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IBM 000-881 Exam -

Free 000-881 Sample Questions:

1.The TSM storage administrator is given the task of creating a new management class for the TSM environment on AIX server IX01? There are two domains: AIX_30, which has policy set AIX_30day and domain AIX_60, which has policy set AIX_60day. This management class will be added to the Domain AIX_30. The management class name will be AIX30DAY. Using the TSM administrative command line interface, which command should be used to create the new management class?
A.define mgmtclass AIX_30 AIX_30DAY AIX30DAY spacemgtechnique=automatic migdestination=smpool description=" AIX 30 day mgmt class"
B.create mgmtclass AIX_30 AIX30DAY AIX_30DAY spacemgtechnique=automatic migdestination=smpool description=" AIX 30 day mgmt class"
C.create mgmtclass AIX_30DAY AIX_30DAY AIX30DAY spacemgtechnique=automatic migdestination=smpool description=" AIX 30 day mgmt class"
D.define mgmtclass AIX01 AIX_30 AIX30DAY spacemgtechnique=automatic migdestination=AIX_Tpool description="AIX 30 day mgmt class"
Answer: A

2.The UNIX system administrator wants to know which client options are being set centrally from the TSM server. Which TSM server command should the storage administrator execute to find out this information after first reviewing the output of QUERY NODE F=D?
Answer: C

3.To restore or retrieve files to another workstation, what should you use to specify the node name of the workstation from which you backed up the files?
Answer: D

4.The TSM Administrator has found a problem he cannot solve and has opened a PMR with IBM Tivoli Support. At what point should the storage administrator run a trace?
A.when Support requests them
B.immediately upon finding the problem
C.after reviewing errors and identifying where to run them
D.keep them running so you will have the data when you need
Answer: A

5.The storage administrator receives errors from the tape subsystem regarding a tape and difficulty reading the label. The administrator wants to check it out for inspection and wants to ignore any label read errors in the process. Which command is used to accomplish this? ALABEL LIBVOL CHECKLABEL=NO REMOVE=BULK FORCE=YES
Answer: A

6.Once a month, a company Human Resources department distributes a lengthy safety inspection report with a seven year retention requirement. At the end of each year, the combined monthly reports are sent to corporate headquarters. Which process is most efficient for maintaining the
copies of the monthly reports?
C.journal backup
D.incremental backup
Answer: A

7.How does TSM process include/exclude statements during a backup?
A.reads from bottom to top
B.reads from top to bottom
C.reads includes first, then excludes
D.reads excludes first, then includes
Answer: A

8.Which statement is true when configuring TSM Open File Support?
A.Installing the LVSA will provide Open File Support backup.
B.TSM Open File Support does not support journal based backup.
C.With TSM Open File Support, backups that fail will not be processed as regular backups.
D.Include.fs options are needed to specify which file systems are candidates for Open File Support.
Answer: A

9.You define a new schedule and associate a node to it. You want to verify that the parameters of the schedule are correct and that you defined the node to the right schedule. Which two TSM
administrative commands should be executed to verify this information? (Choose two.)
A.q event * *
B.q association
C.delete association * *
D.q schedule type=admin f=d
E.q schedule type=client f=d
Answer: B, E

10.When would you have to format a database mirror volume?
A.when mirror is out of sync
B.when there is no space available
C.when mirror volume is predefined
D.when a volume needs to be added to the TSM database
Answer: D

11.Which copy group parameter controls the number of backup versions?
Answer: B

12.The TSM storage administrator just installed and configured TSM Operational Reporting to provide information for a Windows TSM server. Which options are valid for viewing or obtaining report details? (Choose two.)
A.set up email to deliver the reports
B.set up clients to be automatically deleted
C.set up reports to be automatically received Dset up a PMR for support to troubleshoot all errors
D.set up the database and recovery log to be extended
Answer: A, C

13.A TSM storage administrator schedules expiration and database backup operations. The next day the administrator wants to determine if they were successful. Which command is used to show the status of these scheduled events? event
B.query schedule *
C.query event * type=administrative
D.query schedule * type=administrative
Answer: C

14.An environment has a single TSM server, a tape library connected to a SAN and a client running Windows with an 8 hour backup window and 300 GB of total storage. Daily backups are taking twice as long as the available backup window. The storage administrator has determined that the network is saturated during the backup window. Which two recommendations would you make to remedy this problem? (Choose two.)
A.turn on journaling
B.install additional CPU and memory
C.create a dedicated network for TSM backups
D.move the client node to a different TSM server
E.install an HBA and a Storage Agent to use LANFree technology
Answer: C, E

15.The initial installation of a TSM Server on AIX will use the local filesystem for a stgpool. The storage administrator wants to determine how large to make the TSM stgpool without exceeding the local filesystem space. What can be used to help make this determination?
A.df k /proc/df dsmserv.dsk
D.TSM setup wizard automatically determines the maximum size the stgpool can be
Answer: A

