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IBM 000-877 Exam -

Free 000-877 Sample Questions:

1.Which information is stored in a certificate used to secure the connection between the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Server and its adapters?
A.certificate expire date
B.certificate encryption type
C.certificate requesters name
D.certificate encryption strength
Answer: A

2.You have a standard IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) Server installation using WebSphere. Which two log files found under the ../WebSphere/AppServer/logs/server1 directory are useful in troubleshooting an ITIM application problem? (Choose two.)
Answer: C, E

3.Which two of the following would be relevant to the planning of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager entity lifecycle automation? (Choose two.)
A.Who are the owners of each service?
B.How many accounts are there for each service?
C.What is the frequency that lifecycle rules must be checked?
D.How often must account passwords be changed in the company?
E.How are organizational role affiliations determined based on a person data attributes?
Answer: C, D

4.Where are the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager V4.6 trace and First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) message logs located on the Windows platform by default?
B.C:\Program Files\tivoli\common\CTGIM
C.C:\Program Files\IBM\tivoli\common\CTGIM
D.C:\Documents and Settings\\CTGIM
Answer: C

5.When Migrating IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) from a test to a production environment, which task is valid?
A.Export all the LDAP user accounts from test to production
B.Use the Import/Export feature to migrate the ITIM configuration
C.Assign the ITIM test server the same hostname as the production server
D.Copy all the IBM Directory Server data files to the ITIM production system
Answer: B

6.You have a successful IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) Server installation on a UNIX platform. Where do you find the Tivoli_Identity_Manager_InstallLog.log?
Answer: C

7.Which list shows all the entitlement workflow design elements in IBM Tivoli Identity Manager?
A.Approval, Loop, Subprocess, RFI, Operation, Work Order, Script, Extension
B.Approval, Loop, Subprocess, RFI, Operation, Event Notification, Script, Extension
C.Approval, Denial, Loop, Subprocess, RFI, Operation, Work Order, Script, Extension
D.Approval, Denial, Suspend, Subprocess, RFI, Operation, Work Order, Script, Extension
Answer: A

8.Which Provisioning Policy priority takes precedence?
A.Priority = 10
B.Priority = 100
C.Priority = 100000
D.Priority = 100001
Answer: A

9.Which three of the following are valid inline variables (special keywords) may be used as part of dynamic notification template content? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, C, D

10.In troubleshooting an ITIM problem on UNIX, you wish to display the contents of one of ITIM logfiles in text format using a matching regular expression ?to select all records between the period 18:00:00 and 18:59:00 ?what command would be a valid choice to use? elect default where Time match 8:[05][
text ffdc.log elect default where Time match 8:[05][
text trace.log elect default where Time match 8:[05][
text trace.log elect default where Time match 8:[05][
text SystemOut.log
Answer: B

11.What are a couple of steps that should be done prior to executing an IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) fixpack installation on a UNIX ITIM Server? (Choose two.)
A.stop all of the adapters
B.upgrade the LDAP schema
C.back up all ITIM data contained in LDAP Server
D.export workflows and provisioning policies to ldif files
E.back up $ITIM_HOME/data directory and $WAS_HOME/config
Answer: C, E

12.Which actions need to be taken when deploying adapters?
A.server configuration, adapter capability, certification authority setup
B.adapter acquisition, adapter installation, certificate acquisition, adapter configuration
C.adapter configuration, adapter profile installation, ITIM service selection policy setup
D.adapter acquisition, server configuration, adapter access policy, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) account setup
Answer: B

13.Which information is relevant to the creation of an Identity Policy?
A.The policy that currently generate user login names.
B.The authoritative source takes a data feed from Microsoft Active Directory.
C.Authoritative source provides more attributes than the entity design document.
D.The organizational structure contained in the authoritative source has a deeper hierarchy.
Answer: A

