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IBM 000-872 Exam -

Free 000-872 Sample Questions:

1.Given the following include/exclude list: exclude /.../core include /home/gibes/options.scr include /home/ross/arianna include /home/gibes/doodads/drivers exclude /home/gibes/* include /core/data exclude.dir /home/ross Which file is included?
Answer: A

2.In a current customer environment there is a requirement to back up multiple Oracle servers with large databases using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. Performance analyses showed that the backup of a database over the existing LAN cannot be completed in the given backup window.
Recently, there was a SAN introduced to this environment. Which configuration, in addition to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases, solves the performance challenges with minimum additional hardware costs?
A.install a multiprocessor Storage Manager server system with an optical juke box
B.install Managed System for SAN (Storage Agent) on each database server
C.install a multiprocessor Storage Manager server system with an automated tape library on the SAN
D.install Storage Manager server software with an automated tape library on each database server
Answer: B

3.A customer using a SAN has experienced several hardware failures over the last several months.
A storage consultant has decided to validate data as it is being backed up to ensure its integrity.
What is the best way to perform this validation?
A.Setup new copy storage pool.
B.Schedule an audit library on a daily basis.
C.Use the volumevalidate option in the server options file.
D.Use the validateprotocol option to enable Cyclical Redundancy Checking (CRC) at the client.
Answer: D

4.Which server command can be used to verify that the Storage Manager client machines are connected to the Storage Manager server and are performing the backup/archive task?
A.query status
B.query clients
C.query sessions
D.query connections
Answer: C

5.On a Windows BM Tivoli Storage Manager server which option should be set to improve high speed tape performance for LANbased managed nodes?
Answer: D

6.How does IBM Tivoli Storage Manager support tape reclamation of copy pool volumes in an offsite vault?
A.backs up unexpired data from the client to the new copy pool volumes
B.marks tape volumes as being eligible for reuse when the last remaining active files status changes to inactive
C.writes unexpired data from primary storage pools to copy pool tapes that are taken offsite and the original copy pool tapes are then recalled
D.recalls copy pool tapes from the offsite vault, copies expired data to new copy pool tape volumes and directs the new volumes to the vault, then returns the original tapes to scratch status
Answer: C

7.Which two IBM Tivoli Storage Manager packages are the minimum required installable components of an AIX Storage Manager client software to provide file level backup capability? (Choose two.)
A.Common Files
C.Image Backup Client
D.Web Administrator Client
E.Application Programming Interface
Answer: A, B

8.Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager structure contains definitions of client nodes, users, policies, schedules and storage pools?
B.recovery log
C.definition files
D.device configuration file
Answer: A

9.What are two ways the Storage Manager Scheduler Service can be installed and configured on a Windows 2000 client? (Choose two.)
A.Use the dsmcutil command line utility.
B.Use the dsmservinst command line utility.
C.Use the Storage Manager client Setup wizard.
D.Activate the service from the Storage Manager server.
E.The service is automatically configured upon client install.
Answer: A, C

10.A Storage Manager client uses multiple sessions to back up directly to tape. One client starts to monopolize all the existing tape devices on the server. How can this be avoided?
A.introduce virtual mount points
B.increase MAXSESSIONS server option
C.set MAXNUMMP and KEEPMP parameter for the client node
D.increase the MOUNTLIMIT parameter of the affected device class
Answer: C

11.A customer wants to make archives every day of 10 GB of important financial data that must be retained 10 years. During an average working day, 8000 retrievals are performed. What should a consultant propose as a solution to the customer?
A.backup sets
B.optical library
C.DLT tape library
D.IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management
Answer: B

12.An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager customer with six NetWare servers has the following requirements: 1. two versions of backups of live files 2. one version of the backup must be kept for 30 days after a file has been deleted 3. two of the clients keep financial data for seven years Using one management class, which copygroup definition accomplishes the customer's
A.verexists=2retextra=30verdeleted=1retonly=30retain = 30archive copygroup
B.verexists=2retextra=nolimitverdeleted=1retonly=30retain = 2556archive copygroup
C.verexists=2retextra=nolimitverdeleted=2retonly=nolimitretain = 2556archive copygroup
D.verexists=2retextra=2556verdeleted=1retonly=2556retain = No archive archive copygroup
Answer: B

13.Which dsm.sys file option is used to backup a raw volume during a scheduled backup?
Answer: B

14.Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager option can be used to decrease elapsed time by backing up more files between database commits?
Answer: B

