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IBM 000-888 Exam -

Free 000-888 Sample Questions:

1.Which type of Tivoli Workload Scheduler agent is most appropriate to use on a workstation that can only be reached over a very slow network connection?
A.Standard Agent
B.Domain Manager
C.FTA with compression enabled
D.Fault Tolerant Agent (FTA) with FullStatus and resolve dependencies set
Answer: C

2.A customers Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) Administration Staff notices that many jobs are
running beyond the Final job stream 24 hour cycle. How can you address this issue within TWS
without changing the times the jobs run?
A.adjust the start time of the production day
B.request that users log off from the RDBMS during its peak production loads
C.have the TWS administration team adjust business critical production schedules
D.have TWS administrators reorganize the TWS RDBMS backend database, thereby optimizing its performance
Answer: A

3.Which three can Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) V8.3 use as its database? (Choose three.)
B.a local Oracle RDBMS
C.a remote DB2 RDBMS
D.a local Informix RDBMS
E.a remote Sybase RDBMS
F.a local TWS 8.2 database
Answer: A, B, C

4.Where are the Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) 8.3 installation prerequisites (i.e., disk space and memory requirements) documented?
A.TWS 8.3 User Guide
B.TWS 8.3 Release Notes
C.TWS 8.3 Reference Manual
D.TWS 8.3 Administration and Troubleshooting
Answer: B

5.What is the source for the most current list of required fix packs and kernel parameter settings required by Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) V8.3?
A.Release Notes
B.Reference Guide
C.TWS Software Support
D.Planning and Installation Guide
Answer: C

6.Given that the start of the production day is defined as 14:00, what time should the Final job stream be scheduled to launch?
D.immediately run after JnextPlan
Answer: B

7.What is the earliest version of Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) that can be upgraded to V8.3 as documented in the Planning and Installation Guide?
A.TWS V7.0
B.TWS V8.2.1
C.TWS V8.2 at fix pack 5
D.TWS V8.1 at fix pack 11
Answer: D

8.What are three benefits of having standardized naming conventions for scheduling objects?(Choose three.)
A.display information (frequency/department/etc) at a glance
B.make it easy to display just the workload for a single department
C.make it easy to assign Security access by allowing use of wildcards Tivoli Workload Scheduler launch jobs and job streams more efficiently ensure that job and job stream names start with alphanumeric characters ensure that job and job stream names do not contain dashes or underscores
Answer: A, B, C

9.Which type of additional Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) agent should be deployed when the Master Domain Manager and multiple TWS agents are separated by a firewall in order to keep the number of ports opened on the firewall to a minimum?
A.Standard Agent
B.Extended Agent
C.Domain Manager
D.Fault Tolerant Agent
Answer: C

10.A customer needs to install a Tivoli Workload Scheduler Master Domain Manager on UNIX, but the default temporary directory does not have enough free space. Which syntax should be used?
A.chfs a size=+40960 /tmp
B.SETUP.bin is:tempdir /opt/tmp
C.customize update space /opt/tmp
D.twsinst new mdm tmp /opt/tmp
Answer: B

11.Which two prerequisites must be met in order to successfully install two instances of Fault Tolerant Agent on the same machine? (Choose two.)
A.Both instances must run under a root account.
B.Each instance must be installed under a different user.
C.Each instance must be installed in a different directory.
D.Each instance must be installed using a different installation method.
E.Each instance must be located in a different Tivoli Workload Scheduler domain.
Answer: B, C

12.How can you install WebSphere Application Server Express for Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS)?
A.from a DB2 installation CD was_setup.bin from the TWS installation CD
C.from a WebSphere Application Server Express installation CD, provided separately
D.WebSphere Application Server Express is installed automatically, during the TWS ISMP install.
Answer: D

13.Which two methods can be used to upgrade a Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) agent? (Choose two.)
A.tws_upgrade user maestro
B.twsinst update uname maestro
C.twsinst upgrade uname maestro
D.install.bin update user maestro
E.choose the upgrade option of the TWS Installation Wizard
Answer: B, E

