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IBM 000-904 Exam -

Free 000-904 Sample Questions:

1. Which command is used to remove tapes from a library?
A. remove libvol
B. remove volume
C. checkout libvol
D. checkout volume
Answer: C

2. How can you monitor a client backup session?
A. issue a query process command and search for your backup target nodename
B. issue the command query session nodename=<client_nodename> format=detail
C. issue a query stgpool pooltype=primary command on a regular basis and note the Pct Util value
D. issue the command query session on a regular basis and note the status of the session where the Client Name
matches your target
Answer: D

3. An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager operator receives a request for a file that was archived. Which function should
be used to obtain the file?
A. Recall
B. Restore
C. Retrieve
D. Automated System Restore (ASR)
Answer: C

4. Which command displays the backup action for the schedule named DBWeekly?
A. query cloptset
B. query node type=client f=d
C. query session <sessnum> format=detail
D. query schedule standard DBWeekly format=detail
Answer: D

5. Which command is used to remove tapes from a library?
A. remove libvol
B. remove volume
C. checkout libvol
D. checkout volume
Answer: C

6. How do you mark disaster recovery media for off-site movement?
A. move the media readwrite access control pin to Protected
B. issue the command move drmedia <volume_name> tostate=vault
C. issue the command update volume <volum_name> access=offsite
D. issue the command move libvolume <library_name> <volume_name>
Answer: B

7. A client backup request is not working. What is the first step an operator should take to attempt to restore functionality?
A. verify the client has the Client Java Backup GUI installed
B. ping the node from the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administrative command line
C. query the node to verify communications between the client and server with query node <nodename>
D. verify that the node is defined and if it is not, query the Activity Log to determine who deleted it and at what time
Answer: D

8. What should be included with the Disaster Recovery tapes that go off-site?
A. a full database backup
B. a full Recovery Log backup
C. a journal-based database backup
D. a journal-based Recovery Log backup
Answer: A

9. You have twelve tape drives available to be used in a restore, but a client is only using two. What should you check?
A. the streams setting in the dsm.opt
B. the adaptivesubfile setting in the dsm.opt
C. the resourceutilization setting in the dsm.opt
D. dynamicdataconsolidation setting in the dsm.opt
Answer: C

10. Which command does an operator use to determine the privilege class of an administrator?
A. query content
B. query association
C. query admin <admin_name>
D. query privilege <admin_name>
Answer: C

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