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IBM 000-936 Exam -

Free 000-936 Sample Questions:

1.A customer is in the process of deploying IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business to a heavily used network environment. Which two configurations would accomplish this? (Choose two.) WebSEAL server with many junctions
B.replicated policy servers and replicated WebSEALs
C.multiple instances of WebSEAL junctioned to different back-end servers
D.replicated front-end WebSEAL servers, each junctioned to replicated back-end servers
E.two separate user registries pointing to different policy servers, two WebSEAL instances
Answer: C, D

2.Which logout page is called when a user clicks logout in an ecsso setup?
Answer: A

3.Which two statements are true about IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business configuration for LDAP replicas? (Choose two.)
A.The master LDAP server configured must be read/write.
B.All replicas must use the same port as the master LDAP server.
C.LDAP replicas are defined in the pd.conf file in the [ldap-replica] stanza.
D.If more than one replica has the same priority value, they will be load-balanced.
E.Priorities set for each replica can be between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest priority.
Answer: A, D

4.Which two components need to be up and running in normal mode before installation of the IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business WebSEAL component can take place? (Choose two.)
C.policy server
D.registry server
E.attribute retrieval service
Answer: C, D

5.WebSEAL supports mutual authentication between a WebSEAL server and a back-end server over an SSL junction ( ssl or sslproxy). The following outline summarizes the supported functionality for mutual authentication over SSL: A (C) Back-end server validates client certificate from WebSEAL. B (A) WebSEAL validates the server certificate from the back-end server. C (B) WebSEAL verifies the distinguished name (DN) contained in the certificate (optional). D (D) Back-end server validates WebSEAL identity information in a basic authentication (BA) header. What is the proper sequence?
A.B, C, A, D
B.B, D, C, A
C.C, A, B, D
D.D, A, B, C
Answer: A

6.Which parameter in the webseald.conf file is associated with client-side certificates?
Answer: D

7.Which parameter can improve performance by allowing connections to be reused even when the exact response length is not known before the response is written?
Answer: B

8.Which routing file entry results in the largest number fatal errors kept on disk?
Answer: A

9.Which directory contains the .lst file for backing up a WebSEAL instance?
Answer: A

10.In order for dynamic URL processing to function correctly, which three requirements must be met? (Choose three.)
A.All object entries in the dynurl.conf must be unique.
B.Decode-query must be no in the WebSEAL configuration file.
C.Decode-query must be yes in the WebSEAL configuration file.
D.Characters in the query string must be UTF-8 or from the codeset that WebSEAL runs in.
E.WebSEAL must compare the URL to all templates in the dynurl.conf file and then use the most restrictive template.
F.The pdadmin> server task dynurl update command must be run to reflect changes in the dynurl.conf file.
Answer: B, D, F

11.A bank is adding 10,000 users to its user base each week. This has led to a significant increase in the response time for LDAP operations. Which command will help improve the performance by decreasing the response time?
Answer: C

12.All Tivoli Access Manager users are able to view WebSEAL login page, however they are unable to authenticate. Which command should be used to check if the authentication mechanism is working properly?
A.the pdadmin command
B.the pdstart command
C.the pd_admin command
D.the ldap_status command
Answer: A

13.IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business WebSEAL allows auditing from which stanza of the WebSEAL configuration file?
Answer: C

14.Which IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (Tivoli Access Manager) related information is necessary to properly configure the Administration API?
A.Tivoli Access Manager policy server and LDAP server names and ports
B.Tivoli Access Manager policy server and WebSEAL server names and ports
C.Tivoli Access Manager policy server and authorization server names and ports
D.Tivoli Access Manager authorization server and LDAP server names and ports
Answer: C

15.Which three can be used to administer a session management server (SMS)? (Choose three.)
A.smsadmin command
B.amsmsadmin command
C.pdsmsadmin command
D.pdadmin with SMS command-line extension
E.Integrated Solutions Console SMS extension
F.SMS admin portlet installed on WebSphere Portal Server
Answer: C, D, E

16.Which IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (Tivoli Access Manager) API is used to authenticate Tivoli Access Manager users outside the Tivoli Access Manager framework?
B.Application API
C.Authorization API
D.Administration API
Answer: A

17.How is the objectspace extended to represent a custom application?
A.objectspace add /CustomApp "Custom Application" 14
B.objectspace add /CustomApp "Custom Application" 35
C.objectspace create /CustomApp "Custom Application" 14
D.objectspace create /CustomApp "Custom Application" 35
Answer: C

18.In the External Authentication C API, which identifier is used only for reauthentication and step-up authentication?
Answer: C

19.Which configuration file is used to configure the Common Audit Service for the Tivoli Access Manager policy server?
Answer: D

20.Which three steps can be included in an IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business (Tivoli Access Manager) authorization decision? (Choose three.) a user credential to a protected object
B.assign user credentials to a credentials handle
C.assign a protected object to a credential handle a requested resource to a protected object a credential handle to a requested resource a user operation to a Tivoli Access Manager permission
Answer: B, D, F

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