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IBM 000-M20 Exam -

Free 000-M20 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 What are DB2 wizards?
A. DB2 wizards programs are automated in DB2. They run as background processes of the database and they automatically configure database parameters.
B. DB2 wizards are DBAs that are considered the top of their field in DB2.
C. DB2 wizards are programs that assist you in completing a single task by stepping you through the task.
D. DB2 does not have wizard functionality.
Answer: C

Q: 2 What is the role of the DB2 control center?
A. The DB2 control center allows you to administer all your systems, instances, databases, and database objects.
B. The DB2 control center is the main table where all metadata about the database is stored in a DB2 database.
C. The DB2 control center serves as a collection of command-line entry commands that allow the DBA to administer the DB2 database.
D. DB2 does not have a DB2 control center.
Answer: A

Q: 3 What is the DB2 command editor?
A. The DB2 command editor is the initial command-line interface that allows you to install the DB2 product.
B. The DB2 command editor is a new feature in DB2. It is a command-line tool that allows you to define and implement new SQL commands to be used in relational operations on the database.
C. The DB2command editor does not exist in DB2.
D. The DB2 command editor is a tool that allows you to work with query results; view graphical representation of the access plan for SQL statements; run commands in sequence; and create, save, and schedule the execution of scripts.
Answer: D

Q: 4 What is a DB2 transaction?
A. A DB2 transaction is the interface that is developed between tables, relating one table to the other.
B. A DB2 transaction is an action that is performed by the database to ensure that tables that are replicated are kept synchronized.
C. A DB2 transaction is a set of rules that can be imposed on data values in a table.
D. A DB2 transaction is a sequence of one or more statements that must complete in its entirety or not at all. It is also referred to as a unit of work.
Answer: D

Q: 5 With respect to DB2 security, what is authorization?
A. Authorization is a process that checks whether you have sufficient privileges to perform the desired database operation.
B. Authorization is the process where the DBA gathers information to see who will have access to the database.
C. Authorization is the process where the DB2 database checks with Windows security to see if you have access to the DB2 database.
D. Authorization is a process that validates that you are who you claim to be by verifying your user ID and password.
Answer: A

Q: 6 What is the purpose of the Adaptive, self-tuning memory allocation feature in DB2?
A. This feature will help to reduce the task of configuring your DB2 server by continuously updating configuration parameters, resizing buffer pools, and dynamically determining the total amount of memory to be used by the database.
B. The purpose of this feature is for the system to deliver to you a report of tuning specifications for the database so that you can update the configuration parameters by hand.
C. This feature will detect memory allocation expansion in the database and deliver a warning to the DBA to let them know when the database is nearing a threshold space allocation limit.
D. This feature does not exist in DB2.
Answer: A

Q: 7 What are database authorities in DB2?
A. Database authorities provide a way both to group privileges and to control maintenance and utility operations for instances, databases, and database objects.
B. Database authorities is a DB2 toolkit application that allows the DBA to set up privileges for the superusers who will administer the database.
C. Database authorities are the main DBAs that control schema development in DB2.
D. Database authorities do not exist in DB2.
Answer: A

Q: 8 What does the DB2 export utility do?
A. The DB2 export utility exports data from a table or view to a file.
B. The DB2 export utility allows you to import data that was exported from another DB2 database into one of your specified tables.
C. The DB2 export utility is a command-line interface that allows you to export your entire DB2 database into another vendor database format, which you specify as a command-line option.
D. The export utility does not exist in DB2.
Answer: A

Q: 9 What is the DB2 health center?
A. The DB2 health center is a command-line interface to the health of the DB2 installation. You can make corrective changes to the DB2 installation using command line entries and query the heath of the DB2 database.
B. The DB2 health center is a GUI tool that allows you to monitor the state of the database environment and make any necessary changes to the environment.
C. The DB2 health center is the name for the support desk for the DB2 product. If you have a valid DB2 license and maintenance agreement, you may contact the heath center and have the center monitor your DB2 installation remotely.
D. The health center does not exist in DB2.
Answer: B

Q: 10 What is the LOAD authority in DB2?
A. LOAD authority is a permission granted to a database table that allows the table the accesses rights to load a backup database.
B. LOAD authority in DB2 is the main DBA in your organization that allows for a database to be loaded.
C. LOAD authority is at the database level. When combined with the INSERT privilege on a table, it allows the user to load data into that table.
D. LOAD authority does not exist in DB2.
Answer: C

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