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IBM 00M-225 Exam -

Free 00M-225 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
The IBM Security product line provides partners and clients with a complete platform of preemptive Security protection for the organization's entire IT infrastructure. What best describes the range of protection provided by these solutions?
A. From the inside to the outside of the network.
B. From the network gateway to the desktop.
C. From the application to the core of the infrastructure.
D. From the authentication to the termination of the session.
Answer: B

Q: 2
A Chief Information Officer mentions that his lead network engineer has strong technical concerns regarding the deployment of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) products in the data center environment.
What is the seller's next step?
A. Explain to the network engineer the details behind IBM X-Force security research.
B. Deliver IBM Intrusion Prevention product data sheets and technical manuals to the network engineer.
C. Schedule on-site meetings to discuss deployment of IBM security equipment in a data center environment
D. Recommend that the Chief Information Officer investigate Managed Security Services to manage the deployment of the security products.
Answer: C

Q: 3
The client rep for a company you want to visit invites you to go along on a call to discuss an increase in bandwidth for their main facility, as they are at 80% of capacity, which your engineer tells you is quite high. The engineer also says that based on the number of staff and servers at the facility, they should be at about half the utilization they currently consume.
What should you do once you are at the customer's site?
A. Reinforce the customer's need to purchase more bandwidth which supports the client rep's perspective.
B. Discuss the need to keep the executives happy, and speed up their network with load balancing.
C. Suggest they move to a 10 gigabit infrastructure.
D. Offer to put an IPS box on site for a few days to determine the actual makeup of the bandwidth being consumed, and see if it contains unauthorized content.
Answer: B

Q: 4
A client has deployed Tripwire on a portion of their infrastructure where Pll data is located. What is a comparable solution from IBM Security?
A. IBM Security SiteProtector
B. IBM Security Server
C. IBM Security Desktop
D. Enterprise Scanner
Answer: B

Q: 5
A Chief Information Officer mentions to the IBM Security Specialist that he has a preferred IBM Business Partner who is authorized to sell IBM security products and services. What is the best course of action for the IBM Specialist to take?
A. Engage the Business Partner to provide fulfillment services for the client
B. Notify the Business Partner that the security opportunity will be sold direct.
C. Engage the Business Partner to own the opportunity and provide assistance as necessary.
D. Engage the IBM Professional Services Business Development Manager to manage the opportunity.
Answer: C

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