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IBM 000-926 Exam -

Free 000-926 Sample Questions:

1. What Maximo application is used to manage the resolution of the root cause of a recurring network issue?
A. Incident
B. Change
C. Release
D. Problem
E. Service Request
Answer: D

2. Gander Lumber Company uses Maximo for IT Asset Management. What functionality can be used to create new IT assets?
A. Maximo Discovery
B. Purchasing
C. Authorized Asset Loader
D. Release Manager
Answer: B

3. The IT Manager at BMI company feels that communication with end users is a crucial part of the overall IT experience. He wants the solution for every incident to be emailed to the affected user when the Incident is resolved. How is this achieved in Maximo?
A. Write a custom class for it.
B. This is standard functionality.
C. Build a workflow to email the end user.
D. Use a Communication Template and escalation.
Answer: D

4. What provides the ability for Service Technicians to record time when resolving tickets?
A. Costs
B. Activities
C. Solutions
D. Budgeting
E. Service Requests
Answer: B

5. What applications are set at the organization level?
A. Calendars, Locations, Currency
B. Assets, Invoices, Job Plans, Inventory
C. Companies, Labor, Chart of Accounts
D. Purchase Contracts, Tickets, Workflow, Warranty Contracts
Answer: C

6. What describes the relationship between one asset and any other asset in Maximo?
A. Networked with an asset having many parents and many children
B. Hierarchical with an asset having only one parent but many children
C. Location centric with assets grouped by the parents to which they are assigned
D. System centric with all assets defined as components assigned to a logical system
Answer: B

7. Gander Lumber Company needs to identify and notify the responsible person when leases for computers are about to expire. What is used to achieve this client requirement?
A. Escalation
B. Purchase Order
C. Service License Agreement (SLA)
Answer: A

8. What Maximo entity can be either hierarchical or networked?
A. Site
B. Item
C. Asset
D. Location
E. Failure Code
Answer: D

9. Acme Corporation has a requirement to send emails to administrators 90 days before assets reach the end of their lease. What applications are required to send these emails? (Choose TWO)
A. Workflow
B. Escalation
C. Email Listener
D. Communication Template
E. SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Answer: B, D

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