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IBM 000-921 Exam -

Free 000-921 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 How are historical data viewed in IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2?
A. from TEP, select File -> Run Query
B. only viewed through a reporting tool
C. from a workspace, click Specify Time Span for Query button
D. from a workspace, right-click and select Run Query from the pull down menu
Answer: C

Q: 2 What requires additional monitoring tools in order for IBM Tivoli
Monitoring V6.2 to perform to satisfaction?
A. monitoring of servers' temperature
B. monitoring of servers' CPUs and memory
C. monitoring, alerting and taking actions on events
D. monitoring and alerting on selected critical events
Answer: A

Q: 3 An IT Manager is looking for solutions that will reduce computer equipment problems. You propose the use of IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2. What will be the primary impact of this solution in the computer environment?
A. reduces the number of system administrators
B. alters the time needed to manipulate problems
C. increases the workload for system administrators
D. decreases the time necessary to isolate problems
Answer: D

Q: 4 Which basic automation features can be performed if you implement IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 (ITM) in your computing environment?
A. corrective actions on Windows only (GUI)
B. corrective actions with features of ITM V6.2
C. only corrective actions with special tools to download
D. only corrective actions on UNIX/Linux (command line)
Answer: B

Q: 5 Which three are components of IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 infrastructure? (Choose three.)
A. Tivoli Inventory
B. Warehouse Proxy Agent
C. Tivoli Software Distribution
D. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
E. Tivoli Management Framework
F. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server
Answer: B, D, F

Q: 6 Which two functions require the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server Depot? (Choose two.)
B. ./tacmd createNode
C. ./tacmd updateAgent
D. ./itmcmd createNode
E. ./itmcmd updateAgent
Answer: B, C

Q: 7 For which type of attribute is the Check for Missing Items situation function typically valid?
A. current time
B. name of a process
C. number of bytes per second
D. percentage of processor time
Answer: B

Q: 8 In order to see a virtual node in the TEP correctly as one entity an administrator utilizes the CTIRA_HOSTNAME variable to set the name of the node. What is the impact of this setting on the log file name?
A. The log file name will be virtual_hostname_PC_timestamp-##.log.
B. The log file name will be CTIRA_HOSTNAME_PC_timestamp-##.log.
C. The log file will not be changed. It remains as local_hostname_PC_timestamp-##.log.
D. The log file name is controlled by the setting KBB_RAS1_LOG_NAME and remains unchanged.
Answer: C

Q: 9 What should be checked to see how many exports to Tivoli Data Warehouse succeeded and how many failed because of an ODBC error or a timeout issue?
A. the TEMS logs
C. the Summarization & Pruning Agent java logs
D. the Warehouse Proxy Agent ODBC data source logs
Answer: B

Q: 10 How can a deleted TEP view be restored?
A. leave the workspace without saving
B. select Edit and then select Undo Delete
C. right-click any remaining view and select Edit and then select Undo Delete
D. click the view type that was assigned to the deleted view and drop it on a new view
Answer: A

Q: 11 Which step is required when changing a user TEP permissions?
A. A change requires a reboot of the client system.
B. The change occurs immediately, during the open session.
C. A change requires the user to exit out of the Tivoli Enterprise Portal and log back in.
D. A change requires a click of Refresh on the Tivoli Enterprise Portal during the open session in order for the change to take effect.
Answer: C

Q: 12 What is the basic command that is used to replicate an existing Managed System List (MSL)?
A. tacmd editsystemlist
B. tacmd copysystemlist
C. tacmd createsystemlist
D. tacmd duplicatesystemlist
Answer: C

Q: 13 Which format is the result of running the command to export a workflow to a file?
D. a binary file
Answer: B

Q: 14 Which IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) V6.2 component status can be verified by using the tacmd command?
B. ITM database
C. UNIX Log agent
D. Data Warehouse database
Answer: C

Q: 15 How can you start a non-OS agent remotely using Command Line Interface (CLI)?
A. use the tacmd agent command
B. recycle OS agent on that machine
C. use the tacmd startAgent command
D. use the itmcmd startAgent command
Answer: C

Q: 16 Which two operations can be performed on Managed System Lists (MSLs) through the command line without combining commands? (Choose two.)
A. join
B. edit
C. paste
D. delete
E. erase contents
Answer: B, D

Q: 17 With what must a situation be associated in order to show a situation event icon?
A. workspace
B. Navigator item
C. managed system
D. the hub monitoring server
Answer: B

