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Novell 050-696 Exam -

Free 050-696 Sample Questions:

1. You are considering implementing iPrint on your network. Your network has 3 NetWare servers in the WIDGET­TREE eDirectory tree. The servers reside in separate eDirectory contexts. The network is configured to use the IPX protocol. The workstations in your organization run Windows XP Professional and Linux. Can you use iPrint in this environment?
A. Yes, all prerequisites have been met.
B. No, iPrint doesn't support Linux workstations.
C. No, iPrint is not compatible with the IPX protocol.
D. No, iPrint is not compatible with Windows XP Professional.
E. No, you can only implement iPrint on servers that reside in the same eDirectory context.
Answer: C

2. Your company has four regional offices. You are the overall administrator for the entire organization. Each regional office has its own network administrator. You allow yourself and each regional administrator
to use the Admin user object to manage the eDirectory tree. You have configured each user object to require unique passwords and to limit grace logins to 3. All user objects for temporary employees have an expiration date assigned to them. Do these policies conform to Novell's security recommendations.?
A. Yes, all Novell security recommendations have been met.
B. No, you shouldn't allow users objects to have grace logins.
C. No, you shouldn't assign user accounts to temporary employees.
D. No, you shouldn't use multiple network administrators for the same tree.
E. No, each container administrator should have their own user object with specific rights assigned.
Answer: E

3. When installing OES NetWare, what is the minimum size for the server's DOS partition?
A. 50 MB
B. 100 MB
C. 200 MB
D. 300 MB
E. 500 MB
F. 750 MB
Answer: E

4. Which describes the role of the iPrint printer agent?
A. It downloads the correct print driver to the workstation.
B. It responds to queries from clients about the status of a print job.
C. It provides a platform for printer objects that reside on the server.
D. It allows NDPS clients to send print jobs to printers that are not NDPS­aware.
E. It redirects print jobs to a directory on the server while waiting for the printer to become available.
F. It takes application­specific data from the application creating the print job and reformats it to work with the printer it is being sent to.
Answer: B

5. You're designing the eDirectory tree for your company. Your company is composed of four distinct subsidiary organizations. You decide to create four Organization objects at the root of your tree to represent each. Each subsidiary has its own Vice President who is in charge of the organization. You decide to create a user object for each Vice President in their respective Organization object. Will this design work?
A. Yes, all eDirectory rules have been observed.
B. No, user objects can't reside within an Organization object.
C. No, Organization objects can only reside within Country objects.
D. No, there can only be one Organization object within a given tree.
E. No, Organization objects should not be used to represent subsidiaries. Organizational Unit objects should be used instead.
Answer: A

6. Which is the third file processed as the OES NetWare operating system boots?
Answer: C

7. User NWadsworth has the ability to change passwords for users in the CORP.SLC.DA container in the DA­TREE. What should you check to identify where these rights are coming from? (Choose 3.)
A. Rights granted to Public.
B. Group objects NWadsworth is a member of.
C. Alias objects associated with NWadsworth.
D. Template objects associated with NWadsworth.
E. Locality objects associated with NWadsworth.
F. Objects that NWadsworth may be security equivalent to.
Answer: A, B, F

8. What properties are added to User objects when the eDirectory schema is extended to support iFolder? (Choose 2.)
A. iFolderQuota
B. iFolderUserName
C. iFolderPassword
D. iFolderLDAPServer
E. iFolderServerName
F. iFolderHomeDirectory
Answer: A, E

9. Which services does the iPrint Broker provide? (Choose 3.)
A. Print Monitor Service
B. Agent Monitor Service
C. PCL Translation Service
D. Service Registry Service
E. Event Notification Service
F. PostScript Conversion Service
G. Resource Management Service
H. Print Queue Management Service
Answer: D, E, G

10. Which directories does Novell recommend you implement to organize your NetWare server's file system? (Choose 3.)
A. Shared directories.
B. ZENworks profile directories.
C. iFolder data directories on SYS.
D. An iPrint spooling directory on SYS.
E. User home directories on a volume other than SYS.
F. A directory named ETC in each user's home directory for configuration files.
Answer: A, B, E