14.Which twsinst parameter must be specified when installing a fresh instance of a Fault Tolerant Agent?
Answer: A

15.Where should the DB2 database be located when installing in a production environment, with
both a Master Domain Manager (MDM) and Backup Master Domain Manager (BMDM), in order to
provide the most resilience?
A.on the MDM only
B.on the BMDM only
C.independently on both
D.on a separate database server
Answer: D

16.Which command would you use to import global options from version 8.2.1 to version 8.3?
A.wmigrate globalopts
B.datamigrate topology.txt
C.optman miggopts
D.twsinst upgrade
Answer: C

17.To run a job on the unixrsh Extended Agent, which configuration file must be set up on the
remote UNIX workstation?
A..profile or .kshrc
B.StartUp or localopts
C.jobmanrc or .jobmanrc
D..rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv
Answer: D

18.When uninstalling Tivoli Workload Scheduler, which important guideline should be considered first?
A.always use twsinst uninst
B.determine the uninstall method based on the OS Tier
C.use uninstaller.exe for Windows or for UNIX
D.wherever possible, use the same method that was used to install the product when uninstalling the product
Answer: D

19.What are two possible methods for installing the Job Scheduling Console? (Choose two.)
B.MSI installation
C.AIX smitty utility
D.InstallShield MultiPlatform using GUI
E.InstallShield MultiPlatform using silent installation
Answer: D, E

20.Option Editor on UNIX is missing, although the Extended Agent was successfully installed. What is the cause?
A.Option Editor is not available on UNIX platforms.
B.twsinst script was issued without the opted parameter.
C.Option Editor is being installed by a separate installation process.
D.Option Editor can be installed only by InstallShield MultiPlatform wizard.
Answer: D

21.In which file are the local options stored for a Tivoli Workload Scheduler workstation?
Answer: C

22.What is the proper way to install the Job Scheduling Console (JSC) on a Laptop/Windows workstation?
A.New JSC users should directly install the latest release available on IBMs download site. The base code is not a required step in the process.
B.The base JSC product is a prerequisite install for all fix packs. Fix packs are cumulative, therefore the user can directly install the latest fix pack.
C.The base JSC product is a prerequisite install for any fix packs. Fix packs are not cumulative and each one must be installed in its order of release.
D.The base JSC code must be applied. During application initialization, the JSC will check for updates within the WebSphere Application Server datastore.
Answer: B

23.Which file must be removed manually after uninstalling Tivoli Workload Scheduler V8.3?
Answer: D

24.When changes have been made to the Security file template, which command can be used to update the Security file?
B.Security update
C.permission update
D.makesec Security.txt
Answer: D

25.Which file must exist in a user's home directory so that Tivoli Workload Scheduler can launch jobs with a specific user's environment?
Answer: D

26.What are the minimum requirements in the r3batch.opts file for a user to launch jobs?
A.CFuser, r3def
B.LJuser, IFuser, jobdef minimum requirements
D.LJuser, check interval, check retry
Answer: B

27.You are using the JOBMANRC default to send an email notification. When a job has an ABEND state, which user will receive the email?
B.maestro user
C.logon user specified in job definition
D.user that started Tivoli Workload Scheduler
Answer: C

28.Which jobs does the Final job stream contain by default?
A.mailman, batchman, writer, netman
B.Jnextday,schedulr, reporter, StartUp
C.Schedulr, compiler, stageman, logman
D.MakePlan, SwitchPlan, CreatePostReports, UpdateStats
Answer: D

29.What should you do to connect to more than one SAP instance with only one Extended Agent installation?
A.create a CPU definition for each SAP instance
B.create local options for each SAP instance being accessed
C.edit the r3options file to have each server name and IP address configured
D.create a CPU definition and local options for each SAP instance being accessed
Answer: D

30.Which field holds the value for port when looking at a CPU definition in composer?
Answer: C

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