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IBM 000-870 Exam -

Free 000-870 Sample Questions:

1.A customer has purchased the hardware for a new Tivoli server, and is about to install an operating system. Which two operating systems are supported platforms for the Tivoli server? (Choose two.)
A.Solaris 6
B.Microsoft Windows XP
C.Red Hat Advanced Server V3.0
D.Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
E.Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Answer: C, E

2.Where should the Inventory Gateway component be installed?
C.TMR server
D.managed node
Answer: A

3.Which two components should be investigated as part of problem determination for a failing inventory scan? (Choose two.)
A.the distmgr.log on the TMR server
B.the mdist2.log on relevant repeaters
C.the repeater.log on relevant repeaters
D.the mcollect.log on relevant collectors
E.the gatelog on relevant endpoint gateways
Answer: D, E

4.After opening the Distribution Status GUI and selecting a distribution, which tab allows you to see the path that the profile will follow?
A.Node Table
B.Status Chart
C.Time Spent Chart
D.Distribution Topology
Answer: D

5.Using the Tivoli Desktop, where can you define the multicast option for a software package distribution to an endpoint?
A.commit > distribution settings
B.load > advanced options > distribution settings
C.install > advanced options > distribution settings
D.accept > advanced options > distribution settings
Answer: C

6.When is it best to use a data moving operation? distribute upgrades of software applications to a range of endpoints distribute a software package to 3,000 endpoints across your distributed environment distribute a 25 MB file that contains updated price information for 100 branch locations every day distribute different software packages to a mix of Windows 2000, OS/2, and Windows 98 machines
Answer: C

7.Using the Tivoli Desktop, where is the inventory profile's deadline set?
A.distribute > timeout settings
B.distribute > advanced options > timeout settings
C.configure > advanced options > timeout settings
D.this option is set in the inventory profile Java configuration GUI
Answer: B

8.Where would you create an inventory profile to perform a scan of pervasive devices?
A.Web Gateway
B.dataless profile manager
C.database profile manager
D.resource group profile manager
Answer: C

9.What is the outcome of running the winviso command?
A.Inventory data from an isolated scan is sent to the RDBMS server.
B.An inventory scan is run on a PC connected to a Tivoli Web Gateway.
C.Binaries and configuration files for an isolated scan are placed on an endpoint.
D.Inventory data from a PC connected to a Tivoli Web Gateway are collected using mcollect.
Answer: C

10.Which command enables or disables the historical database and change management status support?
Answer: C

11.How are an endpoint's local catalog and SD_INST table updated with discovered software that has been installed without using IBM Tivoli Software Distribution?
A.Run winstsp with d option.
B.Run wdiscsp on the endpoint.
C.Run an inventory software scan with the "discover local packages" check box selected.
D.Run an Inventory software scan with the "scan for installed product using signature matching" check box selected.
Answer: D

12.Which command can be used to retrieve managed node information and status?
B.odadmin ping
C.odadmin odlist
D.wlookup ar ManagedNode
Answer: C

13.All distributions have an absolute maximum time limit, after which they will be reported as expired. What is the default time limit?
A.12 hours
B.24 hours
C.48 hours
D.72 hours
Answer: D

14.Your company has 30,000 workstations distributed across the corporate network. There are six large offices connected through 1.5 Mbps network links. The customer wants to have all required Tivoli administration done from the home office. What is the recommended placement of Tivoli management servers if you want to distribute software to all network connected endpoints?
A.set up three TMRs at the home office and remote offices
B.set up one TMR at the home office; create central gateways to handle the distributed endpoints
C.set up one TMR at the home office; create endpoint gateways on each of the remote offices to distribute the endpoint load
D.set up one hub TMR and two spoke TMRs at the home office to distribute the endpoint load; create endpoint gateways on each of the remote offices
Answer: D

15.Which command is used to apply a new allow_install_policy?
Answer: C

16.You are diagnosing problems with the object dispatcher. Which file should you check to see if
the dispatcher was ever up?
Answer: C

17.Which command is used to load a software package to a depot location?
Answer: A

18.In an installation that has the Web Gateway component deployed, where does the results collector reside?
A.on the TMR server an endpoint method on the Web Gateway
C.on the DB2 server that hosts the Web Gateway database
D.on the WebSphere Application server on the Web Gateway
Answer: D

19.What does the notify_ext_directly parameter do?
A.Allows Software Distribution to notify a Tivoli administrator.
B.Allows Software Distribution to notify the Tivoli Enterprise Console.
C.Allows any Software Distribution event to bypass notification manager.
D.Allows Activity Planner to bypass notification manager for Software Distribution reports.
Answer: D

20.On which two platforms can you install the Scalable Collection Service? (Choose two.)
D.Windows XP
E.Windows 2000
Answer: A, E

21.Which command can be used to list if a required IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager V4.2.2 component has been installed on a specific machine?
A.wlsinst l
B.wlsinst ah
C.wlookup ar Gateway
D.wlookup ar ProductInfo
Answer: B

22.Which statement is true for a classic installation of inventory using Tivoli Desktop, SIS, or CLI?
A.RIM objects are created.
B.History tracking is enabled.
C.Software signatures are installed.
D.Query Library and queries are installed.
Answer: A

23.What is the primary mechanism to regulate Scalable Collection Service traffic across a network?
B.input threads
C.postponed queues
D.transmission chunk size
Answer: A

24.How can a synchronization of a specific reference model be initiated? (Choose two.)
A.From the Activity Plan Monitor
B.From the Change Manager GUI
C.From the Tivoli Framework Desktop
D.From the CLI using the command wsyncref
E.From the CLI using the command wsyncrmod
Answer: B, E

25.Which statement is true about a RIM installation?
A.All RDBMS tables and views are created at RIM installation.
B.RIM is installed as an IBM Tivoli Management Framework resource type.
C.Only one RIM object is created per TMR regardless of the number of RIM applications.
D.The RDBMS database password and the RIM object password do not need to be the same.
Answer: B

26.Which two commands can be used to manage Activity Plans? (Choose two.)
Answer: B, D

27.You want to install a managed node to a system that runs Redhat Linux. From the AIXbased TMR server, you run the wclient command, with the appropriate switches, but the installation fails. What is most likely the cause of this problem?
A.You must use another user account than root.
B.On Linux systems, remote access is often disabled by default.
C.You must run the wclient command from a Windows NT system.
D.To install a managed node to a Linux system, you must first install the trip41000.1. ix86.rpm package.
Answer: B

28.Which single authorization role is required for installing IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager V4.2.2 from the Tivoli Desktop or the command line?
Answer: B

29.Which command is used to control an inventory profile distribution?
Answer: B

30.You are using the Distribution Status GUI to follow the most recent distributions. Unfortunately for you there are many old distributions that no longer have any relevance. What can you do to remove the irrelevant distributions?
A.use wmdist T to specify a database purge interval
B.use wmdist p to purge distributions older than xx days
C.use the purge command to purge distributions older than xx days
D.use the filter option in the distribution status to only show recent distributions
Answer: A

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