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IBM 000-890 Exam -

Free 000-890 Sample Questions:

1. Where is the IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5.x Endpoint Agent installed?
A.the TMR server and all endpoint gateways
B.Tivoli endpoints running IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5.1.2 (ITM) resource models
C.every endpoint gateway supporting ITM 5.1.2 endpoints with resource models
D.the TMR server and Tivoli endpoints running IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5.1.2 (ITM) resource models
Answer: B

2. Which three databases are supported for Tivoli Data Warehouse? (Choose three.)
A.UDB V7.2
B.UDB V8.2
C.Oracle V9.2
D.Sybase V12
E.Informix V10.0
F.MS SQL Server 2000
Answer: B, C, F

3. Which prerequisite must be installed in order to install the Monitoring Agent for IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5.x
Endpoint in an existing IBM Tivoli Monitoring V5.1.x (ITM) environment?
A.JRE V1.4
B.ITM V5.1.1
C.ITM V5.1.1 Component Services
D.ITM V5.1.3 Component Services
Answer: D

4. The system administrator attempts the reinstallation of Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS) and Tivoli
Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) on a Windows platform that was just uninstalled. The reinstallation indicates that
the product is already installed and upon checking the system the previous install_path is not there and
Add/Remove programs does not show IBM Tivoli Monitoring installed. What two things can be the cause of this
issue? (Choose two.)
A.The sysadmin user ID still exists.
B.Delete the user ID used to install the previous installation.
C.Remove the TEPS database and ODBC System DSN entry.
D.Drop the DB2 instance where the TEPS was previously installed.
E.Edit the Windows registry and remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Candle entry.
Answer: C, E

5. Which statement is correct regarding Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS)?
A.Adding application support to the TEMS can be done on Windows but not Linux or UNIX using CLI.
B.Adding application support to the TEMS can be done on Linux or UNIX but not Windows during installation.
C.Adding application support to the TEMS can be done on both Windows and Linux or UNIX during installation.
D.Adding application support to the TEMS server can be done on Windows but not Linux or UNIX during
Answer: D

6. When configuring the Warehouse Proxy Agent and corresponding ODBC connection, what information will the
user be prompted for? (Choose two.)
A.location of the database
B.warehouse URL (for example dbc:db2:Warehouse)
C.database type (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Other Database Type)
D.warehouse driver (for example
E.protocol to use to connect to the hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (IP.PIPE, IP.UDP)
Answer: C, E

7. What occurs each time the command witmscantmr v f is run?
A.the baseline file is rewritten
B.a verbose output is shown on the screen
C.the baseline file name is used as output file
D.a new file containing the actual status is written
Answer: D

8. There are multiple methods by which the trace level can be changed. Which three methods can change the trace
level of the Monitoring Agent for IBM Tivoli Monitoring 5.x Endpoint? (Choose three.)
A.Run wep set_config KBB_RAS1=.
B.Run wdmtrceng e "" KBB_RAS1=.
C.Set the environment variable KBB_RAS1 for the user that will start the agent.
D.On a Windows agent edit the registry entry for the KBB_RAS1 for KTMENV setting the key value to zero.
E.Modify the KBB_RAS1 variable located in $LCF_DATDIR/LCFNEW/KTM/KTMENV file and restart the
F.On a Windows agent use Manage Tivoli Services, select the Monitoring Agent for IBM Tivoli Monitoring 5.x
Endpoint, right-click, select Advanced, then Edit Trace Parms and set the RAS1 trace level. Restart the agent for
the change to take effect.
Answer: C, E, F

9. When planning a deployment of IBM Tivoli Monitoring, what are two considerations of organizational factors
that might have an impact on deployment? (Choose two.) reliability naming conventions
C.amount of growth anticipated for the environment
D.the computers and applications that are mission critical
E.number and responsibilities of existing systems administrators
Answer: C, E

10. Given a Windows Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) how do you verify the ODBC entry for the TEPS is
A.Run itmcmd config A o cq.
B.Run install_dir\CNPS\bin\kfwodbc.exe c u -p .
C.Open Manage Tivoli Enterprise Services, right-click the TEPS, select Advanced, select Test Database
D.Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator, select System DSN, select the TEPS2 entry, click Configure, enter
the database user ID and password and click Connect.
Answer: D

11. Which action causes the Summarization and Pruning Agent to summarize historical data, and place data into
the warehouse database?
A.The Shift Period has expired, so the agent automatically runs.
B.A view is opened in a workspace that requests summarized data.
C.It is a defined Work Day and the agent has been scheduled to run.
D.The time when it is scheduled to run in the configuration has been reached.
Answer: C

12. When planning a deployment of IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1, what are three considerations of network design
that need to be planned for? (Choose three.)
A.number and location of firewalls
B.line speed of each network connection configuration of the computers to be monitored
D.number of resources to be monitored at remote locations
E.hardware configuration of the computers to be monitored
F.the applications on each computer that need to be monitored
Answer: A, B, D

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