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Novell 050-658 Exam -

Free 050-658 Sample Questions:

1.A user's workstation hangs intermittently. You are assigned to work with him to resolve the
problem and have taken the following steps: 1. Checked user and system records to gather information to assess what might be wrong. 2. Worked on the system to eliminate one possibility
at a time until the answer was found. 3. Wrote a complete description of the problem and its solution in the system logs. 4. Explained the problem and its solution to the user. Observed the user while he worked until he was convinced that the problem would not recur. How many of these steps are an appropriate part of the troubleshooter's role?
Answer: D

2.A user cannot get a new application to print on a NetWare network even though the application is advertised as network­aware. Print jobs that the user sends from the application are not arriving in the print queue. These print jobs also do not print successfully from a workstation that is attached directly to a local printer. What is the probable cause of the network printing problem?
A.The printer or its setup
B.The application or its setup
C.The print queue or its setup
D.The print server or its setup
E.The NPRINT or CAPTURE settings
Answer: B

3.What are valid considerations when installing twisted­pair network wiring? (Choose 2.)
A.Consider using the same wire for voice and data.
B.Keep the twist in the wire up to the point of termination.
C.Never bend a cable tighter than a bend radius of 10 times the cable diameter.
D.It is recommended to use category 5 termination equipment on all catagory 3 installations.
Answer: B, C

4.What can be used to test for a break on a FDDI cable segment?
B.A flashlight
C.A volt meter
D.An ohm meter
Answer: B

5.Which parameters are available to be set in the CMOS if you define your own hard disk? (Choose 3.)
A.Number of heads
B.Termination type
C.Sectors per track
D.Master/Slave setting
E.Write precompensation
Answer: A, C, E

6.How many nodes can you install on a token ring network that is installed with IBM type 3 cabling?
Answer: C

7.To enable manual recovery from an abend, what value would you assign to the Auto Restart After Abend SET parameter?
Answer: A

8.A user complains that he cannot connect to the network. He receives a "File Server Not Found" message. He had no trouble logging in yesterday. No hardware or software has been changed on his workstation since yesterday. LANalyzer shows the Network Alarm indicator is red and the scrolling message indicates a CRC error rate beyond the acceptable threshold. Sorting the errors reveals the CRC errors are accumulating for several different workstations. Other users on the same server have no problem. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A.There is a local cabling problem.
B.The network is severely congested.
C.The router is fragmenting packets.
D.The local router or switch is overloaded.
E.The file server's network board has a problem.
Answer: A

9.How are file caching and the tracking of network resources implemented in the Novell Client for Windows NT?
A.As a set of NLMs
B.As a virtual device driver
C.As a NetWare I/O subsystem (NIOS)
D.As a redirector/file system driver
Answer: D

10.When setting up mirroring in NetWare, what data storage unit is actually being configured and mirrored?
D.Disk segment
Answer: C

11.Which NDPS support service allows printers to send users and operators customized notifications about printer events and print job status?
A.Printer Manager Services
B.Service Registry Services
C.Event Notification Services
D.Resource Management Services
Answer: C

12.When should the Novell NDPS gateway be used? (Choose 3.)
A.The printer is attached directly to the network
B.Users will be printing from 16 bit applications
C.The printer is attached directly to the file server
D.Users will be printing from different operating systems
E.The printer is attached to a workstation running NPRINTER F.The printer manufacturer has not written a gateway of its own Answer: C, E, F

13.You are installing a hard drive and have just created a DOS partition. What is the next step?
A.Copy system files.
B.Create a DOS boot sector.
C.Scan the disk and identify bad sectors.
D.Perform a high­level format of the partition.
Answer: D

14.Which NDPS component is used to manage non­NDPS­aware printers?
A.NDPS broker
B.NDPS manager
C.NDPS gateway
D.Printer agent
Answer: C

15.A user complains of slow performance on his NetWare network. What type of bottleneck should you suspect after viewing a large number of dirty cache buffers and current disk requests in the MONITOR utility?
B.Bus I/O
C.Disk I/O
D.Network I/O
Answer: C

16.What is the minimum twisted­pair cable specification for a 4 Mbps token ring network installation?
A.Category 1
B.Category 2
C.Category 3
D.Category 5
Answer: C

17.Which NDPS support service allows public­access printers to advertise themselves so they can be located by administrators or users?
A.Print Manager Services
B.Service Registry Services
C.Event Notification Services
D.Resource Management Services
Answer: B

18.Which type of fiber­optic cable has the greatest bandwidth?
A.Dual mode
B.Single mode
C.Multimode graded index
D.Multimode stepped index
Answer: B

19.The SYS volume of a NetWare 4.11 server will not mount so you decide to run VREPAIR. Which step would you perform?
A.Run VREPAIR.NLM by loading it from the DOS partition.
B.Load MONITOR and set Automatically Repair Bad Volumes to OFF.
C.Add another hard drive to the server and span the SYS volume to the new disk.
D.Use MOUNT SYS /F to force the volume to mount, load VREPAIR, then dismount SYS and run VREPAIR.
Answer: A

20.What are advantages of using twisted pair cabling in a network installation? (Choose 3.)
A.It is lightweight.
B.It is easy to install.
C.It uses mature technology.
D.It is protected from electronic eavesdropping.
E.It is insensitive to EMI (electomagmetic interference).
Answer: A, B, C

21.Which cable standards can be implemented for a 10BASE5 network installation? (Choose 2.)
Answer: A, B

22.You are trying to determine why a user at a Windows95 workstation cannot print to a printer. You have determined that you can send a job to the same printer from other Windows95 workstations. Based on this information, what additional troubleshooting steps should you take? (Choose 2.)
A.Check the printer status in NDPS Printer Manager.
B.Verify NDPSMGR.NLM is loaded on the NetWare server.
C.Check the printer status in the Windows Control Panel.
D.Determine if the affected workstation has ever printed to the printer before.
E.See if print jobs from other workstations are appearing in the print job list.
Answer: C, D

23.Which locations contain information or links that can be helpful when troubleshooting Novell networks? (Choose 2.)
Answer: A, D

24.A user is using CAPTURE to print from a nonnetwork­aware application in a queue­based printing environment. Her print jobs do not arrive in the queue. She is using a current copy of CAPTURE and you have verified its status. What should your next troubleshooting step be?
A.Look for NPRINT configuration error messages.
B.Bring down the print server and reinitialize it.
C.Verify the application's printing setup, including LPT and print driver settings.
D.Use the Print Queue Information menu in PRINTCON to reenable the server's ability to service queues.
Answer: C

25.Which DOS command is used to perform a high level format of a DOS partition?
Answer: C

26.Which Novell Client for Windows NT component allows you to use Microsoft networking components with ODI LAN drivers?
Answer: E

27.You just created a public access printer for a Hewlett­Packard JetDirect III printer in the CORP.NYC.EMA container. Where does the NDS object for the printer exist?
A.It does not exist as an NDS object.
B.In the CORP.NYC.EMA container
C.In the container where the server resides
D.In the container where the NDPS broker resides
E.In the container where the NDPS manager resides
Answer: A

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