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IBM 000-Z01 Exam -

Free 000-Z01 Sample Questions:

1. If a data set with text information is created using ISPF edit, the dataset is copied to magnetic tape, and the magnetic tape is then copied to a PC (e.g. Windows), what will a user see who displays the file on the PC?
A. Clear text, but with punctuation corrupted
B. The exact same text as seen in ISPF on the mainframe
C. An odd mixture of unintelligible and unprintable characters
D. The results of the encryption used in every mainframe data set
Answer: C

2. In the ISPF Edit panel, there are fields named PROJECT, GROUP, TYPE, and MEMBER. What information do these fields specify?
C. PARM field
D. DD Statement
Answer: A

3. Which of the following describes relative access speed for z9 major storage types?
A. Tape is faster than DASD
B. DASD is faster than cache
C. Real memory is faster than DASD
D. Optical storage is faster than cache
Answer: C

4. Which of the following are the types of EDIT commands?
A. Menu and Line
B. Line and Data
C. Primary and Line
D. Primary and Secondary
Answer: C

5. Which of the following z/OS data set organization is most like a UNIX directory?
B. Sequential data set
C. Partitioned data set
D. VSAM Indexed data set
Answer: C

6. If a userid is ZTEST1, then what is entered in the Data Set List Utility (generally option 3.4) for "Dsname Level" to list all data sets with the high level qualifier of the userid?
C. *.ZTEST1*
D. 'ZTEST1*'
Answer: A

7. PC keyboards do not have a "PA1" key, 3270 emulators map some keys to "PA1". What is the "PA1" key used for in TSO and ISPF?
A. Terminate the program currently running.
B. Terminate ISPF to return to the TSO READY prompt.
C. Pause a program so that data will not continue to scroll.
D. Clear the screen to allow the next screen of data to display.
Answer: A

8. The syntax:
is used for what purpose?
A. To specify that this DDNAME refers to a null dataset
B. To specify that this DDNAME refers to the same dataset as the prior DD statement
C. To specify that the data is contained in the JCL stream immediately after this DD statement
D. To specify that the DDNAME refers to the same dataset as the DD statement with DDNAME of INPUT in the prior job step
Answer: C

9. What is the relationship of the Layered Network Models of TCP/IP, OSI, and SNA?
A. SNA is an internal construction in z/OS and does not allow for end points.
B. They are the same except that the OSI model inverts the layers top to bottom.
C. They have the same layers with the exact same functions in each layer, but the names are different.
D. The layers are conceptually similar but differ in name and details of what functions are in which layers.
Answer: D

10. A mainframe customer wants to add a web site for customer orders. They plan to tightly couple the web site to their existing back office z/OS applications. Which of the following describes an effective implementation?
A. Bring in another System z machine
B. Implement a firewall on the mainframe and use WebSphere to enable the web site on a Linux server.
C. Implement a firewall on a new, small Unix server and use WebSphere to enable the web site on the mainframe.
D. Implement a firewall on a new Windows XP server and use WebSphere to enable the web site on a new Windows XP server.
Answer: C

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