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IBM 000-922 Exam -

Free 000-922 Sample Questions:

1. A customer wants to add Entities to their IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 (Webtop) installation for each of their nodes within their Global Network. They plan to do this using the Entity Generator. What is the disadvantage of doing this?
A. Entities will all have the same characteristics.
B. Existing Entities in the Webtop server will be overwritten.
C. Entities can only be generated from the default datasource.
D. Entities will only be generated for nodes that have events in the ObjectServer.
Answer: D

2. A customer wants a web page within IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 (Webtop) that provides internal links to various help topics. The page would be accessible using links in certain pages in Webtop, or by adding the word "MyHelp" after the hostname and port specification in the URL (for example, http://server:8080/webtop/MyHelp). The customer already has the page designed and built (called index.html), and just needs your help putting in the right place.
What is the first step you should take to accomplish this using Webtop's Page Manager?
A. upload the customer file to the server using the Add File to Dir button
B. create a subdirectory under the Custom directory using the New Dir button
C. create a directory called MyHelp under the webroot (/ in gui) directory using the New Dir button
D. create a directory called MyHelp under the webroot (/ in gui) directory using the Create New Subdirectory button
Answer: C

3. You want a user to be able to consult the Alarm Journal, but not be able to modify journals or add information to them.
What do you need to do to accomplish this?
A. add this user to the ViewOnly_journal ACL
B. modify the user credentials in tomcat-users.xml file
C. restrict the user access in the Netcool ObjectServer
D. in the User Preferences Editor under the administration page of IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 and disable the Edit Journal for the user
Answer: D

4. Security requirements for a customer IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 (Webtop) deployment require all clients to access the ObjectServer using SSL communications.
Which three actions must be taken to ensure SSL communications? (Choose three.)
A. import the signed certificate into a local keystore
B. use the keytool utility to create a digital certificate
C. connect to Webtop using http:<servername>:8443
D. make the certificate available from a public web server
E. define the SSL port information in $NCHOME/guifoundation/conf/server.xml F.define the SSL port information in HOME/guifoundation/config/server.init Answer: A, B, E

5. You, as administrator, are asked to provide a customers IT support staff access to relevant event information stored on one of your ObjectServers.
Which client type(s) provides the most secure access for an external customer?
A. Read-Only client type
B. Remote Webtop client type
C. Read-Only and WAAPI client type
D. Desktop and Webtop Administration API (WAAPI) client type
Answer: A

6. You have an existing IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus v7.1 ObjectServer installation with 100 users. Which file must be edited to change the default AEL and time zone setting for all of these users?
A. server.init
B. userdefaults.xml
C. userdefaults.props
D. ncoWebtopDefaults.xml
Answer: C

7. When installing IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 on a UNIX system, which environment variables are set by the installation script?
C. no environment variables are set
Answer: C

8. When running the IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 (Webtop) installer, what are three ports that you will be prompted for during the installation? (Choose three.)
A. Webtop SSL Port
B. ObjectServer Port
C. LicenseServer Port
D. Process Agent Port
E. NGF HTTP Server Port
F. Webtop Administration API Port
Answer: B, C, E

9. What three pieces of information are provided by the System Information Utility in the IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 GUI? (Choose three.) A. memory usage
B. version information
C. performance statistics
D. configured DataSources E.user name of connected users
F. IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 error log messages
Answer: A, B, D

10. Which three criteria are required to enable a user to log in to the IBM Tivoli Netcool/Webtop V2.0 (Webtop) server? (Choose three.)
A. WAAPI server
B. available licenses
C. datasource information
D. $NCHOME variable set
E. valid user name and password
F. Netcool GUI Foundation Server URL
Answer: B, E, F

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