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IBM 000-998 Exam -

Free 000-998 Sample Questions:

1. An administrator needs to modify the ConfigurationTimeOut and ConfigurationDelayTimeouts of a broker on z/OS at the command console to 100 and 200 respectively. What command will need to be issued (Where BRKNAME is the brokername)?
A. /F BRKNAME,CHANGE g=100,k=200
B. /F BRKNAME,changebkr g=100,k=200
C. /F BRKNAME,cb g=100,k=200
D. /F BRKNAME,mqsichangebroker g=100,k=200
Answer: C

2. After setting up a shared development environment, an administrator needs to provide all of the following information for the domain connection EXCEPT:
A. the name of the queue manager used by the Configuration Manager.
B. the queue manager listener port.
C. the name of the Configuration Manager.
D. the name of the server which the Configuration Manager is running on.
Answer: C

3. A company has all of its Message Brokers in a Windows environment. The company wants to use WebSphere MQ V6.0 as an XA Transaction Manager in its environment. Which of the following databases CANNOT be used as a Resource Manager in this distributed XA transaction?
A. DB2 V8.2
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
C. Oracle 9i
D. Sybase 12.5
Answer: B

4. A company develops a mobile application that uses WebSphere MQ Everyplace. The application needs to be integrated with other applications of the company using WebSphere Message Broker. Which of the following is the best method to achieve this in WebSphere Message Broker V6?
A. Use an MQeBridge adaptor for interaction between the mobile application and broker.
B. Use the MQeInput and MQeOutput nodes to directly interact with the mobile application.
C. Configure an MQe Gateway that acts as an intermediary between the MQe device and broker.
D. Make sure that a mobile application can directly interact with WebSphere Message Broker without any additional configuration changes.
Answer: C

5. What happens when the following command is executed?
mqsichangetrace BROKER1 -u -e EXEC1 r
A. The trace log of execution group EXEC1, running on Broker1, is cleared when the next trace starts.
B. All of the trace parameters of execution group EXEC1 on Broker1 to the default values are reset.
C. The trace log of execution group EXEC1, running on Broker1, is cleared right after the command is issued.
D. Trace information is buffered, and only written to a file in batches (rapid mode).
Answer: C

6. An input queue used in a message flow is defined with a BackoutThreshold of 1. A non-persistent message is placed on the queue. All of the nodes in the flow use default settings as far as transactional processing. No Failure terminals are connected. Which of the following outlines what happens if the output queue used by the flow does not exist?
A. The message is immediately sent to the queue manager's dead letter queue by the message flow.
B. The message is rolled back and then gotten again by the flow to attempt processing.
C. The message is discarded because it is non-persistent.
D. The message is rolled back to the input queue and the queue manager takes it from there and puts on the dead letter queue.
Answer: B

7. What kinds of messages appear in the WebSphere Message Brokers Local Error log?
A. Deployment errors
B. Runtime errors
C. Installation errors
D. Migration errors
Answer: B

8. A broker domain contains a single Configuration Manager running on a Windows server and five brokers running on UNIX boxes. For performance reasons, the Windows server on which the Configuration Manager runs has been upgraded to a bigger server and a new Configuration Manager is created using a different queue manager. The new Configuration Manager's repository is then overwritten with the backup of the old Configuration Manager. What step needs to be performed to associate the five brokers with the new Configuration Manager?
A. Perform a complete deployment of the topology from the Broker Toolkit.
B. Use the previous backup of the old queue manager and restore it to the new queue manager.
C. Run the command mqsichangebroker on each broker passing the Configuration Manager name as parameter.
D. It is not possible to move a Configuration Manager from one queue manager to another queue manager.
Answer: A

9. Which of the following is the procedure to activate the Broker Administration trace from the workbench?
A. From the main menu select Windows -> Preference-> Broker Administration -> Trace and then change the type of trace.
B. From the Broker Administration perspective in the domain view, select the domain to monitor, right click on it and change the type of trace.
C. From the Broker Administration perspective in the domain view, right click the empty part of the view and change the type of trace.
D. From the main menu select Windows -> Trace -> Broker Administration -> Trace and then change the type of trace.
Answer: A

