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IBM 000-905 Exam -

Free 000-905 Sample Questions:

1. Which ports should be used when ITCAM for WebSphere Data Collectors are being installed in a network deployment environment?
A. HTTP port of the deployment manager
B. SOAP port of the deployment manager
C. the SOAP port of the local admin server
D. the bootstrap port of the local admin server
Answer: B

2. Which command will show if any Data Collectors are currently registered with the Managing Server?
A. status
B. status
C. status
D. status
Answer: B

3. What is one protocol used by the Managing Server to communicate with the Data Collectors?
Answer: B

4. Which component of IMS Connect must be installed in the WebSphere Application Server JVM to support composite transactions that invoke IMS?
A. IMS load libraries
B. IMS resource adapter
C. WebSphere MQ for IMS
D. IMS exit program DFSMSCE0
Answer: B

5. When determining the network bandwidth needed for a Data Collector, what is the most dominant factor?
A. number of Web applications
B. number of active transactions
C. number of transactions monitored in L3
D. number of data collectors providing data
Answer: C

6. Identify the two situations below in which the silent install is either the best option or the only choice? (Choose two.)
A. Data Collectors are being installed on many physical servers.
B. When there are some settings that can only be made by using the silent install.
C. When the silent install provides additional logging and can help with problem determination.
D. When the host on which the Data Collector is being installed does not have X Window System available.
E. When a Data Collector install is to be done on x/Linux which does not have a desktop such as Gnome or KDE, though it has X Window System.
Answer: A, D

7. Which three configurations generate correlation for composite transaction? (Choose three.)
A. WebSphere accessing DB2 on z/OS
B. CICS transaction invoking IMS DBCTL call
C. WebSphere calling IMS using IMS Connect
D. WebSphere calling Web Services running on another WebSphere
E. CICS transaction using Distributed Program Link (DPL) to another CICS region
F. WebSphere connecting to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application using messaging
Answer: C, D, E

8. If the Typical (embedded) installation method is used to install ITCAM for WebSphere, what component is installed in the Managing Server environment?
A. Publishing Agent
B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal
C. Global Publishing Server
D. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent
Answer: C

9. The ITCAM for WebSphere Managing Server is composed of which components?
A. Kernel, Publisher Server, Archive Agent, Message Dispatch, Local Publish Server, Visualization Engine
B. Kernel, Publishing Server, Archive Agent, Polling Agent, Message Dispatcher, Global Publish Server, GUI
C. Kernel, Publish Server, Archive Agent, Message Dispatcher, Global Publish Server, Visualization Engine
D. Kernel, Published Server, Archive Agents, Polling Agent, Message Dispatcher, Global Publish Server, Visualization Engine
Answer: C

10. After completing an ITCAM for WebSphere Typical (embedded) install, what could be done first to verify a successful installation of WebSphere?
A. create a schedule
B. configure a data collector
C. check for ITCAM process ID
D. log on to the WebSphere Administrative console
Answer: D

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