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IBM 000-R11 Exam -

Free 000-R11 Sample Questions:

1. Which warranty option is available with the SurePOS 300 models 330 and 33H?
A. IBM EasyServ Service
B. IBM EasyMail Service
C. IBM On-site Repair
D. IBM Carry In Repair
E. IBM Overnight Repair
Answer: C

2. The IBM Anyplace Kiosk supports which two of the following Systems Management capabilities?
A. Wake on LAN
B. Remote Program Load (RPL)
C. Advanced Power Management (APM)
D. Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) 2.0
E. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
Answer: A, D

3. Which of the following BEST describes features of Anyplace wireless?
A. 802.11 b with an integrated 7-point isolated antenna
B. 802.11 b world-wide adapter that is field installable
C. 802.11 b/g factory installed with an extended range external antenna
D. 802.11 b/g is not available in all countries; not a field-installable option
Answer: D

4. The IBM Anyplace Kiosk is tested for electrostatic discharge of up to what voltage?
A. 5,000 volts
B. 10,000 volts
C. 15,000 volts
D. 20,000 volts
Answer: C

5. When can the presence sensor on the IBM Anyplace Kiosk be used?
A. It is available after the customer touches the screen.
B. It is always available for use by a customer's software application.
C. It activates the screen whenever a barcode is scanned.
D. It activates whenever a person comes within 15 inches of the display.
Answer: B

6. Which of the following is a standard feature on the IBM Anyplace Kiosk?
A. 1 GB of RAM
B. 40 GB Hard Drive
C. Wireless PCI Card
D. Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Answer: D

7. Which three key attributes give the IBM Anyplace Kiosk an advantage over other kiosk solutions?
A. Its compact size
B. Its dual stereo speakers
C. Its touchscreen interface
D. It is environmentally hardened
E. It has three different mounting options
F. It is designed to operate both indoors and outdoors
Answer: A, D, E

8. At what distance is the presence sensor activated on the IBM Anyplace Kiosk?
A. Up to 15 inches from the display
B. Up to 26 inches from the display
C. Up to 5 feet from the display
D. Up to 8 feet from the display
Answer: C

9. What are the major optional features that can be ordered from IBM for the IBM Anyplace Kiosk?
A. 40 GB hard drive; 1 GB system memory, wireless b/g adapter; MSR, barcode scanner; USB CD/DVD drive
B. 60 GB hard drive; 2 GB system memory; wireless b/g adapter, MSR, barcode scanner; internal CD/DVD drive
C. 60 GB hard drive; 2 GB system memory; field-installable wireless b/g adapter, MSR, barcode scanner; USB CD/DVD drive
D. 40 GB hard drive; 1 GB system memory, field-installable wireless b/g adapter; MSR, barcode scanner; USB CD/DVD drive
Answer: A

10. What are the features of the IBM Anyplace Kiosk MSR?
A. 1-track, error correction, single direction
B. 2-track, bi-directional compatible with world-wide stripe readers
C. 3-track, bi-directional meeting North American and European Union standards
D. 3-track, bi-directional compatible with most world-wide credit authorization formats
Answer: D

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