16.The TSM storage administrator has a large Solaris file server with a single 10/100 network
adapter, 300GB of total storage and 20% of the data changes daily. The network data transfer rate
and aggregate data transfer rate reported by the TSM client are both approximately 500KB/sec.
Which three actions should be attempted in order to resolve this slow backup performance?
(Choose three.)
A.Turn off COMPRESSION for this client.
B.Enable the TSM Journal based backup facility.
C.Implement a dedicated 1GB network to be used for backups.
D.Verify network adapter is set to full duplex and not autonegotiate.
E.Increase the transaction size with the two client parameters TXNBYTELIMIT and TXNGROUPMAX.
F.Confirm that the TSM server is not causing the bottleneck by running an FTP test between the client and
the server.
Answer: C, D, F

17.The TSM storage administrator previously inserted new tape volumes into the SCSI tape library.
The tapes are available for use and recognized by TSM. Which command should the storage
administrator use to verify scratch tapes are available?
Answer: B

18.A company nightly backup has successfully completed. Using the TSM administrative
command line interface, the storage administrator must now copy the completed nightly backup
from the Primary Disk pool, DISK01, to the Offsite tape pool OFFSTAPE01. Before the
administrator starts the copy he/she needs to verify there are enough scratch tapes available.
Which select statement should be used to verify that enough scratch tapes are available? count (tape_status) where tape_status='Scratch' count (*) from libvolumes where status='Scratch' count (*) from VOLUME_USAGE where status='Scratch' count (tape_status) from tape_volumes where tape_status='Scratch'
Answer: B

19.If collocation is enabled, and reclamation occurs, the server tries to move the files for each
client node, group of client nodes, or client file space onto a minimal number of volumes. The
server first tries to select a volume in what order?
A.a volume that contains the most data to be reclaimed
B.a volume that contains valid files that is 25% utilized or less
C.a volume that contains valid files that belong to the same policy domain
D.a volume that already contains files belonging to the client file space or client node
Answer: D

20.The storage administrator wants to manually expire data from the TSM database and run this
command for one hour. Using the administrative command line interface, which command should
be used to expire the data?
A.expire data du=60
B.expire inventory du=60
C.expire database du=1 duru=h
D.expire catalogue du=1 duru=h
Answer: B

21.The TSM storage administrator notices that the recovery log is in oll forward?mode. The
recovery log is approaching 98% utilization. The TSM administrator added another log volume and
extended it. What must be done In order to provide an extra level of protection?
A.backup the database
B.backup all the storage pools
C.backup the volume history file
D.backup the device configuration file
Answer: A

22.What is the command VALIDATE LANFree used for? validate that LANFREE
backups are configured correctly validate that the TSM server devices have been configured correctly for LANFree backups validate ServertoStorage Agent communication configuration across the SAN for LANFree backups validate the TSM server LANFree configuration for a node to do LANFree backups using a Storage Agent
Answer: D

23.A TSM server has an administrative schedule defined that runs a TSM database full backup at
05:00 a.m. The TSM administrator arrives at 09:00 a.m. and wants to verify that the schedule ran
correctly. Which three commands should be used to verify that the scheduled database backup
ran successfully? (Choose three.)
A.q event * *
B.q db format=detailed
C.q actlog begint=05:00
D.q volhist type=dbbackup
E.q devconfig type=dbbackup db_backup from database where
Answer: B, C, D

24.You need to increase your TSM database and you have defined a new database volume to
provide additional space. In order for the database to use this additional space, which additional
command must be issued?
Answer: A

25.What should you do to change the contents of the ACTIVE policy set?
A.edit and save the ACTIVE policy set
B.update original policy set and then activate that policy set
C.define another policy domain and then activate that policy domain
D.assign a new copy group to the ACTIVE policy set and then validate that copy group
Answer: B

26.The environment has a twoway Linux TSM server with 200 registered active clients. The storage administrator estimates that the overall backup throughput begins to level off at around a total of 75 sessions. How is the number of simultaneous client sessions on the TSM server controlled using the dsmserv.opt file?
Answer: A

27.By reading the AIX Storage Agent reference guide you find that the TSM server and the TSM Storage Agent must be exactly at the same level of maintenance. How should you obtain the latest maintenance for both the TSM server and TSM Storage Agent?
D.from the CDROM Media provided by the IBM representative
Answer: C

28.A support representative replaces a failing SCSI library that is SANattached to your TSM server. The support representative indicates that the library and tape devices are configured to the operating system and have all kept the same device names. Which command should the TSM storage administrator execute to verify that the library is available to TSM?
Answer: A

29.Which command is used to format volumes on your Windows TSM server?
Answer: A

30.Which OS command can be used to verify network connectivity between the server and client systems?
Answer: A

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