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IBM 000-978 Exam -

Free 000-978 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An IBM i customer running SAP would like to upgrade their current environment. They would like to include a BladeCenter and SAN option in the evaluation.
A. PM/400
B. SCON Sizing Guide
C. Workload Estimator
D. IBM Insight for SAP
Answer: D

Q: 2
A customer has workloads which have different peak demands at different times, and overcommitted memory on a system with several partitions. The CIO has heard that the primary benefit of Active Memory Sharing is maximizing overall memory utilization on the system and wants to include this in plans to upgrade the system to POWER7.
Which PowerVM edition supports Active Memory Sharing?
A. Basic Edition
B. Express Edition
C. Standard Edition
D. Enterprise Edition
Answer: D

Q: 3
A customer wants to consolidate their existing 2-core 520 and two x86 Linux-based Web servers onto a 4-core Power 720 to improve efficiency and position the company for future growth. Which of the following will have the greatest effect on ROI?
A. Consolidated applications and operations
B. Removed the need to backup the Linux systems
C. Reduced energy requirements with a single server footprint
D. Simplified infrastructure complexity, minimized maintenance expenses and reduced IT management
Answer: C

Q: 4
A company is evaluating the purchase of a new Power 750 with DB2 to replace several x86 servers running Oracle. Before approving the purchase, the CFO would like to know how the new server will reduce operating expenses.
Which statement addresses the CFO concern?
A. POWER7 processors require much less electricity to run than competitive servers, resulting in lower operating costs.
B. Hardware maintenance and software maintenance costs are less for Power Systems and IBM i than comparable x86 servers.
C. Database support and administration costs for Oracle are lower on Power Systems servers due to the integration of DB into IBM i.
D. The DB2 database included with IBM i is an integrated system resulting in better system stability, administrator productivity and lower ongoing costs.
Answer: D

Q: 5
Which of the following are key additional skills that will be required for current IBM i customers who want to move from traditional systems to POWER Blades?
A. VIOS and partitioning
B. SAN and Systems Director
C. BladeCenter storage and Windows
D. BladeCenter management and Linux
Answer: A

Q: 6
Which of the following explains IBM i optimization features when compared to Windows?
A. IBM i automatically handles system workload prioritization and balancing without any operator intervention.
B. IBM i virtualization provides each virtual server with an independent operating system, optimizing system resources.
C. IBM i PowerVM coordinates and automates CPU utilization for batch versus interactive jobs and applications, resulting in optimized performance.
D. IBM i systems prioritize workloads based on system definitions such as Web, batch and transaction processing, sequencing them for optimum performance.
Answer: A

Q: 7
Which of the following features makes IBM i on Power Systems servers a better platform than Windows on x86 servers to support heterogeneous business applications?
A. IBM Director provides simplified operations and storage management.
B. IBM i supports the greatest number of application development environments.
C. PowerVM virtualization supports multiple operating environments concurrently.
D. Power System servers include core middleware to support efficient application business processing.
Answer: C

Q: 8
A prospect who currently has more than 250 HP-UX and Windows servers has requested information on POWER Blades because they are very interested in saving data center floor space.
Which of the following are advantages of IBM Blade technology?
A. POWER Blades can replace the HP-UX servers. IBM x86 Blades can replace the Windows servers, but must be in separate chassis.
B. POWER Blades can coexist with x86 based Blades within the BladeCenter chassis, offering the most complete consolidation solution available.
C. IBM X86 Blades can handle the Windows workloads and multiple POWER Blades can be put into shared Blade pools to provide scalability for the HP-UX workloads.
D. The IBM Migration Factory offering consolidates HP-UX and Windows workloads directly onto POWER Blades providing the greatest possible reduction in floor space.
Answer: B

Q: 9
A food manufacturing company has 20 remote servers running IBM i and needs to upgrade each server to IBM i 7.1. All system administration for the remote sites is provided by the headquarters office.
What would be the easiest method to accomplish this task?
A. Have the IBM Electronic Software Distribution team remotely perform each IBM i upgrade.
B. Use the IBM i Network Upgrade capability to create an upgrade image for the remote locations
C. Use the Upgrade Manager in Management Central to distribute the upgrade to the remote systems.
D. Utilize the Migration Factory to create a DVD of the new master IBM i instance which can be sent to each remote location.
Answer: B

Q: 10
An IT manager is performing a budget review for a new Power Systems server. The CFO is concerned about additional staffing costs. What is the correct response?
A. Benchmark testing of IBM i 7.1 demonstrates much greater systems administrator productivity than 6.1.
B. Work Management provides managed services reducing manual work associated with systems administration.
C. Storage management and workload optimization are integrated into IBM i, freeing system administrators for other tasks.
D. PowerVM supports a fully virtualized infrastructure resulting in self-managed systems environments and lower system administrator requirements.
Answer: C

