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IBM 000-979 Exam -

Free 000-979 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
For what situation must a customer be prepared when using encrypted ASPs?
A. Backups of the encrypted ASP take longer to process.
B. Backups require a tape device which supports encryption.
C. Tape media used for backups of encrypted data must be of a certain type.
D. Data stored in an encrypted ASP consume 10‐20% more space than in a non‐encrypted ASP.
Answer: B

Q: 2
A customer houses their data center in a flood zone. The business requires that they provide service to their clients 24x7 without data loss. Which solution supports the business requirement?
A. FlashCopy between the two sites
B. Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition
C. Cross‐site mirroring with iASP to a site in another location
D. Switched iASP on DS8000s using FlashCopy in the primary site and in another location
Answer: C

Q: 3
When running a guest Linux partition, which IBM i tape and optical resources are available to the hosted partition?
A. Only pre‐allocated LTO tape devices
B. Only those allocated to the guest partition
C. Only those devices with installed Linux drivers
D. All resources unless otherwise excluded or in‐use
Answer: C

Q: 4
An IBM i customer would like to deploy IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Server based applications for access by 1500 users. The customer has a 4‐core Power 520 with three partitions. Partitions LPAR1 & LPAR2 each have one CPU allocated, and LPAR3 has two CPUs allocated. All CPU usage is capped. If Domino is to be deployed on LPAR3, how would IBM Lotus Domino be licensed?
A. For 2 cores using sub‐capacity pricing
B. For 4 active cores with full capacity pricing
C. With Client Access Licenses (CAL) for 1500 users
D. Per IBM i instance with unlimited core activations
Answer: A

Q: 5
A customer has just created a new IBM i 7.1 partition. All of the authorized software has been installed, and all license keys including 'IBM Access Family' (5770 ‐XW1) have been applied.
Every time a user starts a 5250 session the following error occurs: 'CWBLM0003 ‐ Warning, License granted, however the number of available licenses for System i Access has been exceeded' Which of the following will eliminate the error message?
A. Re‐enter the license key for 5770‐XW1 (all options) and restart the telnet host server.
B. Use the WRKLICINF (Work with License Information) command to change the 5770‐XW1 Feature 5050 to a usage limit high enough for all the 5250 users.
C. Use the 'Work with License Users' (option 8) on product 5770‐XW1 Feature 5050 and add an entry for each of the individual users that will run 5250 emulation.
D. Change the system value 'QAUTOCFG' (Auto configure Devices) to configure devices ('1') and 'QAUTOVRT' (Auto configure Virtual Devices) a value of '*REGFAC' to get the licenses recognized.
Answer: B

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