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IBM 000-M43 Exam -

Free 000-M43 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
The following is true of a business group (BG)?
A. Each BG has at least one common numbering plan (CNP).
B. Each BG has at least one private numbering plan (PNP).
C. There is no geographical boundary for a BG.
D. A and B
E. B and C
Answer: E

Q: 2
Why is it advisable to have at least one PNP for SUT subscribers and a separate PNP and endpoint for the customers PBX?
A. It allows Display Number Modification (DNM) rules to be created separately for subscribers calls to to the PBX, and incoming calls from the PBX.
B. It allows digits to be added/deleted for the call coming from the PBX.
C. SUT subscribers needs extra attention during configuration.
D. A and B
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which of the following is correct regarding SUT configurations?
A. There is no conference server available in the small SUT configuration, only in the large SUT configuration.
B. Besides the Sametime Server, a small SUT configuration needs one single server while a large SUT configuration needs three servers.
C. One media server is required per location.
D. The small SUT configuration uses one server for TAS and Media Server.
E. A and D
Answer: D

Q: 4
Assume there is a company using SUT with 1 Headquarter and 2 locations each in Europe, America and Asia. In each site there are 100 subscribers and there is one PBX and one PSTN Gateway. In the Headquarter, there is a Media Server for Announcements and Conferencing.
Each subscriber has a SUT Client and a Desk phone. Which of the answers below would match to a best practice numbering plan configuration?
A. One common numbering plan and ten private numbering plans.
B. One common numbering plan and nine private numbering plans.
C. One common numbering plan and six private numbering plans.
D. One common numbering plan and three private numbering plans.
E. Three common numbering plans and three private numbering plans.
Answer: B

Q: 5
What are mandatory parameters that need to be adjusted at both end points of a SIP trunk?
A. The MTU size.
B. The preferred codec.
C. The Music On Hold number.
D. The target IP address and the port number.
Answer: D

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