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IBM 000-892 Exam -

Free 000-892 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What utility is provided with NetView on Windows to generate SNMP traps?

A. snmptrap
B. Menu option from the serversetup utility
C. nvsnmptrap
D. nvtrap

Answer: C

Q: 2
Which factor is a consideration in sizing memory for a NetView Server?

A. network speed
B. number of processors
C. type of operating system
D. number of interfaces to be managed

Answer: D

Q: 3
What are two ways to enable the netmon tracing on startup of the daemon? (Choose two).

A. Modify ovsnmp.conf and recycle netmon.
B. Use serversetup to modify netmon daemon parameters.
C. Set the NMTRACEMASK parameter in netmon.trace.
D. Set the NMTRACEMASK parameter in netmon.conf.
E. Use the netmontrace command.

Answer: B, D

Q: 4
Which step is necessary during the initial design phase of a NetView deployment?

A. Evaluate need for NetView clients.
B. Estimate number of operators.
C. Estimate ovwdb cache size.
D. All of the above
E. Evaluate name resolution method.

Answer: D

Q: 5
Which IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console command displays raw data sent by the NetView TEC adapter?

A. wrb
B. wtdbclear
C. nvtecia
D. wtdumprl

Answer: D

Q: 6
What is the purpose of Application Registration Files (ARF)?

A. Specify the contents of the task bar and security contexts for a user.
B. Configure the contents of the NetView menus.
C. Register applications for specific traps.
D. Register NetView to other applications.

Answer: B

Q: 7
When a NetView server is busy processing external traps, how can CPU utilization be reduced?

A. Use a faster network connection.
B. Use Mid-Level Manager for trap filtering and thresholding.
C. Use SmartSets for trap filtering and thresholding.
D. Use rule sets for trap filtering and thresholding.

Answer: B

Q: 8
What action is required if the NetView Web security settings have been changed?

A. Restart the webserver daemon.
B. Run ovw -webconfig.
C. Run netnmrc.
D. Restart all NetView daemons.

Answer: A

Q: 9
Which NetView command customizes the way trap information is mapped into an IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console event?

A. nvtecia
B. addtrap
C. wtecgetrim
D. wrb

Answer: B

Q: 10
Which file is updated to change the appearance of the native NetView for UNIX GUI?

A. /usr/OV/conf/OVw
B. /usr/OV/app-defaults/gui.conf
C. /usr/OV/app-defaults/OVw
D. /usr/OV/conf/gui.conf

Answer: C

Q: 11
Which command should be executed after changing the IP address of the NetView for UNIX server?

A. ovrefresh addr
B. reset_ci
C. ovstart
D. chmod ipaddr

Answer: B

Q: 12
Which menu selection directly displays currently configured community names being used by NetView for Windows?

A. Monitor > System
B. Monitor > Community Names
C. Options > Discovery
D. Options > SNMP

Answer: D

Q: 13
When installing NetView for Windows, which of the three will you be prompted for? (Choose three).

A. Path for NetView installation.
B. SNMP community names to use as alternate defaults.
C. Drive on which to install NetView.
D. The Administrator password.
E. Password for the NetView user.
F. Database type.

Answer: B, C, E

Q: 14
Which two actions should be avoided when building a rule set to be used in the ESE.automation file? (Choose two).

A. Using the Reset On match rule set element.
B. Using the Paging rule set element.
C. Using the Forward rule set element.
D. Changing the Event Stream rule set element default processing action to Pass.
E. Performing Object Database lookups with the Query Database Field rule set element.

Answer: C, D

Q: 15
How can the NetView databases be backed up without stopping and restarting the NetView daemons or the user interface?

A. Use the /usr/OV/bin/backup command.
B. Use the /usr/OV/service/dbmcompress command.
C. Use the nvhotbackup utility.
D. Run the command tar cvf netview.tar /usr/OV.

Answer: C

Q: 16
How can the performance of a busy NetView for UNIX server with a large database be improved?

A. Create a separate /usr/OV/databases file system on its own physical volume.
B. Increase the size of the /usr/OV/databases file system.
C. Configure NetView to use a relational database.
D. Use the serversetup utility to tune the performance of the NetView database.

