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IBM 000-903 Exam -

Free 000-903 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement is true about nco_m_bridge?
A. It is not required if you are not monitoring Wireless Bridges.
B. It is used to write data to the datalogs and the ObjectServer.
C. It is the communication link between the monitors and the ISMServer.
D. It is used to maintain communication between all the monitors to keep them synchronized.
Answer: B

2. The logmonx module currently has communities of public and private both with access privileges of read/write.
Which set of console commands would change the associated communities for only the logmonx module to public with access privileges of read only and secure with access privileges of read/create?
A. community set logmonx secure rc private ro
B. community set logmonx secure rc
community set logmonx public ro
community remove logmonx private
C. community remove logmonx private
community add logmonx secure rc
community add logmonx public ro
D. community add logmonx secure rc
community set logmonx public ro
community delete logmonx private
Answer: B

3. The ISMServer includes a feature to automatically distribute profiles to other ISMServers.
What are the names given to the ISMServer distributing the profiles and the ISMServer accepting the profiles?
A. father and son
B. server and client
C. master and slave
D. primary and backup
Answer: C

4. When utilizing the HTTP ISM, which statement is true about license key requirements?
A. One license key is required for each instance of the HTTP monitor.
B. One license key is required for each user to view the collected data.
C. One license key is required for each connection to the ObjectServer.
D. One license key is required for each individual HTTP test that is defined.
Answer: A

5. If a customer intends to utilize the Netcool/SSM agent in their infrastructure, what network protocol must be allowed?
A. Telnet for agent configuration
B. DNS for agent name resolution
C. SNMP for agent communication
D. NTP for agent clock configuration
Answer: C

6. What is the purpose of the OID Groups required by the SNMP ISM?
A. They identify the frequency of data collection.
B. They contain the threshold settings used for SLA measurement.
C. They determine the specific data values collected from the device.
D. They contain the SNMP community string required for communication with each target device.
Answer: C

7. What is the most important consideration when defining Element Profiles for use in Netcool/ISM monitoring?
A. Element Profile names are limited to 25 characters.
B. There is a limit of 25 Element Profiles per ISMServer.
C. An Element Profile can only contain tests for a single protocol.
D. Access authority for ISMServer users is defined at the Element Profile level.
Answer: D

8. The ismbatch utility is a CLI tool that can be used to perform Netcool/ISM configuration using a text script.
What is an important consideration when using this utility?
A. The utility cannot be used to add new Profiles.
B. The ISMServer must be stopped while the script is running.
C. The utility can only be run using a valid ISMServer user name.
D. All Netcool/ISM Monitors must be stopped while the utility is running.
Answer: B

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