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IBM 000-M22 Exam -

Free 000-M22 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which one of the following editors does not come with IBM Rational Application Developer?
A. WSDL Editor
B. XSL Editor
C. Java Visual Editor
D. Hibernate Mapping Editor
Answer: D

Q: 2 When using Agent Controller to gather information about applications running on a remote system you need to install Agent Controller:
A. On the same system as RAD is installed
B. On a remote system to which you would like to publish your application
C. On the remote system from which the log files are imported
D. On the system where you run test cases
Answer: B

Q: 3 Why is IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) important to SOA?
A. RAD is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for SOA architecture.
B. SOA is a graphical extension to automated architecture. RAD graphical interface allows SOA automated architecture to develop service components.
C. RAD does not support any features for SOA, so it is not important for SOA.
D. RAD has the capability to develop SOA pieces such as Web services, which can be an integral part of an SOA.
Answer: D

Q: 4 What is the scriptable byte-code instrumentation (BCI) framework that is used to write Java code fragments?
A. A Memory Leak Framework
B. A Probekit
C. A Profile Toolkit
D. A Snippet Generator
Answer: B

Q: 5 Which one of the following provides for remote WSDL validation?
A. Servlet Wizard
B. Web Services Wizard
C. Xpath Wizard
D. Session Wizard
Answer: B

Q: 6 Which one of the following statements about IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) product describes how RAD helps to reduce manual coding?
A. RAD abstracts the J2EE programming model, making it easier for those less familiar with the Java technology to complete development projects.
B. RAD's automatic coder writes all of the Java code for the developer.
C. RAD's automatic code importer?imports all of the Java code so that no manual Java coding is necessary.
D. RAD does not help reduce manual coding.
Answer: A

Q: 7 Which editor in RAD has been updated to allow you to create a complete data / service driven application within the editor?
A. WSDL Editor
B. XML Editor
C. Web Diagram Editor
D. DTD Editor
Answer: C

Q: 8 What main features of IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) helps in the SOA arena?
A. RAD helps developers to quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile, and deploy high-quality Web Service.
B. RAD integrates DTD files into XSLT files so that other applications can benefit from this SOA feature.
C. RAD integrates XSLT files into XML files so that other applications can benefit from this SOA feature.
D. RAD does not support any features for SOA.
Answer: A

Q: 9 Which mechanism in IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) allows you to pass complex data between portlets?
A. Ajax
B. RAD Portlet Server Service.
C. WebSphere Portal Server Property Broker
D. You cannot pass complex data between portlets in RAD.
Answer: C

Q: 10 IBM Rational Application Developer enables automatic installation of applications and modules onto a running WebSphere Server. This automatic installation supports which one of the following configurations?
A. Only local servers
B. Only remote servers
C. Both local and remote servers
D. Only local servers with WebSphere Application Server 5.x or greater
Answer: C

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