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IBM 000-M16 Exam -

Free 000-M16 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which of the following areas of Software Configuration Management are primarily addressed by Rational ClearQuest?
A. Configuration control and process management
B. Version and configuration control
C. Process management and problem tracking
D. Version control and process management
Answer: C

Q: 2 What are the seven attributes that a good SCM system should possess?
A. Safety, stability, control, auditability, reproducibility, traceability, scalability
B. Safety, serviceability, control, auditability, reproducibility, traceability, maintainability
C. Safety, stability, reusability, auditability, reproducibility, traceability, maintainability
D. Safety, stability, convenience, auditability, reproducibility, traceability, scalability
Answer: A

Q: 3 The Software Configuration Management market currently comprises four Solution Segments. Which one of the following is not one of these segments?
A. Application life-cycle management
B. Process-centric software configuration management
C. Software integration testing management
D. Version control
Answer: C

Q: 4 Which one of the following terms refers to the ability to answer who, what, when, and where questions about a specific version or configuration of the software release at any time?
A. Traceability
B. Stability
C. Control
D. Auditability
Answer: D

Q: 5 To use IBM Rational ClearCase, what additional software products are required?
A. Rational Software Development Platform
B. None
C. Rational Team Unifying Platform
D. Rational ClearQuest
Answer: B

Q: 6 Which one of the following statements best describes the benefits of UCM?
A. UCM is not available as part of the ClearCase product line
B. UCM enables structured parallel development with consistent policies and practices, and can be implemented in ClearCase with or without ClearQuest
C. UCM enables structured synchronous development with consistent policies and practices, and can be implemented in ClearCase along with ClearQuest
D. UCM enables structured parallel development with consistent policies and practices, and must be implemented in ClearCase along with ClearQuest
Answer: B

Q: 7 Rational ClearQuest Web provides different types of charts to help you analyze your data. Which of the following is not a chart type supported by Rational ClearQuest Web?
A. Distribution chart
B. Trend chart
C. Scalar chart
D. Aging chart
Answer: C

Q: 8 Which one of the choices below represents a client/server administrative application used to create and modify schemas, and create and upgrade user databases in Rational ClearQuest?
A. ClearQuest Admin Console
B. ClearQuest Designer
C. ClearQuest Schema Builder
D. ClearQuest Data Designer
Answer: B

Q: 9 Rational ClearQuest enables better insight, predictability, and control of the software development process. Which one of the following is not a feature of Rational ClearQuest?
A. Defect and Change Tracking
B. Build Auditing
C. Facilitating communication across the Enterprise
D. Managing issues throughout the project
Answer: B

Q: 10 An activity that moves a change request from one state to another, resulting in a state transition, is called what?
A. Significant event
B. Event modifier
C. Action
D. State changer
Answer: C

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