Answer: A

Q: 17
In which two situations should a Mid-Level Manager be utilized? (Choose two).

A. When there are a wide variety of managed network devices.
B. When there are managed devices beyond a firewall that does not allow ping or SNMP
from your NetView Server.
C. When there is a need for trap filtering.
D. When a map is divided into two or more container objects.
E. When several different maps need to be created.

Answer: B, C

Q: 18
Without the use of scripts, what is one function of a rule set?

A. to change polling parameters
B. to set default web user security permissions
C. to automatically remove events from the events display application
D. to add selected objects to the seed file

Answer: C

Q: 19
Why is it important to configure SNMP community names on a managed device?

A. It allows traps from the device to be sent to NetView.
B. It allows polling of all devices with one community name from the NetView Mid-Level Manager.
C. It acts as a password for read or read-write access.
D. It lets NetView show all the devices in the same community in one submap.

Answer: C

Q: 20
Which command helps to determine if a managed device has name resolution problems?

A. nslookup
B. hostname
C. netstat
D. ifconfig

Answer: A

Q: 21
How can the default symbol color scheme be changed with NetView for UNIX?

A. Use the menu option: Help > Legend.
B. Update /usr/OV/app-defaults/OVw.
C. Update /usr/OV/lrf/netmon.lrf file and restart netmon.
D. Use menu option: Edit > Object.

Answer: B

Q: 22
How does NetView discover nodes when the U flag in the oid_to_type file is specified?

A. with unnumbered serial interfaces
B. as unmanaged
C. with unknown status
D. with up status

Answer: B

Q: 23
If the Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) active rulebase contains the supplied netview.rls rule set, what happens when a NetView event is acknowledged on a TEC Console?

A. The node corresponding to the event is acknowledged on the NetView map.
B. The object corresponding to that event is pinged on the NetView server.
C. A pop-up window appears notifying the NetView Operator.
D. The device corresponding to the event is changed to a blue symbol on the NetView map.

Answer: A

Q: 24
What is the best supported installation method for NetView V7.1.4 for UNIX?

A. Tivoli Policy Region using the Create > NetView Server option.
B. The instalnv command.
C. The installp command for AIX or pkgadd command for Solaris.
D. Tivoli Software Installation Service.

Answer: B

Q: 25
Where are the NetView for Windows installation log files located?

A. %TMP%
B. \tmp
D. \usr\log

Answer: A

Q: 26
Which two rule set elements can be used to execute custom scripts? (Choose two).

A. Forward
B. Inline Action
C. Resolve
D. Action
E. Override

Answer: B, D

Q: 27
How can a user change the maximum number of events that can be displayed in a dynamic work space?

A. Modify the characteristics of the trapd daemon.
B. Modify the characteristics of the nvserverd daemon.
C. Select Options > Max events from control desk menu.
D. Modify the X11 resource file for nvevents.

Answer: D

Q: 28
Which three actions can be done to improve performance on a NetView for UNIX server? (Choose three.)

A. Synchronize and compress the databases regularly.
B. Enable netmon tracing.
C. Increase the amount of time needed for the nameserver to time out.
D. Decrease the polling intervals.
E. Create a file system for /usr/OV/databases on a separate physical volume.
F. Increase the ovwdb cache size.

Answer: A, E, F

Q: 29
Which two statements are correct about installing the Web Console? (Choose two).

A. The standalone Web Console can be downloaded from the NetView server using a web browser.
B. The standalone Web Console application must always be downloaded with an included Java Runtime Environment.
C. A web browser plug-in is required and available for AIX, Solaris, Linux, and
Windows platforms to support the NetView Web Console in a browser.
D. If the Web Console standalone client is installed, it should be reinstalled if a NetView fix pack is applied.
E. There is no standalone Web Console application for Linux.

Answer: A, D

Q: 30
In NetView for Windows, can the native NetView Console and netviewd run simultaneously?

A. yes
B. yes, but only if the native console has the read-write map
C. yes, but only if the native console has the read-only map
D. no

Answer: D

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