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IBM 000-933 Exam -

Free 000-933 Sample Questions:

1. Which two configuration modes are used to run an Oracle gateway? (Choose Two.)
A. Audit
B. Query
C. Archive
D. Reporter
E. Historical
Answer: A, D

2. Which two properties must be set to enable a bidirectional gateway to maintain two ObjectServers synchronized? (Choose Two.)
A. Gate.MapFile
B. Gate.Transfer.FailoverSyncRate
C. Gate.Mapper.ForwardHistoricJournals
D. Gate.ObjectServerB.TblReplicateDefFile
E. Gate.ObjectServerA.RefreshCacheOnUpdate
Answer: A, D

3. What is the proper syntax for calling procedure jinsert?
A. ./jinsert (old.Serial, $user.userid, gettime(), *string)
B. exec jinsert (old.serial, %user.userid, getdate(), %string)
C. execute jinsert (old.Serial, %user.user_id, getdate(), 'string');
D. begin execute jinsert (old.Serial, %user.user_id, timestampe(), '$string');
Answer: C

4. When configuring the Uni-directional Gateway between a master ObjectServer and a Desktop ObjectServer, the gateway map file needs to be modified to populate the Desktop ObjectServer alerts.status field MasterSerial.
What is the purpose of this action?
A. to provide identification of which ObjectServer first received the event
B. to provide unique identification of the events in the master ObjectServer
C. to ensure that when the ObjectServer is started, it functions as a Desktop ObjectServer
D. to ensure that any connected client recognizes that the ObjectServer is functioning as a Desktop ObjectServer
Answer: B

5. Which three pieces of information are required to generate a working ObjectServer interfaces. file. (Choose Three.)
A.A server hostname
B. ObjectServer name
C. ObjectServer password
D. ObjectServer username
E. A resolvable server hostname
F. Port that the ObjectServer should run on
Answer: B, E, F

6. The customer needs to manage a nationwide network. To minimize network traffic across WAN links, Collection ObjectServers will be deployed toward the edges of the networks at regional data centers. Aggregation and Display ObjectServers will be located in a central location. Bi-directional gateways, running on the collection server, connect the collection and aggregation ObjectServers. There are firewalls between the regional data centers (collection ObjectServers) and the central location (aggregation ObjectServers).
Which of the following ports must be opened in the firewall to enable alarm data to be transferred from the Collection ObjectServers to the Aggregation ObjectServers? (Choose Two.)
A. The port on which the display ObjectServer is running.
B. The port on which the collection ObjectServer is running.
C. The IDUC port that the aggregation ObjectServer is using.
D. The port on which the aggregation ObjectServer is running.
E. SNMP port so that the SNMP gateway can forward events as traps.
Answer: C, D

7. A common user requirement is to provide a "north-bound" interface from the Netcool ObjectServer to a third-party Network Management System. This is used to pass event data from the Netcool ObjectServer to the third-party system.
Which component of Netcool can be used to satisfy this requirement?
B. socket probe
C. SNMP gateway
D. generic log file probe
Answer: C

8. Your customer wants to install the IBM Tivoli Netcool Suite on AIX.
What is the default installation location of Netcool Omnibus on AIX?
A. /usr/netcool
B. /opt/netcool
C. /usr/omnibus
D. /root/omnibus
Answer: A

9. A government institution is interested in monitoring their Oracle-based internally developed applications with the Tivoli Netcool suite. They only allow secure, encrypted communications between components of the solution.
Which procedure should the institution implement to ensure secure communication is implemented?
A. No additional procedures are necessary, as there is documentation stating encryption is supported by both applications.
B. They only need to implement SSL between the internally developed Oracle applications and a Netcool probe since the default configuration communicates with the ObjectServer using encryption methods.
C. They should set up network equipment to enforce routing policies between the internally developed Oracle applications and the Netcool since encryption is not supported with the Tivoli Netcool probe communication libraries.
D. They should test communications between the internally developed Oracle applications and the Netcool suite by running a probe local to the host where the database is located and configuring the probe to run in secure mode and establish an SSL session with the ObjectServer.
Answer: D

10. A large service provider with one NOC at a central Data Center and several Business Silo's spread across the nation adding up to 60 native desktop clients. The customer does not want to maintain desktop Object Servers. What is the best solution architecture for this environment.
A. two high capacity servers running Object Servers that support event collection and support the NOC users
B. a single low capacity server running an Object Server, all event collection and display is done from this server
C. a tiered architecture where one Object Server is collecting events and running automations and another Object Server to support the NOC users
D. a tiered architecture with a single Object Server for event collection, and heavy use NOC users are using desktop object servers, all other users use the single Object Server
Answer: C

11. How do you change the default installation location for IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus v7.2?
A. You use the command line override to the Common Installer.
B. You check the Verbose Install option in the Common Installer GUI.
C. You extract the .jar files and move the contents to the desired location.
D. The directory cannot be changed during installation and must be modified afterwards.
Answer: A

12. Which syntax is used to determine which options are available for the INSTALL utility?
A. ./INSTALL -info
B. ./INSTALL -help
C. ./INSTALL props
D. ./INSTALL -options
Answer: B

13. Probe patches for Windows are delivered with which file extension?
A. .gz
B. .zip
C. .tar.Z
D. .tar.gz
Answer: B

14. If a probe patch needs to be removed or backed out, the following command can be used:
$NCHOME/omnibus/install/nco_patch -remove
How can you determine the patch_ID needed by the nco_patch utility?
A. You run the command $OMNIHOME/install/nco_patch -print=short.
B. You look up the name of the patch in the .pdf documentation for the probe.
C. The name of the patch_ID is the same as the name of the probe executable.
D. You run the command $OMNIHOME/bin/nco_id for a list of installed packages.
Answer: A

15. What is the default value for the NCHOME environment variable for a Windows installation?
A. C:\Program Files\netcool
B. C:\Program Files\omnibus
C. C:\Program Files\IBM\Tivoli\Netcool
D. C:\Program Files\Micromuse\netcool
Answer: C

16. Which command creates an ObjectServer named NCOMS on a Windows machine?
A. %NCHOME%\omnibus\bin\nco_dbinit -name NCOMS
B. %NCHOME%\omnibus\bin\nco_dbinit -server NCOMS
C. %NCHOME%\omnibus\bin\nco_new_server -name NCOMS
D. %NCHOME%\omnibus\bin\nco_new_server -server NCOMS
Answer: B

17. Which two do you use to configure a probe to communicate with a particular ObjectServer? (Choose Two.)
A. the -name property on the command line
B. the -server property on the command line
C. the Name property in the probe properties file
D. the Server property in the probe properties file
E. the Manager property in the probe properties file
Answer: B, D

18. Which argument can you use to configure a probe to communicate with a particular ObjectServer using the command line?
A. -name
B. -agent
C. -server
D. -manager
Answer: C

19. Assuming a default UNIX/Linux installation of IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus v7.2 with default probe settings, what is the path and filename of the log file for the Simnet probe?
Answer: C

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