11. Which versions of NetWare support the IP protocol? (Choose 2.)
A. OES NetWare
B. NetWare 3.1
C. NetWare 5.1
D. NetWare 4.2
E. NetWare 4.0
F. NetWare 4.11
Answer: A, C

12. Which Open Source services are supported by OES NetWare? (Choose 2.)
C. named
D. Emacs
E. Pure­FTP
F. Apache Web Server
Answer: B, F

13. The _____ translates iPrint queries or commands into printer­specific language that a given printer can use.
A. Broker
B. Gateway
C. Manager
D. Print Queue
E. Print Server
F. Printer Agent
Answer: B

14. Which OES NetWare product provides high availability of critical network resources?
B. Rsync
C. iPrint
D. eGuide
E. File Versioning
F. Novell Cluster Services
G. Web Application Services
Answer: F

15. Which operating systems are supported by OES services? (Choose 2.)
A. NetWare 6.5
B. NetWare 5.1
C. Windows Server 2003
D. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
E. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Answer: A, D

16. You are planning to deploy Novell Open Enterprise Server services on an existing NetWare 6.5 server. Which Support Pack must be installed on the server before you can do this?
A. NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 1
B. NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 1a
C. NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2
D. NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 3
Answer: D

17. Which types of scripts can be used to manage an OES NetWare server from the server console? (Choose 2.)
A. OpenScript
B. JavaScript
C. Perl scripts
D. UnrealScript
E. bash shell scripts
Answer: C, E

18. Which of the following are advantages of using Novell OES? (Choose 2.)
A. Use of familiar NetWare services on Linux.
B. Interoperability with Windows servers and clients.
C. Use of familiar NetWare services on Windows servers.
D. The ability to run Linux daemons on the NetWare platform.
E. The ability to run Windows programs on the Linux platform.
Answer: A, B

19. You need to create a new user object in your eDirectory tree using the ConsoleOne management utility. You don't have ConsoleOne installed on your local Windows workstation, so you must run it from your OES NetWare server. Where should you look in the server's file system for the ConsoleOne.exe executable?
A. Sys:\Public\bin
B. Sys:\Public\Win32\ConsoleOne
C. Sys:\Public\Mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin
D. Sys:\Public\WINNT\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin
Answer: C

20. You need to access iManager on an OES NetWare server that has been assigned an IP address of Which URL should you use?
Answer: C

21. Which OES NetWare service can be used to synchronize the information stored in your eDirectory tree with a Microsoft Active Directory domain?
B. Clustering
C. Identity Manager
D. Archive and Version Services
E. Service Location Protocol (SLP)
Answer: C

22. Which OES services are not available on the Linux platform? (Choose 2.)
A. Virtual Office
B. Archive and Version Services
C. eDirectory
D. Identity Manager
E. Distributed File Services
F. eGuide
Answer: B, E

23. Which OES service is not available on the NetWare platform?
A. eGuide
B. iFolder 3.x
C. Identity Manager
D. Apache Web Server
Answer: B

24. Which are components of a Novell iPrint system? (Choose 2.)
A. Broker
B. Manager
C. Print Queue
D. Print Server
E. Print Queue Operator
Answer: A, B

25. Your company's business procedures require the use of triplicate forms. To accommodate this, you have purchased a dot­matrix printer to deploy in your network. The printer will be connected directly to one of your server's LPT ports using an IEEE 1284 parallel cable.
You use iPrint to provide print services to your end users. This printer doesn't have an embedded printer agent. Can it be used with iPrint?
A. Yes, all prerequisite requirements have been met.
B. No, the Print Manager doesn't support dot­matrix printers.
C. No, the iPrint Broker is incompatible with IEEE 1284 printers.
D. No, iPrint doesn't support printers without an embedded printer agent.
E. No, a Printer Agent can't be created for printers that use a parallel cable.
Answer: A

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