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IBM 000-907 Exam -

Free 000-907 Sample Questions:

1. In addition to the IBM 3494, what other tape library devices are supported by TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.3?
A. IBM 3582
B. IBM 3492
C. IBM 3583
D. IBM TS3310
Answer: D

2. What is needed to integrate TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.3 with the customer's SNMP manager?
A. the IP address or the hostname of the SNMP manager
B. nothing, TPC will automatically recognize the SNMP event manager
C. Data Manager ? Alerting, then right click the Filesystem Alert node and select Create Alert
D. edit the <TPC_install_dir>\device\snmp\tpcevnt.opt options file with the event manager server name
Answer: A

3. The customer key requirements include data monitoring and chargeback. The customer has over 100 Windows servers with over 10TB of local and SCSI attached storage. Which components of TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.3 (TPC) should be recommended?
A. TPC for Data
B. TPC for Data and TPC for Disk
C. TPC for Data and TPC for Fabric
D. TPC for Data, TPC for Fabric, and TPC for Disk
Answer: A

4. Which statement about CIM/OM agents is correct?
A. Two or more storage device vendors can share a single CIM/OM agent.
B. Multiple CIM/OM agents can share the same TCPIP port on the same server.
C. Data Manager and Disk Manager must have separate CIM/OM agents for a device.
D. A CIM/OM agent is required for every vendor storage device that you want to collect configuration data.
Answer: D

5. Which steps should be performed, once a CIM/OM is configured and discovered?
A. run the probe
B. ping the CIM/OM agent to trigger re-registration and rediscovery
C. restart the CIM/OM agent to trigger registration or discovery again
D. verify or specify Port, Username, Password and Password Confirm, Interoperability Namespace, Protocol, and perform Test Connection. Run
the discovery.
Answer: A

6. Given the customer requirements to monitor ESS storage subsystems, which product can be replaced by TCP V3.3?
A. Expert
C. NetView
D. IT Director
Answer: A

7. When estimating the size of the Agent Manager registry database, which factor should be taken into consideration?
A. OS type
B. numbers of agents
C. number of GUI clients
D. local or remote database
Answer: B

8. Which command can be used to verify that the correct version of DB2 is installed on an AIX server for TotalStorage Productivity Center V3.3?
A. db2ver
B. db2level
C. db2 ersiondb2 ?ersion
D. db2 connect to sysdb; db2 "select * from rellevel"; db2 connect reset
Answer: B

9. What is the default common agent registration password?
A. manager
B. changeMe
C. passw0rd
D. password
Answer: B

10. What must be installed on a Windows 2003 Server before installing Agent Manager 1.3.2 to support TPC V3.3?
C. Java 1.4.2
D. Tivoli Common Agent
Answer: C

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