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IBM 000-906 Exam -

Free 000-906 Sample Questions:

1. What data can be shared across organizations? (Choose TWO)
A. PMs
B. Items
C. Assets
D. Job Plans
E. Safety Plans
Answer: B, D

2. The accountant on the client core team wants to know what costs Maximo tracks on work orders. What costs will Maximo track? (Choose THREE)
A. Tools
B. Labor
C. Asset
D. Services
E. Company
F. Work Order
Answer: A, B, D

3. During a business process workshop, the client makes the following statement: "We have an existing asset classification structure that needs to be supported in Maximo. How many classification hierarchy levels can Maximo support?" What is the correct response to the client's question?
A. Ten
B. Five
C. Three
D. Unlimited
Answer: D

4. Fleet Corporation requires their system to automatically autofill partially-filled fields. How is this accomplished in Maximo?
A. JSP default
B. Maximo customization
C. Windows configuration
D. Standard Maximo configuration
Answer: D

5. R. L. Rivers Company has a requirement to associate an owner to an asset. What type of entity is the owner?
A. Craft
B. Labor
C. Person
D. Person Group
Answer: C

6. What architecture does Maximo 6 use?
A. n-tier
B. 1-tier
C. 2-tier
D. client/server
Answer: A

7. What type of associations can be made between People and Assets? (Choose TWO)
A. User
B. Labor
C. Default
D. Primary
E. Custodian
Answer: A, E

8. Gander Lumber Company wants to share item data across two business units in different countries. Each business unit has a different financial process. What organization and site structure is recommended?
A. one organization with two sites
B. two organizations with one site each
C. an item set and one organization with two sites
D. an item set and two organizations with one site each
Answer: D

9. What is true about an asset? (Choose TWO)
A. can only have one meter
B. can be moved between sites
C. must be a member of an Item Set
D. must be associated with a location
E. can be moved between organizations
Answer: B, E

10. Acme Corporation has a requirement to send emails to administrators when certain assets are approaching the end of their lease. What application is required to send these emails?
A. Workflow
B. Escalation
C. Email Listener
D. SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Answer: B

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