Q: 18 What is the function of the "display item" found in the Advanced Situation options?
A. It allows the attributes used within the situation formula to be highlighted in the Situation Event Console.
B. It allows the situation to look at other rows in the sampling and open more events if other rows qualify.
C. It creates a workspace link to a Situation Event Details view for that situation when the situation evaluates true.
D. It causes the situation to send OPEN and CLOSED status messages to the Universal Message Console view based on the evaluation of predefined attributes within the Advanced options menu.
Answer: B

Q: 19 Which two view types support thresholds? (Choose two.)
A. Table view
B. Terminal view
C. Bar Chart view
D. Plot Chart view
E. Common Event Console view
Answer: A, E

Q: 20 Which authority is required to stop the TEPS installed on a Microsoft Windows system?
A. a user that has IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 senior authority
B. a user that is in the Administrators group on the HUB TEMS
C. a user that is in the Administrators group on the TEPS machine
D. a user that is in the Administrators group on a machine that has Microsoft Windows OS agent installed and the OS agent is connected to the HUB TEMS
Answer: C

Q: 21 Which IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) V6.2 Warehouse Proxy Agent variable can be set with the string '*ANY' to enable compatibility with agents prior to ITM V6.1?
Answer: C

Q: 22 Performing a tacmd addSystem of an Oracle agent to a UNIX system fails.
The UNIX system has a running operating system agent. Which three IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2
component logs are helpful in isolating this problem? (Choose three.)
A. kuiras1.log
B. TEMS RAS1 logs
C. TEPS RAS1 logs
D. TEP browser logs
E. UNIX OS Agent RAS1 logs
F. Universal Agent RAS1 logs
Answer: A, B, E

Q: 23 A newly configured TEMA is added to the IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 infrastructure.
What must be done for historical data collection to occur?
A. recycle the HUB TEMS, Remote TEMS and TEPS
B. configure the new agent's attribute groups and start History Collection in the TEP
C. stop the Warehouse Proxy Agent, configure the new agent's specific attributes for collection, then re-start the Warehouse Proxy Agent
D. stop the Summarization & Pruning Agent, configure the new agent's specific attributes for collection, then re-start the Summarization & Pruning Agent
Answer: B

Q: 24 Which three supported actions can be taken by default automatically after the Take Action function is properly configured? (Choose three.)
A. restart a situation
B. restart HUB TEMS
C. restart a non-OS agent
D. run a script to send out emails
E. wake up the Summarization and Pruning agent
F. run a system command to clear up a file system
Answer: C, D, F

Q: 25 What happens when a policy is correlated by host Name?
A. The policy runs once for all managed systems in its distribution rather than once for each managed system.
B. When two managed systems reside on the same host, the policy executes once for each managed system.
C. The policy executes once for each host where one or more managed systems in the policy distribution are running.
D. Each managed system in the policy distribution must evaluate the initial wait until a situation is true situation as true before the workflow activities run.
Answer: C

Q: 26 How do you add a solid line to a Bar Chart view to enhance the visualization of the data?
A. select the Connect Bars setting in the view properties
B. convert the Bar Chart to a Plot Chart view with thick lines
C. add an overlay to the Bar Chart view in the view properties
D. create a Plot Chart view and drag it on top of the Bar Chart view
Answer: C

Q: 27 On a Windows TEPS system, how do you access the TMS Log Viewer in order to view the logs with the corrected time stamp?
A. You can only access the TMS Log Viewer on UNIX/Linux platforms.
B. select Start -> select Programs -> select IBM Tivoli Monitoring -> select TMS Log Viewer
C. open a command prompt and start the TMS Log Viewer using the command itmcmd logViewer
D. open the MTEMS (Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services) in the Service/Application Column -> right-click the TEPS icon -> select Advanced -> select View Trace Log
Answer: D

Q: 28 Which condition causes a TEC_ITM_OM_Situation_Synch_Error event to be generated by TEC?
A. An event displayed on the Common Event Console is deleted by a TEC operator.
B. An event displayed on the Common Event Console is changed by a TEC operator.
C. TEC receives an update to an event that was deleted when the rules event cache became full.
D. An event from TEC is modified on the Common Event Console by an IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 operator.
Answer: C

Q: 29 Which line command is used to make a new situation from an exported file?
A. tacmd newSit
B. tacmd createSit
C. tacmd importSit
D. tacmd generateSit
Answer: B

Q: 30 When integrating IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.2 and Netcool/OMNIbus, what translates the Event Integration Facility (EIF) event into an OMNIbus alert format?
A. OMNIbus EIF probe
B. Omegamon_base probe
C. Situation event forwarder
D. Netcool/OMNIbus Alert Adapter
Answer: A

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