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Cisco 010-151 Exam -

Free 010-151 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is the maximum number of supervisor modules that the Cisco MDS 9710 Switch supports?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
E. 8
Answer: B

Q: 2
Which device provides analysis of Fibre Channel traffic without any network disruption?
A. Cisco MDS 9000 Data Analyzer Adapter
B. Cisco MDS 9000 Port Analyzer Adapter
C. Cisco MDS 9000 Channel Analyzer Device
D. Cisco MDS 9000 Channel Analyzer Adapter
Answer: B

Q: 3
Which three steps do you perform to troubleshoot when a rack server powers on with no video? (Choose three.)
A. Check that the front I/O dongle is properly seated.
B. Check the front I/O cable connection to the motherboard.
C. Check for memory subsystem failure.
D. Verify the power source to equipment.
E. Reseat the DIMMs, CPU, and PCI cards.
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 4
Which two Cisco Nexus switches provide the foundation of the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Nexus 7718 switch
B. Cisco Nexus 9508 switch
C. Cisco Nexus 7710 switch
D. Cisco Nexus 93128TX switch
E. Cisco Nexus 6004 switch
Answer: B, D

Q: 5
Which type of optics module is supported by a 6-port 40 GE Cisco Nexus 7000 M2 Series I/O module?
Answer: B

Q: 6
How many 10GBASE-T port licenses are preinstalled on a Cisco Nexus 3064-32T?
A. 16
B. 32
C. 48
D. 64
Answer: B

Q: 7
Which three firmware components does the Host Upgrade Utility upgrade? (Choose three.)
A. Fabric Interconnect firmware
B. LAN on Motherboard
C. Cisco UCS Manager
E. System BIOS
Answer: B, D, E

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