impacted classes and attributes; select Refresh eDirectory Schema; then select Refresh Application Schema.
Answer: A

2. During an add operation, the Matching policy answers the question, "Is this object already in the data store?" In circumstances where a match is not found, which policy is used next to continue processing of the add operation?
A. Input policy
B. Creation policy
C. Output policy
D. Placement policy
E. Schema Mapping policy
F. Command Transformation policy
Answer: B

3. What is the default Connection Port for an IDM Remote Loader?
A. 8000
B. 8010
C. 8060
D. 8090
Answer: D

4. What needs to be done to prevent users passwords from being seen in clear text when synchronizing between two eDir2eDir drivers?
A. Set up secure channeling between drivers
B. Set up Shared certificates between the drivers
C. Change the driver to not sync the universal password
D. Set up the NDS password to sync with the Distribution Password
Answer: B

5. When running the Identity Manager user application on an Open Enterprise Server for Linux server, which shell scripts do you need to run to make sure the user application is working properly and accessible to users? (Choose 2.)
Answer: A, B

6. Which are examples of solutions that Identity Manager provides? (Choose 3.)
A. Image workstation
B. Manage user accounts
C. Provide application integration
D. Provide password management
E. Deliver applications to desktops
Answer: B, C, D

7. What name is given to the server that has the Identity Manager 3 product installed?
A. Identity Vault
B. Metadirectory server
C. GroupWise post office
D. Connected system server
Answer: B

8. Which channel is responsible for sending events from the Identity Vault to the connected system?
A. Push
B. Publisher
C. Placement
D. Subscribe
Answer: D

9. In order for an LDAP directory to publish identity information through the LDAP Driver without a performance overhead, what must the LDAP directory support?
B. Polling
C. RFC 2251
D. A Changelog mechanism
Answer: D

10. What password synchronization method allows password synchronization to flow between spoke systems without impact on the Identity Vault Password?
A. Simple password synchronization
B. Universal Password Synchronization
C. Distribution Password Synchronization
D. eDirectory to eDirectory using NDS Password
Answer: C

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