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IBM 000-897 Exam -

Free 000-897 Sample Questions:

1. Assume an installed IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.7.
In which file can an administrator verify the name of the ObjectServer that the IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.7 gateway will connect to?
A. NcoLogin.cfg
B. NcoGateInserts.cfg
C. DbLogins.<DOMAIN>.cfg
D. CtrlServices.<DOMAIN>.cfg
Answer: D

2. What are two valid seed file entries for use with a file finder discovery configuration? (Choose two.)
A. 192.168.0.*:Network1
B. Router1
E. interfaces
Answer: B, C

3. Which file would be edited to run the ExtraDetails agent during the next discovery?
A. CtrlServices.<DOMAIN>.cfg
B. DiscoAgents.<DOMAIN>.cfg
C. DiscoSchema.<DOMAIN>.cfg
D. MonitorSchema.<DOMAIN>.cfg
Answer: B

4. Which command should be used to encrypt a community string (EXAMPLE) during manual configuration of the IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.7 SNMP passwords file?
A. nco_crypt EXAMPLE
B. ncp_crypt EXAMPLE
C. nco_crypt -password EXAMPLE
D. ncp_crypt -password EXAMPLE
Answer: D

5. Which table should be queried to verify whether all the IP addresses for a particular device are discovered successfully?
A. Details.returns
B. finders.returns
C. AssocAddress.returns
D. translations.ipToBaseName;
Answer: C

6. NcoGateSchema contains information used for root cause analysis. What are the two primary fields used in this file for this function? (Choose two.)
A. RuleSetMap
B. ncpRuleName
C. RCAErrorMap
D. ErrorMapName
E. EventMapName
Answer: B, E

7. What must be done before the installation of IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.7?
A. Obtain geographic location of all network devices.
B. Gather list of network devices that provide syslog messages.
C. Gather list of network devices that do not provide SNMP access.
D. Obtain IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition 3.7 server root level access or equivalent.
Answer: D

8. Before the installation of IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.7, which piece of information would be used to gauge the physical size (CPU, memory, disk) of the server required to support the core IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition processes (discovery, root cause analysis, and active monitoring)?
A. number of servers in the target network
B. number of connections between devices
C. number of interfaces in the target network
D. number of concurrent read-and-write users accessing Topoviz
Answer: C

9. The customer has specified two IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition domains (Domain A and B, on different servers) for different administrative areas. However, the customer would like to visualize and administer and configure both domains from a central point using a single NGF server.
Given the three available servers, where would the NCIM database reside to meet the requirements and ensure the best possible performance?
A. on the server for Domain A
B. on the server for Domain B
C. on or located logically close to the Netcool GUI Foundation server
D. on both of the IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition domain hosting servers
Answer: C

10. What must be done to prepare for an IBM Tivoli Network Manager IP Edition V3.7 installation?
A. Change the user name of the administrative user to netcool.
B. Restore the default security settings for Netcool GUI Foundation.
C. Manually run a new provisioning script for Netcool GUI Foundation.
D. Gather details for required architecture (servers, database, failover, size).
Answer: D

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