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IBM 000-M64 Exam -

Free 000-M64 Sample Questions:

1. What is the name of the tool that allows you to administer and monitor Sametime?
A. Sametime Monitoring Tool
B. Sametime Configuration Tool
C. Sametime Administration Tool
D. Sametime Troubleshooting Tool
Answer: C

2. Which of the following provides collaboration capabilities that act as instant messenger and presence awareness infrastructure?
A. Lotus Sametime Advanced
B. Lotus Sametime Proxy Server
C. Lotus Sametime Standard
D. Lotus Sametime Gateway
Answer: C

3. Which ONE of the following statements about Sametime Entry software is true?
A. Has telephony integrated
B. Can handle voice and video
C. Includes online meetings
D. Includes online presence status and instant messaging
Answer: D

4. Which operating system is NOT supported by Sametime 8.5 Community Server?
A. IBM i6.1
B. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x
C. Microsoft Windows Server 2008
D. Microsoft Vista
Answer: D

5. Which of the following is one of the new Web 2.0 features included in Sametime 8.5?
A. XPages
B. Web 2.0 tools for Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP)
C. Composite Applications
Answer: B

6. Which of the following new features in Sametime 8.5 allows for a new online meeting experience?
A. Sametime Gateway Server
B. Sametime Proxy Server
C. Sametime Meeting Server
D. Sametime Community Server
Answer: C

7. Which is used for provisioning plug-ins within Sametime?
A. Eclipse Update Sites
B. Smart Upgrade
C. Expeditor Server
D. Expeditor Client Management
Answer: A

8. By default, can users manually install or update custom 3rd party features?
A. No. It's turned off by default, but can be turned on after installation.
B. Yes. They can install whatever they would like into the platform by default.
C. Yes. They simply have to click on File > Application > Install.
D. No. They can never manually install or update custom 3rd party features.
Answer: B

9. Which of the following are advantages of Domino -based Eclipse Update Sites?
A. Replications
B. Domino-Based Security
C. Built-in tools to import/merge from other update sites and to globally change embedded URLs inside JARs
D. All of the above
Answer: D

10. How would you use update manager to check for new updates to a feature?
A. Go to the website and check for updates
B. Use the embed URLs inside the feature that points back to the update site
C. Install the same feature and see if it is a newer version
D. Browse the features list to see if there is a newer version
Answer: B

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