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IBM 000-883 Exam -

Free 000-883 Sample Questions:

1. If you want to include netscape java classes in a method trace that are excluded from the default J2EE configuration, what would need to be done?
A: add netscape.* to the J2EE default configuration's Include (Classname) list
B: remove netscape.* from the J2EE default configuration's Exclude (Classname) list
C: duplicate the J2EE configuration from the configuration library and include netscape.* in the Include (Classname) list of the copy
D: duplicate the J2EE configuration from the configuration library and remove netscape.* from the Exclude (Classname) list of the copy
Answers: D

2. Which of the following combinations is supported for composite transactions that involve CICS regions? (Choose two.)
A:WebSphere on z/OS to CICS on z/OS
B:CICS on z/OS to WebSphere on z/OS
C:CICS on Windows to WebSphere on z/OS
D:WebSphere on Windows to CICS on Windows
E:WebSphere on AIX or Solaris to CICS on z/OS
Answers: A, E

3. If the ITCAM for WebSphere Data Collector is installed in a WebSphere Network Deployment environment, which three components need to be re-started? (Choose three.)
A:Node Agent
B:Web Browser
C:Managing Server
D:Deployment Manager
E:local operating system F:WebSphere instance(s) monitored
Answers: A, D, F

4. You are using a remote DB2 database server to install ITCAM for WebSphere Managing Server. What information about the remote DB2 server is required to accomplish this? (Choose three.)
A:DB2 listening port
B:remote DB2 server root password
C:remote DB2 server install directory
D:hostname of the remote DB2 Server
E:remote DB2 SID that will be used by MS
F:user account and password with DBA privileges
Answers: A, D, F

5. When installing a new Data Collector, the application server starts successfully, but does show up under unconfigured Data Collectors. During your review, you want to see whether contact was ever made with the Data Collector and the Managing Server. With which component does a new Data Collector first register?
A: the Kernel
B: the Registry
C: the Publish Server
D: the Message Dispatcher
Answers: A

6. After you have run the Data Collector Configuration Tool, and have restarted the Data Collectors application server, what component name will you see in the Self-Diagnosis page which confirms that the Data Collector has successfully registered with the Kernel?
Answers: C

7.When distributing Managing Server components across multiple physical systems, which components require a native interface to the ITCAM for WebSphere database? (Choose three.)
A: Kernel
B: Archive Agent
C: Publish Server
D: Visualization Engine
E: Message Dispatcher
F: Global Publish Server
Answers: A, B, D

8. The ITCAM for WebSphere Managing Server is composed of which of the following components?
A: Kernel, Publishing Server, Archive Agent, Polling Agent, Message Dispatcher, Global Publish Server, GUI
B: Kernel, Publisher Server, Archive Agent, Polling Agent, Message Dispatch, Local Publish Server, Visualization Engine
C: Kernel, Publish Server, Archive Agent, Polling Agent, Message Dispatcher, Global Publish Server, Visualization Engine
D: Kernel, Published Server, Archiving Agents, Polling Agent, Message Dispatcher, Global Publish Server, Visualization Engine
Answers: C

9. Which command will start the Kernel watchdog process as part of its function?
B: start kl1
C: kl1 start
D: kl1 start
Answers: A

10. By default, which user does the Managing Server installer define in the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) J2C authentication to connect to the database?
A: root
B: admin
C: amuser
D: the WAS user
Answers: C

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