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IBM 000-899 Exam -

Free 000-899 Sample Questions:

1. You are asked to recommend the appropriate IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) software environment to meet these customer requirements:
separate TSM server instance for the customer nightly backups seven Informix servers three Microsoft SQL servers eleven SAP R/3 servers eight terabytes total data 20% nightly change 55% annual growth Which recommendation should you make?
A. TSM Extended Edition and Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files
B. TSM Extended Edition, TSM for Advanced Copy Services and TSM for Mail
C. IBM System Storage Archive Manager for Data Retention and TSM for Databases
D. TSM Extended Edition, TSM for Enterprise Resource Planning and TSM for Databases
Answer: D

2. Which component(s) MUST be installed on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.4 server on Windows for it to work properly?
A. TSM license
B. TSM license, language packs, device driver, IBM Integrated Solutions Console
C. TSM license, device driver, IBM Integrated Solutions Console, operational reporting
D. TSM License, device driver, backup-archive client, IBM Integrated Solutions Console
Answer: A

3. Which statement is true about a network-attached storage (NAS) filer backing up its data to the tape library?
A. The NAS filer must be declared within the SAN fabric.
B. A SCSI tape drive must be cabled to the back of the NAS filer.
C. The NAS filer will need to have a fiber host bus adapter installed.
D. A path from the Tivoli Storage Manager server to the tape library must be created.
Answer: D

4. When is an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) recovery log record written?
A. only once during TSM server startup
B. before the transaction is committed to the database
C. only when a node machine executes a BACKUP or ARCHIVE command
D. during administrative command execution, to hold all pending commands for the TSM server
Answer: B

5. The generate backupset command allows you to specify a node_group_name parameter so that you can combine more than one node in one backupset. Which two commands should be used to define such a group of nodes given the name my_group for the group and node_a and node_b representing two backup-archive client nodes? (Choose two.)
A. define nodegroup my_group
B. define backupsetgroup my_group
C. define backupsetnodegroup my_group
D. define nodegroupmember my_group node_a,node_b
E. define backupsetnodemember my_group node_a,node_b
Answer: A, D

6. A user mistake requires that a file (fileA) backed up on NodeA be restored to NodeB to complete month-end processing. Under which circumstances is the redirected restore possible?
A. if both nodes are defined to the same Tivoli Storage Manager server instance and NodeA has granted access to NodeB
B. if NodeA and NodeB are defined to different Tivoli Storage Manager server instances and the client parameter Password is set to generate
C. if NodeA and NodeB are using the same level of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) client code and the TSM
server QueryAuth parameter is set to No
D. if NodeA and NodeB are not defined on the same Tivoli Storage Manager server instance and access has been granted using the set access command
Answer: A

7. A customer wants to retain the last backup of a file that has been deleted. Which policy setting needs to be configured in their environment?
A. Retain=On
B. Retain=Yes
C. Retain Last Version
D. Retain Only Version
Answer: D

8. A customer needs to increase the number of inactive versions of data they keep.
What policy setting needs to be modified in order to satisfy their new service level agreement?
A. Versions Data Exists
B. Retain Extra Versions
C. Retain Active Versions
D. Retain Inactive Versions
Answer: A

9. Which backup methodology should you implement to secure the transfer of sensitive data across the network?
A. enable data encryption using the encrypt.fs option
B. enable data compression using the compression option
C. enable data encryption using the include.encrypt option
D. enable data validation using the validatedataprotocol option
Answer: C

10. Incremental backup processing of client systems with a large number of objects can be very memory resource intensive, even to the point of exhausting the real memory on the client system. Which option should you use to effectively address this issue?
A. the Compressalways option
B. the Lanfreecommmethod option
C. the Memoryefficient Compression option
D. the Memoryefficient Diskcachemethod option
Answer: D

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