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IBM 000-901 Exam -

Free 000-901 Sample Questions:

1. Which two do you use to configure a probe to communicate with a particular ObjectServer? (Choose two.)
A.the -name property on the command line
B.the -server property on the command line
C.the Name property in the probe properties file
D.the Server property in the probe properties file
E.the Manager property in the probe properties file
Answer: B, D

2. Which command can be run on a UNIX server to verify that Process Agent is running and responding properly?
C./usr/bin/ps -ef | grep nco_pa
Answer: D

3. What occurs when the BREAK command is used within a trigger?
A.It stops the execution of a procedure.
B.It ends the current loop and proceeds to the next statement.
C.It executes the sequence until ELSEIF, ELSE, or END IF is reached.
D.It exits and writes the value of an expression to a variable or parameter.
Answer: B

4. How do you create a group of users in the ObjectServer?
A.configure group name, group ID and roles
B.configure user names, user ID and restriction filters the UNIX command groupadd and assign an ID, a name and users to it $OMNIHOME/nco_sql and insert: ObjectServer name, group name, user name and a unique identifier
Answer: A

5. Under a default IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus v7.1 install on UNIX/Linux, which command can be used to
start the Event List?
Answer: D

6. A common user requirement is to provide a "north-bound" interface from the Netcool ObjectServer to a third-party Network Management System. This is used to pass event data from the Netcool ObjectServer to the third-party system.
Which component of Netcool can be used to satisfy this requirement?
B.socket probe
C.SNMP gateway
D.generic log file probe
Answer: C

7. Your customer wants to install the IBM Tivoli Netcool Suite on AIX. What is the default installation location of Netcool?
Answer: A

8. A government institution is interested in monitoring their Oracle-based internally developed applications with
the Tivoli Netcool suite. They only allow secure, encrypted communications between components of the solution.
Which procedure should the institution implement to ensure secure communication is implemented?
A.No additional procedures are necessary, as there is documentation stating encryption is supported by both
B.They only need to implement SSL between the internally developed Oracle applications and a Netcool probe
since the default configuration communicates with the ObjectServer using encryption methods.
C.They should set up network equipment to enforce routing policies between the internally developed Oracle applications and the Netcool since encryption is not supported with the Tivoli Netcool probe communication libraries.
D.They should test communications between the internally developed Oracle applications and the Netcool suite by running a probe local to the host where the database is located and configuring the probe to run in secure mode and establish an SSL session with the ObjectServer.
Answer: D

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