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IBM 000-915 Exam -

Free 000-915 Sample Questions:

1. The database server has marked several chunks as "down" in a non-critical dbspac, but the database server is still online. Which of the following methods ould restore the data while providing the least amount of downtime to the users of that dbspace?
A. A whole system restore
B. A warm restore of the dbspace
C. A cold restore of the dbspace
D. A warm restore of the whole system
Answer: B

2. Given a partnum of 0x300034 for a table, which table in the sysmaster database could be queried to determine that actual table name?
A. systables
B. sysptnhdr
C. systabnames
D. sysdatabases
Answer: C

3. An Informix System Administrator needs to know how many pool threads are running on a CPU VP. Which of the following commands can be used to do this task?
A. onstat -g ath
B. onstat -g dsc
C. onstat -g glo
D. onstat -g sts
Answer: A

4. The database server os offline. There is a concern about chunk paths and their allocation. Which of the following commands would show the path for each chunk?
A. oncheck -pr
B. oncheck -pt
C. oncheck -pp
D. onheck -Cdi
Answer: A

5. The System Administrator is configuring the NETTYPE parameter to set the number of poll threads, for network connections. The administrator would like to allow 100 total users, 2 poll threads, and run the poll threads on network virtual processors.
Which of the following NETTYPE values should be used?
A. soctcp, 50,2, CPU
B. soctcp, 2,50,NET
C. ipcshm, 2,50, NET
D. soctcp, 2,100, NET
Answer: B

6. A system Administrator needs to know the physical location of a table. Which of the following commands would show this information?
A. oncheck -pe
B. oncheck -pr
C. oncheck -Pr
D. oncheck -pp
Answer: A

7. Which of the following sysmaster tables contains similar information as the output from the onheck – pe command?
A. syserrors
B. syschunks
C. sysptprof
D. sysextents
Answer: D

8. Users are reporting slow response time. It appears that it may be related to cpu utilization. Which of the following commands would show a list of virtual processors and their statistics?
A. onstat -g ath
B. onstat - g glo
C. onstat -g st
D. onstat -g act
E. onstat -g ssc all
Answer: B

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