14.You have defined a variable $reqApprovalCue as Cue Text in your workflow approval node. Where do you configure the Cue Text definition, so it appears in the To Do item request sent to a workflow participant?
D.Under Workflow Properties. Check se Cue Text as Action Text
Answer: C

15.Which file contains the property that specifies the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) URL included in the email notification from the ITIM?
Answer: D

16.What is used to create a Lifecycle Management design? (Choose two.)
A.Human Resources feed design document
B.password creation policy and procedures
C.Organizational Structure design document procedures and procedure for entity creation
E.account creation, modification, and deletion process specification
Answer: D, E

17.Which database information is required during the installation of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager using an Oracle or SQL Server?
A.database name, database admin ID and password, database user ID
B.database admin ID and password, database user ID, host name or IP address
C.database name, database admin ID and password, database user ID and password, IP address and port number
D.database name, database admin ID and password, port number, LDAP server name, database host name or IP address
Answer: C

18.Which information is relevant to an IBM Tivoli Identity Manager delegated administration model? membership, ACI, organizational roles
B.organizational structure, group membership, role definition
C.role definition, organizational roles, challenge response pass phrase
D.password rules, challenge response pass phrase, group membership
Answer: B

19.What are the two possible results of upgrading an adapter profile on the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) Server? (Choose two).
A.The adapter schema is updated.
B.The adapter certificate is updated.
C.The adapter Service Name is modified.
D.The adapter reconciliation schedule is modified.
E.The adapter forms are updated in the ITIM LDAP.
Answer: A, E

20.Where does the 4.6 logging method Enrole.log(category, message) log its messages?
Answer: C

21.What is the default duration for a reconciliation process before it times out?
A.60 minutes
B.100 minutes
C.600 minutes
D.1000 minutes
Answer: C

22.Which definition (Rule) will return all the persons in the customerPerson objectclass for a dynamic organizational role?
A.return customerPerson
C.(objectclass=customerPerson) * from person where objectclass = 'customerPerson'
Answer: C

23.What is the response from a test executed from an Adapter Service form when the adapter is not currently running?
A.CTGIM: The adapter returned an error status for a
B.A communication error occurred: A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.
C.An error occurred processing the request: A connection with a remote socket was reset by that socket.
D.CTGIM An IO exception occurred while sending a request. Error: CTGIM: An error occurred while connecting to an adapter. The following error occurred. Error: Connection refused.
Answer: D

24.What improves IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) Server performance? (Choose two.)
A.increasing the maxAddthreadcount
B.LDAP and database indices or optimizers
C.adding Adapter Profiles to the ITIM Server
D.adding a local queue to the MQ Series Queue Manager
E.Application Server, database, and LDAP memory settings
Answer: B, E

25.Which three are valid membership types of a Provisioning Policy? (Choose three.)
E.ITIM group
F.Organization role
Answer: A, C, F

26.Where is the file located given the default IBM Tivoli Identity Manager (ITIM) installation?
A.%ITIM_HOME%\data\ directory
B.%ITIM_HOME%\config\ directory
C.%ITIM_HOME%\interface\ directory
D.%ITIM_HOME%\properties\ directory
Answer: A

27.Which two user classes can be applied by the Identity Policies in the default IBM Tivoli Identity
Manager (ITIM) setup? (Choose two.)
D.ITIM Person
Answer: A, C

28.How many draft policies can you maintain per Provisioning policy?
D.depends on service type
Answer: A

29.Which information is relevant when formulating a backup and restore schedule?
A.Identity design, Security design, Roles design
B.reconciliation window, batch identity feed window, adapters with local state containing user information
C.database tablespace distribution, LDAP Directory Information Tree (DIT) structure, adapter listener port
D.number of custom person entities, organization chart structure, Provisioning Policies with attached workflows
Answer: A

30.Which area contains relevant information for the creation of Roles?
A.ACI Attributes
B.Form Attributes
C.Entity Attributes
D.Account Attributes
Answer: C

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