Q: 11
What unique feature of IBM i protects customers from disruption to their applications as new hardware is introduced?
A. Object-oriented technology
B. System Licensed Internal Code
C. Single-level Storage Management
D. Technology Independent Machine Interface
Answer: D

Q: 12
A CIO needs a solution which allows for business-driven policies to deliver resources based on time, cost, and service-level requirements. Making workloads independent of hardware resource and simplifying IT infrastructure management are crucial.
What Power Systems solution should be recommended?
A. PowerVM
B. Tivoli Systems Manager
C. Linux Enterprise Server
D. Smart Analytics Software
Answer: D

Q: 13
During a presentation to a prospective customer’s IT Steering Committee, the Windows Manager questions the longevity IBM i on Power Systems and states that IBM i is obsolete.
Which approach addresses this sales objection?
A. Set up a follow on meeting to review the IBM i Linux Strategy including support for open source software, Zend and PHP.
B. Steer the presentation toward an IBM i Access for Windows 7.1 enhancement review which supports .NET, ODBC, XML support and OLE DB.
C. Present the IBM i Roadmap which describes the investment commitment for the future, integration advantages, and virtualization capabilities.
D. Focus Con the POWER7 processor strategy and roadmap, including 8 cores with 4 threads each technology, scalability to 256 cores, and POWER8 future growth.
Answer: C

Q: 14
A CIO new to the company has asked why ‘expensive’ IBM servers were chosen over ‘inexpensive’ Dell servers running Windows. What response demonstrates lower cost compared to Dell/Windows?
A. With special discounting IBM can match the Dell/Windows price and demonstrate exceptional price performance.
B. IBM x86 servers use Nehalem EX processors, perform better than Dell, and can attach to Power Systems using iSCSI.
C. Level 3 cache integrated onto the chip, which runs 4 threads per core, triples the price performance when compared to Dell/Windows.
D. Many software components integrated with IBM i are separately packaged and more expensive to buy individually on other platforms.
Answer: D

Q: 15
A customer has a POWER6 550 with 4 partitions and plans to migrate to a new Power 770.
Three additional partitions are planned. Performance and operating costs are concerns.
Which IBM pre-sales tools should be utilized to create a detailed proposal?
A. Migration Factory and IBM Techline
B. Systems Performance monitor and System Planning tool
C. Power Systems Facts and Features, and POWER7 Servers White Paper
D. Systems Workload Estimator, Systems Energy Estimator, System Planning tool
Answer: D

Q: 16
A customer has stated they intend to move their ERP application from IBM i to a Windows environment to implement Web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
Which statement effectively describes Web services in a Power Systems solution?
A. A Linux LPAR using Virtual LAN support will interface existing applications.
B. Web services are integrated into IBM i and can interface existing applications.
C. Windows can be implemented using iSCSI support and Virtual LAN to interface existing applications.
D. Linux can be implemented on an x86 server using the iSCSI support and Virtual LAN to interface existing applications.
Answer: B

Q: 17
IBM i integrates many system functions including storage management, resource management and security in order to optimize management and system performance.
Where is this integration for optimization done?
A. Program Temporary Fixes
B. Hardware Management Console
C. System Licensed Internal Code
D. Technology Independent Machine Interface
Answer: D

Q: 18
Which of the following explains IBM i reliability on Power Systems?
A. Database, security, and storage management are integrated and tested as part of IBM i on Power Systems.
B. IBM i firmware and microcode are embedded within the POWER7 processor chip which eliminates system failures.
C. The IBM i is based on hyperthreading technology which prevents software defects, operational issues and end user disruptions.
D. Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) is ensured by PowerHA for IBM i which provides for a clustered high availability environment on every system.
Answer: A

Q: 19
A customer with a 16-core POWER5 570 would like to save money by decreasing their overall TCO. Which of the following systems should be installed in order to maintain good performance and save on software maintenance?
A. Power 770
B. Power 750
C. Power 740
D. Power 730
Answer: B

Q: 20
An IBM i 6.1 customer wants to purchase a POWER7 Capacity Back Up (CBU) server. Which of the following is a prerequisite?
A. The primary system must always be POWER7 Enterprise edition
B. Both primary and secondary systems need to be in the same location.
C. CBU server user enablements must all be purchased at CBU server order time.
D. Registration of primary system and CBU server is required prior to the CBU order being manufactured.
Answer: D

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