10. In order to run an application that uses the Configuration Manager Proxy API, which of the following statements is true?
A. The application and the Configuration Manager to which it connects must be on the same machine.
B. MQ classes for Java need to be added in the CLASSPATH.
C. The application can not communicate with multiple Configuration Managers.
D. A WebSphere Message Broker product is required to be installed on the machine where the application is running.
Answer: B

11. The Configuration Manager Proxy (CMP) is an application programming interface that applications can use to control broker domains through a remote interface to the Configuration Manager. In order to implement the remote interface to stop or start execution groups or message flows, what can a programmer write?
A. A Perl script
B. A C program
C. A Java program
D. A batch file or shell script
Answer: C

12. What must a system administrator consider when deploying a broker archive file using the mqsideploy command with the -m parameter?
A. The content of the broker archive file is deployed in addition to what is currently running in the execution group.
B. This broker archive file is deployed to any broker in the domain which has an execution group with the name specified in the command.
C. This parameter is valid for deploying topology configurations, broker configurations and topology trees, but not for broker archive files.
D. All currently deployed message flows and message sets are removed on the execution group specified in the command.
Answer: D

13. After a deployment is issued using the mqsideploy command, an administrator wants to check the result. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Since the deployment is issued from the command line, the event log in the Message Brokers Toolkit doesnt have the deployment result.
B. An administrator has to query the result from the broker database.
C. The Configuration Manager Proxy API can be used to check the deployment result as part of the automated process.
D. In order to make sure the deployment is successful, the only way is to put a test message in the input queue of the message flow and check if a message is generated in the output queue.
Answer: C

14. Once a recommended fix has been applied to the WebSphere Message Broker runtime component, it can be reverted to the previous version by taking what action?
A. Running the uninstall program in the fix.
B. Uninstalling the product and reinstalling it.
C. Using the Rational Product Updater to rollback the runtime components.
D. Reinstalling the product on top of the current installation.
Answer: B

15. In what two ways can updates to the components of the WebSphere Message Broker product be applied and supported by IBM?
A. Installing them with the Download Director
B. Using the Rational Product Updater
C. Using the Windows Update program
D. Applying CSDs
E. Unzipping a fix from
Answer: B, D

16. What are the minimum options necessary to receive information about message flows from the mqsilist command?
A. mqsilist
B. mqsilist -a brokername
C. mqsilist -a brokername -e egroup
D. mqsilist does not provide information on message flows
Answer: C

17. When a new Publish/Subscribe topology is deployed, prior to deploying any user artifacts, such as message flows, what process might be seen running that is later removed once the broker is restarted?
A. $SYS_topology
B. $SYS_dataflowengine
C. $SYS_mqsi
D. $SYS_default
Answer: C

18. A company has its Broker B1 and Config Manager CfgMgr running on the same machine. The Broker and the Configuration Manager share the same queue manager QM1 listening on port 1414. The Message Broker administrator has been entrusted with the task of removing a deployed flow F1 from execution group G1 in Broker B1. Which two of the following can be used to remove the deployed flow from the execution group?
A. Use the Configuration Manager Proxy API
B. Run the command mqsidelete -i localhost -p 1414 -q QM1 -b B1 -e G1 -d F1
C. Run the command mqsideploy -i localhost -p 1414 -q QM1 -b B1 -e G1 -d F1
D. Run the command mqsireload B1 -e G1 -f F1.
E. Run the command mqsideleteflow -b B1 -e G1 -d F1
Answer: A, C

19. When developers are in a standalone development environment, all of the following ways are recommended to backup the Toolkit resources EXCEPT:
A. exporting the projects from within the Message Brokers Toolkit.
B. copying the project directories from the workspace directory to another location.
C. selecting the 'Include source files' check box when creating BAR files and copy the BAR files somewhere else.
D. using a RAID 0 or 5 SAN attached file system for workspace and project directories.
Answer: D

20. A company with a shared Websphere Message Broker hub wishes to charge individual departments for their usage of the hub. It is recommended that the company do which of the following?
A. Purchase a Websphere Message Broker monitoring product that can track throughput and usage patterns.
B. Issue the mqsichangeflowstats command to initiate data collection.
C. Have all applications utilize a compact subflow which writes a usage record to an auditing/accounting table.
D. Utilize Websphere Message Broker on the mainframe, as that is the only native way to capture this information.
Answer: B

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