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IBM 000-910 Exam -

Free 000-910 Sample Questions:

1. Which three can be locked?
A:a row
B:a page
C:a column
D:a key
E:shared memory
Answer: A, B, D

2. If there is a lock on an adiacent insert will fail if the isolation level is set to what?
A: committed read
B: repeatable read
C: shared read
D: indexed read
Answer: B

3. Which two are types of database concurrency?
Answer: B, C

4. In which two situations would you use a round robin fragmentation strategy?
A:When all fragments must be scanned.
B:To create uneven data distributions.
C:When queries perform sequential scans and you have little information about the data being stored.
D:When tables are accessed with a high degree of selectivity.
Answer: A, C

5. What does the ATTACH clause in the ALTER FRAGMENT statement do?
A: it adds extents to a table.
B: it attaches a raw data file to a table.
C: it combines two unfragmented tables.
D: it combines two fragmented tables.
Answer: C

6. What is database administration NOT concemed with?
A: indexing
B: creating tables
C: accessing data
D: application building
Answer: D

7. Where are table spaces(tblspaces) created?
A: in dbspaces
B: in pages
C: in extents
D: in chunks
Answer: A

8. What are three advantages of fragmentation?
A:higher availability
B:reduced disk space requirements
C:parallel scans are possible with PDQ
D:finer granularity of archives and resources
Answer: A, C, D

9. Which isolation level does a database without logging default to?
A: committed read
B: dirty read
C: mode ANSI
D: repeatable read
Answer: B

10. What does indexing increase the amount of?
A: disk space used
B: data compression
C: access time
D: shared memory used
Answer: A

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