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IBM 000-M50 Exam -

Free 000-M50 Sample Questions:

1. What are the three pillars of the IBM ISS go-to-market strategy?
A. IBM ISS Products, Professional Security Services, and Managed Security Services
B. Professional Security Services, Managed Security Services, and Business Continuity Services
C. Managed Security Services, IBM ISS Products, and Tier 1 OEM Security Vendors
D. Threat Mitigation Services, Data Security Services, and IBM ISS Products
Answer: A

2. Identify the best prospect from the list below:
A. Allied - Needs a best-of-breed network-based IPS for the corporate internet connection. They already use Proventia Server and have SiteProtector running.
B. Merco - Needs to provide host-based protection for all 250 application servers. They also need someone to implement the solution and provide 24x7 monitoring and management.
C. Acme - Needs end-point protection for 1000 desktops. They have Symantec AV, but are lacking firewall, IPS, and content filtering.
D. Partco - Needs an automated application assessment on its primary Web-facing application.
Answer: B

3. A seller has identified and driven an opportunity for intrusion prevention products. The client now indicates that it will release an RFP for IBM products. What method can the seller use to help win the deal?
A. Register the deal.
B. Engage the IBM Security Specialist and request special pricing.
C. Register for Order Protection from the distributor.
D. Engage the SE to prepar e the SOW.
Answer: A

4. A large retail client has had a number security issues flagged by their internal auditors for remediation. The client feels they have a good idea of the tools needed to address the issues. They are interested in talking with someone about consulting services to help them prioritize their remediation efforts. What is the appropriate consulting service to propose to this client?
A. IBM Client Security Readiness Tool workshop
B. Global Security Risk Assessment
C. Information Security workshop
D. Application Security Assessment
Answer: A

5. IBM ISS has a global MSS organization. This business is scalable and addresses the global marketplace.
What can clients around the world expect?
A. Real time alerting of vulnerabilities around the world
B. Real time alerting of security incidents around the world 24 x 7
C. The same person to answer calls to the SOC
D. The same SLAs and process in every geography where they operate
Answer: D

6. A CIO mentions an initiative to protect the data residing on the core network with IDS/IPS technology. He admits reluctance to move forward with the initiative because of a lack of understanding about the technology. What is the next step?
A. Recommend the 20-Hour JumpStart training course to the CIO.
B. Request an SE provide a technical presentation on IDS/IPS.
C. Recommend the purchase of IBM ISS IPS along with Managed Security Services.
D. Deliver a proposal including IBM ISS PSSs network analysis and architecture services.
Answer: B

7. To determine the long-term strategic security goals and challenges at an enterprise account, the majority of your time should be spent doing which of the following?
A. Observing operational activities at the Security Operations Center of the client.
B. Establishing a relationship with the clients vendor management team.
C. Interviewing the CFO and discussing strategies to reduce costs for security solutions.
D. Spending time with the CISO and security staff to discuss short and long-term security goals.
Answer: D

8. A large retail client is struggling with the cost and complexity of providing security to 1000 retail outlets. What is the appropriate IBM ISS product to discuss?
A. Proventia Multi-Function Security
B. Enterprise Scanner
C. Proventia Server
D. Proventia Network IPS
Answer: A

9. A financial institutions main priority is to secure sensitive data included in documents and emails sent out by clerical staff. What IBM ISS solution solves this problem?
A. Proventia UTM with Content Inspection
B. Fidelis and/or Verdasys DLP solutions
C. RealSecure Network Sensor
D. MSS Vulnerability Management services
Answer: B

10. A client has recently expressed a concern about being able to track misuse of confidential data across the network. What IBM ISS solution will address this concern?
A. Proventia Network IPS
B. Proventia Server to protect servers that contain critical data
C. Fidelis DLP
D. Proventia MFS
Answer: C

11. A client with a TippingPoint deployment is concerned about the solutions long-term viability. What products should the sales representative prepare to discuss?
A. SiteProtector and Proventia Network IPS
B. SiteProtector and Proventia MFS
C. SiteProtector and Proventia Server
D. SiteProtector and Fidelis Data Loss Protection
Answer: A

12. A client deployed Cisco CSA agents for laptop users but is dissatisfied with the protection and
management capabilities. What IBM ISS product should be proposed to this client?
A. Proventia Network IPS
B. Proventia ESC
C. Proventia Server
D. Proventia MFS
Answer: B

13. A client has deployed Tripwire on a portion of their infrastructure where PII data is located. What is a comparable solution from IBM ISS?
A. SiteProtector
B. Proventia Server
C. Proventia Desktop
D. Enterprise Scanner
Answer: B

14. Which statement best describes the IBM ISS security solution roadmap?
A. IBM ISS offers the widest variety of integrated products in the industry.
B. IBM ISS offers a large breadth of low cost solutions that addresses security governance and compliance issues.
C. IBM ISS provides a platform of security products and services that lowers cost and simplifies the complexity of managing security risk.
D. IBM ISS solutions address 100% of PCI requirements.WArialTimes New RomanZ
Answer: C

15. A client with a large Web-based presence has been continually attacked and fallen victim to SQL Injection attacks. According to the client, many of the applications are old and were not developed with security in mind. What is the best proposal for this client?
A. MSS for the servers
B. An application assessment for all the applications on the servers
C. A penetration test for all servers
D. A vulnerability assessment for all the servers
Answer: B

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