15.An employment agency has a corporate headquarters and several branch offices. The branch offices have a Windows server with three 72GB internal disks and an internal tape library with a single tape drive. Which feature makes it possible to implement IBM Tivoli Storage Manager in this environment?
A.Backup storage pool
B.Single disk reclamation
C.Single drive reclamation
D.Generation of backupsets
Answer: C

16.A new administrative schedule did not run when it was scheduled. What is the most likely cause?
A.The Priority = 0.
B.It was not active.
C.The node was not registered.
D.It was not associated with a node.
Answer: B

17.In an environment where the average file size is less than 5KB, what are three benefits of file aggregation? (Choose three.)
A.improved tape utilization
B.reduced tape seek time
C.improved performance of single file restore
D.improved performance of migration processes
E.improved performance of incremental backups
F.reduced overhead of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database updates
Answer: D, E, F

18.What is an inactive version of a file? that has been sent offsite that is no longer backed up that has exceeded the retention date that is not the latest backed up version
Answer: D

19.Which three actions can occur if a file on a UNIX managed node is in use when IBM Tivoli Storage Manager attempts to perform a backup? (Choose three.)
A.Storage Manager issues a prompt.
B.Storage Manager rejects the backup request.
C.Storage Manager backs up the file while it is in use.
D.Storage Manager retries until the retry limit is reached.
E.Storage Manager uses adaptive subfile differencing to back up the file.
F.Storage Manager skips the file and reattempts to back it up after the other files in the file system are backed up.
Answer: B, C, D

20.A customer wants to restore files that were backed up to a Storage Manager server, but the customer's workstation is no longer on the network. What can the customer do to get the files back to the workstation?
A.reclaim the files to a CDROM
B.collocate the files on a standalone tape
C.create a backupset and write it to removable media
D.There is no way to recover files to a workstation no longer on the network.
Answer: C

21.Stephanie is running Storage Manager server on Windows 2000 and she will be installing a new 3584 LTO library. What tape drivers will she need? (Choose two.)
A.RSM drivers
B.TSM drivers only
C.IBM Ultrium drivers
D.Windows Operating System drivers
E.Drivers are different for the 3584 library and 3584 drives
Answer: C, E

22.How can it be proven that a current backup session is transferring data over the SAN path?
A.check the dsmerror.log
B.check the dsmsched.log the q session command on the Storage Agent the q stgpool f=d command on the Storage Manager server
Answer: C

23.What does the query node f=d show?
A.server name bytes of storage that are reserved by the server
C.percent Idle Wait and percent Comm Wait during the last session
D.policy domain, policy set, management class, physical volumes
Answer: C

24.Which system benefits most from adaptive subfile backup?
A.Novell NetWare client
B.WAN attached file server
C.Microsoft Exchange server
D.WAN attached Windows desktop
Answer: D

25.Which two features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager are designed to save disk storage pool space? (Choose two.)
D.database mirroring
E.incremental backups
Answer: B, E

26.The customer wants to define an automated SCSI tape library with two builtin drives to its IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V5.2 server assuming the devices are already defined to the operating system and work correctly. What is the correct order of tasks?
A.1. Define Drives and Paths 2. Define Device Class 3. Define Library and Path 4. Label & Checkin Volumes 5. Define Storage Pool
B.1. Define Library and Path 2. Define Drives and Paths 3. Define Device Class 4. Define Storage Pool 5. Label & Checkin Volumes
C.1. Define Device Class 2. Define Library 3. Define Drives and Drive Maps 4. Label & Checkin Volumes 5. Define Storage Pool
D.1. Define Library and Path 2. Define Drives and Maps 3. Define Storage Pools 4. Label & Checkin Volumes 5. Define Device Class
Answer: B

27.Which value given by the command query db f=d indicates a potential buffer pool storage deficiency on the Storage Manager server?
A.changed pages
B.percent changed buffer requests
D.cache hit percentage
Answer: D

28.How do you determine all of the scheduled client backups that were missed or failed on a Storage Manager server?
A.query node *
B.query alerts
C.query event * *
D.query schedule * *
Answer: C

29.A customer has two tape drives each capable of writing 30 GB per hour. What other information is required to assure that these two drives are capable of completing backup of the primary
storage pools within two hours?
A.number of clients to be backed up
B.size of the current primary storage pools
C.amount of incremental change to the primary storage pools
D.high and low migration thresholds of the primary storage pools
Answer: C

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