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Novell 050-702 Exam -

Free 050-702 Sample Questions:

1. Which ZENworks Desktop Management Component can be used to store Novell Application Launcher (NAL) data and Inventory Data?
A.Asset Inventory
B.Remote Storage
C.Sybase ASA Server
D.Remote Management
E.Application Management
Answer: C

2. Which statements are true regarding ZENworks Image Safe Data? (Choose 2.)
A.Contains information about inventory
B.Contains the workstation objects DN
C.Contains information about the Middle Tier server
D.Only exists when the Novell Client is installed
E.Contains information about the last base image
F.Contains information about associated policy packages
Answer: B, E

3. Which can be modified from the MSI properties tab in ConsoleOne? (Choose 2.)
A.Public Properties
B.Private Properties
C.General Properties
D.Universal Properties
E.Secure Public Properties
Answer: A, E

4. Which management tool can be used to deploy the ZDM Agents?
C. iFolder
D. iMonitor
Answer: E

5. Which ZDM components are affected by the Service Location Policy package? (Choose 2.)
A.Legacy Inventory
B.Remote Management
C.Workstation import
D.Application Management
E.ZENworks Asset Inventory
Answer: A, D

6. What type of policy package is used to distribute NetWare set parameters?
A.Server Policy Package
B.Service Location Package
C.Container Policy Package
D.Distributed Server Policy Package
Answer: D

7. Mike is a systems architect who needs to plan an installation of ZENworks Patch Management. He has a choice of the following servers on which to install the patch management server. Which server is supported?
B.Netware 6.5 Support Pack 2
C.Microsoft Windows NT 4 Service Pack 6a
D.Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 1
E.SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Service Pack 2
Answer: D

8. You are an administrator at a company with multiple sites who is in the process of rolling out ZENworks Patch Management. Which component would you install to reduce network traffic?
A.Patchlink Developers Kit
B.Patch Management Agent
C.Patch Management Server
D.Patchlink Distribution Point
Answer: D

9. Which must be completed before patches can be deployed using ZENworks Patch Management (ZPM)? (Choose 2.)
A.The packages must be deployed to the PatchLink Distribution Point (PDP).
B.The packages you are deploying must be cached on the ZPM server.
C.An administrative user must be logged in to the devices to be patched.
D.Discover Applicable Updates must have run on the devices to be patched.
Answer: B, D

10. Which vulnerability state causes automatic caching of the associated package?
E.Software Install
Answer: A

11. Using the Agent Management Center, workstations can be automatically grouped based on which of the following? (Choose 2.)
D.IP Address
E.eDirectory Container
Answer: B, D

12. When a ZENworks Patch Management (ZPM) agent is installed, which groups are automatically populated?
A.System groups
B.Dynamic groups
C.Universal groups
D.User-defined groups
Answer: A

13. Which patch is used to determine if the ZPM system is functioning properly?
A.'A' Patch
B.'B' Patch
C.'C' Patch
D.'D' Patch
Answer: A

14. Patch Management Server can be installed on which operating systems? (Choose 2.)
B.Windows NT
C.NetWare 6.5
D.Windows 2000 Server
E.Windows 2003 Server
F.SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
Answer: D, E

15. The Patchlink Distribution Point is supported on which of the following? (Choose 2.)
A.Windows XP
B.Windows 98SE
C.Windows 2003 Server
D.SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9
E.Open Enterprise Server for NetWare
Answer: A, C

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