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IBM 000-M33 Exam -

Free 000-M33 Sample Questions:

1. The ClearQuest Connector for IBM Rational Quality Manager can be acquired from what source?
A. the download site
B. IBM Developerworks
C. IBM PartnerWorld
D. the Rational Software Information Center
Answer: A

2. What is maximum number of user licenses in the Standard Edition of IBM Rational Quality Manager?
A. 5
B. 50
C. 100
D. 250
Answer: D

3. For defect management, IBM Rational Quality Manager offers direct integration with which other Rational product?
A. Rational ClearQuest
B. Rational Requisite Pro
C. Rational Defect Manager
D. Rational Software Analyzer
Answer: A

4. Which parts does the IBM quality management strategy for software delivery include?
A. Collaboration, Automation, Report Presentation
B. Change, Quality, Release Management
C. Modernization, Transformation, Governance
D. Integration, Communication, Implementation
Answer: A

5. When using IBM Rational Quality Manager, which attribute of a test case determines the importance of the test case relative to other test cases?
A. Preference
B. Precedence
C. Ranking
D. Weight
Answer: D

6. What is the minimum version of ClearQuest that will work with the ClearQuest Connector for IBM Rational Quality Manager?
A. 7.5.0
B. 6.5.1
C. 9.1
D. 7.0.1
Answer: D

7. When using IBM Rational Quality Manager, what is the name of the main test plan display region where most of the real work gets done?
A. Test Case
B. Test Information
C. Section Detail Area
D. Test Subject
Answer: C

8. IBM Rational Quality Manager provides integration tools with which Rational product?
A. RequisitePro
B. Business Developer
C. Application Workload Modeler
D. Host Access and Transformation
Answer: A

9. Which types of assets can be migrated from Rational ClearQuest Test Manager to IBM Rational Quality Manager?
A. configured test cases
B. test execution records
C. test schedules
D. lab resources
Answer: A

10. Which components does IBM Rational Quality Manager require to be licensed?
A. Server and Client
B. Jazz Engine and Performance Tester
C. Functional Tester and Lab Management
D. RQM Engine and Dashboard
Answer: A

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