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Novell 050-677 Exam -

Free 050-677 Sample Questions:

1.Which is the top­most object in the eDirectory tree?
A.Tree object
B.Domain object
C.Country object
D.Organization object
Answer: A

2.Which web­based utility allows you to monitor server health, view server console screens, and change server SET parameters?
D.Remote Manager
E.Server Management Console
Answer: D

3.Which statements about renaming a GroupWise mailbox are true? (Choose 2.)
A.The MTA and POA must be running at the time of the rename.
B.In ConsoleOne, the GroupWise view must be used to rename a mailbox.
C.A user's eDirectory name and mailbox must be renamed at the same time.
D.A mailbox must be created with the new name and a transfer from the old mailbox must be performed.
E.The user whose mailbox is being renamed must not be running the GroupWise client or GroupWise Notify.
Answer: A, E

4.What is used to load the print service manager?
C.NDPS Broker
D.Server console prompt
Answer: D

5.Someone is trying to access your network by logging in as Admin. Which is the simplest and most effective method for preventing this type of security breach?
A.Hide the Admin object.
B.Rename the Admin object.
C.Use an IRF to prohibit global access.
D.Place an intruder detection limit on the Admin account. E.Make another user security equivalent to the Admin object.
Answer: B

6.Which statements are true regarding setting identifier variables in login scripts? (Choose 2.)
A.They must be written in initial caps.
B.They must be written in lower case.
C.They must be written in upper case.
D.They must preceded by the pound (#) sign.
E.They must be preceded by the percent (%) sign.
F.They must be preceded by the underscore (_) sign.
Answer: C, E

7.The Rhernandez user object exists in the DEL.DIGITALAIR container. Which is an example of a typeless distinguished name for Rhernandez?
Answer: D

8.Which statements regarding login scripts are true? (Choose 2.)
A.The default login script can be edited.
B.Only one profile login script per user is allowed.
C.It is recommended to use user login scripts rather than container login scripts.
D.If the user login script is executed, the default login script is never executed.
E.Even if a user's parent container does not have a login script, a different container login script can be executed for that user.
Answer: B, D

9.Which statements are true regarding the Admin object that is created during the initial creation
of the tree? (Choose 2.)
A.It can be deleted.
B.It cannot have its security access revoked.
C.By default, it is created in the security container.
D.It is the only user account created when eDirectory is installed.
E.It is the only object that can have supervisor authority to the server object.
Answer: A, D

10.You are using the default configuration on your server. To access Web Manager from your workstation, you open a browser, enter the server's IP address, and then enter which port number?
Answer: C

11.Which MAP command creates a search drive in the last possible search position?
A.MAP L16:=.volume.ou.organization:path
B.MAP S16:=.volume.ou.organization:path
C.MAP S16:=.path:volume.ou.organization
D.MAP S26:=.volume.ou.organization:path
E.MAP S26:=.path:volume.ou.organization
Answer: B

12.Which statements are true regarding the Public trustee? (Choose 2.)
A.The Public trustee is the tree object.
B.By default, all eDirectory objects are security equivalent to Public.
C.By default, Public allows users to view any other object in the tree before authenticating.
D.By default, users must be authenticated before receiving rights through the Public trustee.
E.Any rights assigned by the tree object take precedence to rights assigned by the Public trustee.
Answer: B, C

13.In an NDPS environment, which type of notification needs to be configured for a printer operator to be notified when intervention is required?
Answer: E

14.Which email program only offers a client side (front­end) application?
Answer: B

15.How are file system effective rights calculated?
A.All rights granted to the user explicitly and through other objects, minus IRFs
B.Between explicit assignments and assignments through other objects the most restrictive rights are applied, minus IRFs
C.Between explicit assignments and assignments through other objects the least restrictive rights are applied, minus IRFs
D.The least restrictive rights granted to the user through eDirectory and the most restrictive granted to the user through the file system, minus IRFs
Answer: A

16.In an NDPS printing environment, which utility do you use to configure event notification?
D.Remote Manager
E.NetWare Administrator
Answer: E

17.Which objects can be children of the tree object? (Choose 2.)
D.License Container
E.Organizational unit
Answer: B, C

18.Which are characteristics of a controlled access printer? (Choose 2.)
A.It has low security.
B.It provides plug­and print capabilities.
C.It allows for little administrative configuration.
D.It is created and administered as an eDirectory object.
E.It offers a full range of event and status notification options.
Answer: D, E

19.Which utility's only function is to set directory and file attributes?
Answer: A

20.When assigning property rights, which statements are true regarding the All Attributes option versus the Selected Properties option? (Choose 2.)
A.Selected Property rights cannot be inherited.
B.The All Attributes option grants all property rights to the user.
C.The Selected Properties option can only be selected on container objects.
D.Rights granted through the Selected Properties option overwrite rights granted through the All Attributes option.
E.By default, the Inheritable property right is granted to an object trustee when rights are assigned through the All Attributes option.
Answer: D, E

21.User KTracy has unauthorized access to the IS.SLC.DIGITALAIR container. What should you check to determine where the excessive rights are originating? (Choose 2.)
A.Whether KTracy has any security equivalences set
B.Whether SLC.DIGITALAIR has a trustee assignment to the KTracy object
C.Whether KTracy has a trustee assignment to the SLC.DIGITALAIR container
D.Whether KTracy has a trustee assignment to the DA1.IS.SLC.DIGITALAIR server
E.Whether KTracy has a trustee assignment to the LON.DIGITALAIR container object
Answer: A, C

22.When configuring a map to support location­based printing, what is the name of the file that contains the iPrint Map Designer tool?
Answer: A

23.When starting up the server, which file is used to obtain the server name and time zone information?
24.What part of an email system is responsible for transferring email messages between mail servers?
A.Post office agent (POA)
B.Post office program (POP)
C.Mail transport system (MTS)
D.Message transfer agent (MTA)
E.System mail transport agent (SMTA)
Answer: D

25.Which firewall technology can you use to share one public IP address between many internal IP clients while keeping the internal IP addresses private?
A.Internet proxy services (IPS)
B.Virtual private networks (VPN)
C.Network address translation (NAT)
D.Single to many translation protocol (SMTP)
Answer: C

26.In what order do login scripts execute?
A.Default, user, profile, container
B.Profile, container, user, default
C.Default, profile, container, user
D.Container, profile, user, default
E.Default, container, profile, user
Answer: D

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